I really don’t want to talk about today.

Living through it was enough the first time.

Now that I am home, 12 hours later, from the start of this wickedly wild day, I prefer to think about life after work.

Sissie Belle lost her bank card.

What the hell?

I think  George Max ate it.

MCat has a new admirer, who is gonna meet her this weekend, to cheer on the Ravens.

Anna Banana is waiting for her niece and twin babies to visit on Saturday.

I have to get organized early, clean out the car and stay goodbye to Blue and hello to Red.

I will miss a golden opportunity to travel to the Long Trout Winery on Saturday.

Hey Tom, Anne, Jackie and Patti: Have a great time.. And enjoy the fabulous hippy memories.

There is a full moon tonight:  A big one.

What a fabulous sight.

It is one year, tomorrow, since Jimmy’s wake.  Awwww.  Jimmy.  I miss you, you goof.

And so, on this night, November 3rd, 2017, I survived…. to live another day.

Hope you make it a great Saturday and Sunday.

Live in the moment, and enjoy!

To live, love, and laugh is what I believe this life is all about.




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