What is it that makes you crazy?

For me?

My top 10.  >….. not in any sequence or order.

  1.  Fruit flies. Get the heck out of my wine glass!
  2. Sucking up.  I get it.  People in power or authority? Yeah, Ok.  For me?  That sucks.
  3. Phonies.  What’s with the games?  Who really believes you are sincere?
  4. Drivers with road rage.  Hey !  Lighten up.   Are you serious?  Could it be you have some issues?
  5. The princess/prince syndrome:   Oh yeah, right.  Everything you say is so cute, so relevant, and so self serving.
  6. Placing blame.  What? Me?  Are you kidding? I would never do that. It was that crazy chicken butt…..She is, well, she is quite mentally challenged.
  7. Dead animals on the side of the road.  I can’t stand it.
  8. Cheaters…. all’s fair in love or war.  Not really.
  9. Accusations: He did it. She did it. He said . She said.  Who cares?  Cut the damn blaming.
  10. Our vets: Home, homeless, broke and no benefits. What the hell?

May I add one more?

Those who are struggling to live, after the hurricanes:   No, they are not Ok. Come on. Would you be ok, if you had no power, no water, no food, for all these weeks?


Until tomorrow,

Wolf, signing off…..


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