Well….it was a night to remember.

For those of you who have had the remarkable experience of being yourself, with your friends, over a drink or two?


So very comfortable.

No show boating.

Just kicking back and enjoying one another’s company.

Oh, yeah, there were hilarious moments. in between singing, dancing, and sharing the drama of today.

Put on  your party dress.

Here comes my girl.

And then!

In walks Mark, the mayor of New Smithville.


Here comes Scott, with the crab cakes.

There is nothing better than being with friends, kicking back, after working all day.

I am happy tonight, thanks to all my crazy friends, who allow me to be who I am…..or to be whatever I want to be.

Some day….. some way, I will get that job I really want:  The glue sniffer in bindery.


Until tomorrow,



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