Don’t tell anyone.

I am stoned.

Yes, kidney stoned.

Or G Bladder stoned.

Here we go again.

Back pain, nausea, discomfort, and the blahs.

I resolved to fight back!

As my doc said:  Drink a lot of water, cranberry juice and take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning.

If this persists, we will need to do some testing.

Well, I decided to do the home remedy thing: Dried Apricots.

After eating a whole bag of those ridiculous things, I felt even worse.

Finally when 5 bells rolled around, I hightailed it towards home.

I was going to pass the bar, finally…. but saw Christine and Chris’ truck there.


You two said you were busy all week and I wouldn’t see you.

Seems they had a stressful day, and it ultimately drove them to drink.

Even Jimmy, who has a thing for guinea pigs was there, fighting a cold.

The crowd took their usual positions and we went through the ritual.

Bobbie and Tim had a beer or two and left.

Scott was in, then out, then back again, admitting he prefers ground hogs to guinea pigs.

Bry and Mr Gold Splatz or whatever the hell that cinnamon drink is,  told us all about his antics with Mrs Robinson, when he was just a kid, and she was …. well, she was Mrs Robinson, ho ho ho.

I put on my greeter role and introduced complete strangers into the mix.

Colleen, our great leader, aka Othelia, kept us well fortified, as the night wore on.

I probably should have gone to my pole dancing job, but, having rocks in my gall bladder or kidneys or head, I came home to hunker down in the stone age.

And so it is:  October 17, 2017.

Another wonderful day, alive, in this amazing, magical, mysterious world.

Hope you enjoyed every minute!









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