Not Tom.

Not Tom Petty.

I am so sad.

All I have to say tonight:

Too many of my loved ones have died.

Jim, Harry, Dee, Tom , Pat, John, Peg, Irene, Michael, Margie, Mylon, Bob, Pete, Margie….

Is this the time to realize that my life is hanging around, for just a moment or two longer?

Hey, my dear friends:  Mary, Patti, Ziggy, Christine, Scottie, Ray, Pat, Chris, Bryan, Kelly, Christine, Susie, Dave, Muz, Tracy, Adria, Nicole, Peter, Cathy, Carol, Kait, Donna, Scottie, Beaver, Jess, Lori, Linda, Colleen, Andy, Chuckie, Steve, Cindy, Barb, Liz, Howie, Shirley, Bruce, Tom, Missie, Cindy, Gina, Higinio, Yadalia, Krissy, Alyssia, Anna, Minnie, Mike, Tamela, George Clooney, Orla, Liz, Mike,  Rach, and so many more:

Is it time for this old goat to retire?

Life is short.

There is never a best time to move on to the next phase of life.

For me?

Give me 6 months.

Or 6 days.

Who really knows?

I love this life.

I wish it could last forever.

It won’t.

Hey, if I am around tomorrow, could you join me for a night cap?

To celebrate life?





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