From a jack to a queen….

Or a crank to a call girl….

Tonight had all the elements of a who done it.


An unfolding mystery.


Does she or doesn’t she?

Enter the sleuths:

Chris aka I wasn’t born yesterday.

Accompanied by Christine:

AKA:  Something ain’t right here.

Bry:  Listen!

Ok, what?

Chx B:  Hello. I am your greeter.  Welcome to the bar with an attitude.

And then, out of the blue, into the black, walks Corey.

Hey!  Dude!

How’s Minnesota?

Colleen intervenes:  You what? You want another double?

Where the hell is Jimmy?

Oh yeah. At the sleeper motel.

Another wonderfully crazy humping Wednesday night.

There is something magical about this crowd.

No matter how stressful the day was, the evening with these folks is a hoot.

Night night.


Wolfy, aka Hooty


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