Want to hear something ridiculous?

I thought I had a wild night.

Is it midnite?


It is 8pm.

I am home.

In the 3 hours since I left work, I had the time of my life.

2 glasses of wine, before moving on to the patio of GMax and Patti.


Remind me not to get a puppy.

I am exhausted, just watching that little goof.

I have decided: kids and puppies ?  Only if you are young.

However, that little crazy pup was so engaging, so crazy, so wild, that I put aside all my issues of the day, and just laughed and laughed at his amazing antics.

A wonderful ending to an exhausting work week.

And then: Home.

Guess who was waiting for me at the door?

Yes, Puff Daddy.

We went through our nightly ritual.

Open door.

Puff is there, voicing her opinion, with a snooty attitude:  Err Err Err Err.

I feed her.

She acts like a turkey, gobbling her food.

When she has finished, she approaches me with that attitude: Err Err Err Err.

Yes, she has a limited vocabulary, but she struts around me, waiting for me to respond.

I ask her what she wants, and she looks at me like I am an idiot.

I tell her I am tired.

I am going to bed.

She slinks away, to find a comfortable spot.

I wonder:  Does she understand what I am saying?

Or do I understand what she means?

Well, either way, we seem to have this instant replay every night.

I guess it is true:  All living creatures have their rituals.

Creatures of habit.

I must admit: It is a satisfying and comforting pleasure of living.








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