Things that I love…  to eat or drink….. and that are not exactly good for you or me.

  1.  Popcorn at the movies;  With EXTRA butter.
  2. Cotton Candy :  A carnival is not a carnival without it.
  3. A shot of Fire ball.  Who cares if it tastes like 5#%@%@#.  It’s fun!
  4. Hot fudge.  No ice cream?  No worries.
  5. IPA. Beer.  Yeah.
  6. Mr Goodbars.
  7. Anchovies on pizza….or in a Caesar salad.
  8. BBQ ribs at the Long Room in NYC.
  9. Sammy’s special pizza: Duluth Mn.
  10. Dogs:  At Yoccos  and Coney Island.
  11. Starbucks coffee. Yes, sorry, it really is the best.
  12. Screw drivers, when Colleen makes them.
  13. Orla’s bloody marys.
  14. Scottie’s stuffed shells, liz’ s pulled pork and Donna’s chocolate cake.
  15. MCat’s fortified coffee on the way to an adventure.
  16. Sissy Belle and Dana:  Only Jameson, please.
  17. Ziggy:  Cheesy garlic bread.
  18. Barb and Oscar: who cares? Let’s just get the hell out of here and laugh.
  19. Cocoa and toast: One of my all time favs.
  20. C food.  Yes, I C food and I eat it

Later, burp burp, oink oink.



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