Girls just wanna have fun.

Oh yeah, girls, they want to  have fun.

And fun, they had.

The 3 Jersey Girls invaded the Pennsy scene and took the world by storm.

Maureen:  You remember her, right?

In the midnite hour, she cried maur, maur, maur.

With a rebel yell, Bill cried Maur, Maur Maureen.


Does he ever shut the F up?

And then there is Ronny.

What a hoot she is.

She can sit back, analyze what is going on, and predict the future.

What a wonderfully bright and crazy woman.

And they were here to visit, the 3rd member of the Irish Mafia, Sissy Belle.

So happy I got to meet them….. even if it was my first time ever at a bar… and having a drink.

I must say it was an afternoon of complete nonsense.

I was the only sober one: A face in the crowd.

Well, I got the hell out of the joint when Charles Barkley got a little goofy.

And Bill hit on Maureen.

And I almost shot the deputy.

Ok I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy.

Thanks, Rainman, for the drinks and laughs.

My memory tonight?

It goes back many years.

To a time when the King and I was a popular venue.

I should have danced all night.

Or was that I could have danced all night.

Whatever ….. As I told Barkley, buzz off turkey.

Night. night…..




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