Ever wake up and think:  Oh good.  It’s Saturday.  I can sleep in.

And then…… Your brain fires up and says:  “Hey You!  It’s Friday.  Get your ass up.”

Reluctantly you turn over, look at the clock and realize you have slept way past your normal waking time.




But first, coffee please.

Oh great.

My kuerig or whatever the hell it is called is acting up.

I put one of those little goofy containers in its mouth, and it gets stuck, half way.

It won’t move.

Frozen in time and space.

Now what?

If it was really Saturday, I could have popped open a cold one.

But it is Friday.

I feed the cat, get dressed and hightail it to DD.

On the way, I encounter a deer, a cat and a squirrel, all at different times, crossing the road in front of me.

The deer was easy enough to see, and the cat was chugging along at a good clip, but that damn squirrel.

Right, left, stop.  Wait.  One more time.  Left, right, circling….. Come on you little goof.

Let me just assure you squirrel lovers, he will live to see another day… maybe.

The take out line at DD was ridiculous.

Are we all that lazy that we will wait in line for a cup of java, for 15 minutes, rather than park the car, go inside and be on our way in 5 minutes?

Damn lazy society: That is what I am a part of.  A lazy crazy chicken butt, with a broken coffee machine, who brakes for squirrels and who thinks today is tomorrow.

Geez, I wonder what I will be like when I get old.

(wink wink)

Guess what?

Tomorrow is Saturday!

Oh shoot!

I have to get up early to meet friends for breakfast.

There is no rest for the deranged, crazed chicken Butt.

Hey, it’s only 8pm, on a Friday night.

Poppy top.


Have a great weekend, and please, brake for my little indecisive friends.


Between you and me, I love squirrels.



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