A most difficult thing to do:

To sit down to write when you don’t have a clue what you want to say.

So, you just let your fingers start walking over the keyboard, to see what happens.

Did you know that the beer in the beer stores is more expensive than at the grocery store?

No kidding.

At least it was today.

If you work til around dusk, have you noticed how beautiful the sky lights up the landscape?

Yeah, say what you like, and yes, I did have a few cocktails, but the evenings in the fall have spectacular lighting.

C and C are celebrating their 4th anniversary today.

I was privileged to have shared a few moments with them.

Wait:  They weren’t supposed to stop tonight.

Hmmm:  3 nights in a row.

Anyone want to make a bet on tomorrow night?

A rare sighting: Bobby had 2 beers.

The world is definitely going to hell in a hand basket.

This afternoon, on a conference call, I witnessed innovation at its best.

A simple, yet brilliant solution to a problem I had been pondering for a year or so.

I had to congratulate the 2 guys who came up with the idea.  Einstein and Einstein Jr.

Way to go!

A happy scene on my way  home:  The animal shelter was packed with people, volunteers, who take care of the needs of the many pets who are looking for a permanent home.

Pets bring so much joy to all of us.

Hump day already.

Busy weeks fly by.

Actually, I prefer these busy times to quiet ones.

Like I have always said:  Sometimes, my job drives me to drink….. and that is why I love it.




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