Another Monday.

I wait, in bed, for the first sign of daylight.

Too bad it is after 6am.

Are you kidding?


I race around, feeding the cat who bites, making a cup of coffee, and jumping into the shower.

As soon as I jump in the car, the sun shines….. right in my face, for the 11 miles to Dunkin D’s.

Oh wait! It is pot luck day.

Since I have no pot, I am out of luck and stop for a Hello Kitty ice cream cake.

For the next 4 or 5 hours, time flies, as I try to gather my thoughts, with an infected cat bite and  terrific pain in my back.

When it comes time for team building, I turn into a mummy.

Yes, a  toilet paper mummy.

What a gorgeous mummy I was, hopping around the training room, infected and insane.

Sure had a good time.

Then…. back to the burner.

Or was it the back burner.

I got fried, toasted and burned, in my afternoon of brutality, all because I will agree to anything, taking the sword, as I age another 10 years.


Then, 5 oclock rolls around, and I say to myself:  I see birds of blue, red roses too, but who cares?  I need a double.

And 2 doubles later, I have once again acted like a ridiculous moron, and decided to get the hell home, before someone beat the #%#%@%@#% out of me, for teasing them about the Steelers.

What a lovely sight when I got home.

Puff Daddy met me at the door, hungry and ready to bite the living @!@$@#@$ out of me.

You know what?

Cats look so soft and cute, but……

And so it is, this 9th day of October, 2017.

I have made it through another Monday, and so have you, my friend, if you are reading this.

However… if you are reading this, you really need to get a life,’

There is nothing more ridiculous than this blog.

And that is what I love about it.





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