A sudden blast of autumn air hit this morning.


Can someone please remember to turn off the AC at work?

Freeze frame.

Little heaters whirring all day long.

Someone left the gate open, and I was buried in a mountain of work, right up to the closing bell.

You know what is really sad?

Well, for me…

Working on accounts that leave me isolated.

All day long, I hear people coordinating, partnering, and solving problems.


I am a lone wolf.

My contacts?

In other cities, in the hub, in corporate cyber space.

Problem solving for me is different from the norm.

I have never met most of these people.

Their agenda?

To get things done right… and to get them done now… at the least possible cost.

If they don’t like what I have to say?

Well, they escalate.

And once a final decision is made, I wonder if anyone really believes what I have to say.

I have always loved taking responsibility, and communicating, but I find myself doing less of communicating on a daily basis, in my surroundings, and I feel I just may have out lasted my existence.

It’s ok.

Changes happen.

People move on.

I am not an expert on working relationships.

I can only speak from my heart.

I still go to work feeling like I can handle the issues, but when I leave, feeling empty, I come alive.

I seek out friendly people, hard working people, who may be feeling what I feel.

Something is missing in my work life.

It just may be that missing link that we all feel at the end of our careers.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.




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