Yes, Fridays might be the ruffest of all the days of the work week.

Just pile it on:  Where is this? Why didn’t you tell me?  Who is in charge? Can you give these 10 or 20 or 30 orders priority?  After all, they are hot.

Solve one problem, 2 more surface.

Just for kicks, how many emails today?

75:  And that is just one of the email accounts.

Throw in the other two, and well, we are over the 100 mark.

Late afternoon alert:  20 hot orders coming at you on Monday.

That is not counting the 200 that will automatically feed into your system over the weekend.

And guess what?

They are all red hot.

I felt like putting up a red flag warning:  Excessive wind in the Chicken Butt’s cube.

Or: hello, hello, hello, is anybody out there?

Shortly after 5pm, I slinked out of the facility, contemplating if I should get a fake id and fly to Bora Bora or stop; at the nearest bar.


I stopped and had one drink;

Only one.

And ventured on to see Sissy B. and George Maxwell, Stormy Bandit, Jinx and RR.

It was a refreshing evening, with the temps taking an autumn like tumble.

But the wine was outstanding and kept me warm.

Home early and  feeling much better.

Spending a few hours with a good friend and her 5 animals make me feel good.


I resolve to be productive.

Ok, so I lie.

It’s the weekend, and we are free to do what we feel like doing.

Hope all of you choose something that will make you feel that it is good to be alive.

For me?

Simple:  No alarm.

No dead lines.

Just a couple of days to kick back, relax, and pole dance.





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