If there is a purpose in life it must be to enjoy whatever you are doing.

First thing on this Sunday:  Hey come on down for Bloody Marys.

Wait a minute.  I am slightly hung from last night, but… well… ok, see you in 5 minutes.

2 drinks later?

Onward to the baby shower.

Not my favorite venue, but after another bloody mary at the bar, I ventured in, to celebrate K and Z’s baby.

A wonderful lunch…. and off I was… to have an after dinner drink.

About an hour later, S Belle shows up and we move on to have a night cap.

Well, let me say this about that: A night cap, my ass.

How about 3 of those babies, along with the visit from little Maddie.


Hey Maddie: How old do you think C Butt is?

She says 90

Ok, and Sissy Belle?


Wait a minute. How old are you?



Ok, so I assume the role of the greeter…. or is it the reefer?  And welcome everyone who walks through the door.

And then?

Patti takes off, without me.

What a hoot.

Let’s just say this about that:

I am home.

The Vikings won.

I feel like a wrinkled, frizzled up weenie.

However, tomorrow?

I will rise from the ashes.

The Chicken Butt will storm the working world with incredible nonsense.

And live every moment.

After all, at her age, she never buys green  bananas.

You know why.





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