Something is going around.

People are hating those who don’t agree with one another.

To agree to disagree seems dead.

We are either for … or against.

Have we become so closed minded that we cannot let others have their opinions respected?

The shooting in LV:

Ban guns.

Guns don’t kill people.

People kill people…. with guns.

You say tomato. I say potato.

Or whatever.

It’s ok.

I respect your right to your opinion.

I don’t hate you because you don’t agree with me.

It’s all right.

If we all agreed on everything?

Not in this country.

We allow dissention.

We welcome opposition.

We embrace democracy, our constitution, and the amendments.

Hey, friends., it’s ok to oppose one another’s beliefs.

But we still find friendship and love with those who oppose us.

It is our way of life…. to express what it is that we believe, and to allow those who differ, to express what they believe.

I only have this to say tonight;

What a wonderful country this in, where we can stand for what we believe, and still embrace those who disagree.

I value freedom of speech.

I do not hate those who don’t agree.

For me, it is a wonderful thing, to share our differences, while supporting our friendships.

Love you all!






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