If you had a life of being a wife, or a girl friend, without a break, for the past 50 years….

And you are suddenly single:

Would you?

  1.  Get involved in another relationship.
  2. Feel something is missing and mope around all day
  3. Go on a dating website and see what there is out there.
  4. Pole dance.
  5. Decide to enter a convent.
  6. Quit working and become a bar fly.
  7. Enjoy being free, and never having  to answer to anyone.
  8. Discover yourself.
  9. Get rid of all the stuff you have accumulated over the years.  Less is more.
  10. Donate your time, money, effort to the things that matter.

For me?

I am pondering the choices.

And when I finally decide, I will invite all of you to toast to the future and to our passions.


The possibilities are endless.



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