Finding one’s place in the world is not always an easy task.

Stuff changes.

Friends and family members die.

People move to another state.

New folks come into the workplace.

When a company reorganizes, those familiar and friendly faces go elsewhere.

Ingratiating one’s self into a new way of life, a new crowd, as an outsider can be overwhelming for some.

If your life’s path has required that several moves across states is necessary, the bonds weaken, and eventually die out.

I will keep in touch.

Have you ever said that?

I will never forget you.

It will not be the same without you.

All that may be true, but in this crazy world today, what we do and see on a daily basis is what becomes our lives.

Forging ahead,  often with those we have little in common with and really don’t see how we can relate to one another, turns into a sweet surprise.

And within a short time, we have new bonds, new friends, new coworkers, and find our comfort zone.

Tonight, I am reflecting on those who have moved on, to new lives, new careers, or to the other side of life, and miss all of those people who made me feel loved and accepted.

And…. also, my new friends, new coworkers, new acquaintances, whom I find charming, enchanting and fun.

Life is all about change.

We have a choice: Embrace it or continue to mourn our losses.

I prefer to do both.

See you tomorrow!




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