Monday is a great day to detox.

I mean, it is such a crummy day, anyway. so why not take suffering to the highest degree?

For me, it was a day of fruit, nuts, cranberries, raisins, cheese, caramel dip and water.

Oh yeah, and a glass of wine.

Do I feel any better?

I do now.


Because I just finished the wine.

But there was a definite drawback.

The fruit flies were vicious, fiercely attacking the wine and the napkin that protected it.

I counted 4 of those little idiots, sitting on my napkin, at one time.

How in the hell do they know when I have a glass of wine?

I mean, does a fruit fly have a brain?

Can you imagine how small that brain is?

And yet,  they live the good life, hovering around the fermented grape juice, waiting to float in a bath of cabernet.

I must say, they are persistent pests.

They never give up.

And if you have ever tried to permanently disable one, forget it.

They flap those minute wings and sail away, just long enough for you to put your guard down.

Funny, but I don’t think they like beer.

Whenever I stop for a beer, they hang out with a different crowd.

That’s it.

Tomorrow night, I am having a beer.

There will no wine until it’s time…. winter time.

When there is frost on the pumpkin…. the fruit flies quit dunkin.

Good night all!





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