Ever have a day, packed with activity and expectations?

Do you, like me, have so many things going that you need to put it all in writing.

Yes.  A list.

Like today, for example.

Set the alarm for 7.

Breakfast with the girls at 830.

Phone rings:  7am.




Oh Dave! The oil man.

Yeah, I am damn near out of heating oil.

Will I be home today?

Uhm.Well. Ok. I can be.

See you when?

In a few hours?

Ok.  I will make the supreme sacrifice and get dressed.

As I get dressed, I wonder if the girls will think I am a hopeless bum, for not showing up.

Finally, the oil man cometh.



I better get going.

I need to stop at the gas station and then get booze for the party tonight.

Pull into the gas station.

All the pumps are busy.

A rather large SUV is taking up damn near 2 spots, so I head on in, waiting for the big boy to depart.

It doesn’t.

So, I get out of the car and decide to go into the service station and grab a cup of java.

The gal in the SUV stops me:

“Hey! Lady!  Why are you parked in that spot?  Don’t you realize that I do not like backing out?”

“Huh?  Uhm.  I guess I am just a goof and forgot you didn’t like backing out.”

By now, her face is beet red, and she is way over the top in anger.

I think:  Gas rage?  Will she shoot me if I don’t move?  or should I be a smart ass and say?  “Lady?  There ain’t no lady here.”

I reluctantly back up, so the enraged bimbo get drive forward.


This bs has stimulated my appetite.

Pizza please and a beer.

Several beers later, I realize that the party at C and C’s will start shortly.

My list?

Completely a waste of time.

The afternoon?

One bar to another, drinking beer and carrying on like a banshee.

Finally, the party.

What a beautiful place.

12 acres of trees, yard, flowers and privacy.

And such warm and friendly friends.

Great food, laughter, music and a fabulous bon fire to end the evening.

My list?

Oh yeah, my list.

I should have thrown it in the bon fire.

Life is so much better, when it is spontaneous.

Until tomorrow…..



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