Be sure to be there, today, at 415pm.

Ok, I will plan my day around it.

10am:  Oh, look!  I won a 2 hour play time on candy crush.

12 noon:  Geeze.

I am out of pills.

Down to the pharmacy I go.

1pm: I am hungry.

Arriving at the pizza place:  Chris and Tami are there.

Chris is disabled.

He is eating like a fiend to relieve the pain…. along with a few shots of J. Beam.

Now what?

The party isn’t until 415pm.

Might as well watch the Eagles and drink beer.


Welcome to DeMarcos.


Thank you for coming.

I reverted back to my familiar role of greeter and bouncer…..

After 4 beers, in walk C and C.


Hey, kids, party at 415 at Patty’s.

6pm:  On Patty’s deck, drinking Irish whiskey.

Carol, Kait, Chris, Christine, George, Jinx,  Patty and the Cx Butt got hungry.

Had a lovely dinner, salads and crab cakes.

Some of us got tipsy.

Not me, of course.

After all, I am nursing a permanent disability, the nasty cat bite from Puff Daddy.

The cat bite has infected my brain.

I can’t help it:

All I can focus on are moose balls.

I envision myself , beating the #%R#%#%# of those balls, prior to cooking them in a nice wine reduction…..whatever the hell that means.

Finally home to greet the beast who debilitated me for life; the 5 lb P Daddy.

Before I pop open the antidote, I just want to thank Potty.  Yes. I said Potty….. for a lovely evening.

Can’t wait for the tetanus shot tomorrow… if I live that long.






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