As one gets older, there are some things that are really quite frightening.

Like rain and glare and darkness, when driving.

Hey, I have driven this road hundreds of time…. it should be a piece of cake.

It isn’t.

I truly believe that old people should not be driving around in November, December or January.

At least not after dark, or after a couple of cocktails, or when the deer start their runting.

I wonder:  Are more deer killed with cars or with guns during hunting season?

It’s a crap shoot, for me.

Even with a new car, and heated seats, I can barely see what the hell is going on as I drive home each night, even though my hind end is warm and cozy.

November starts this bleak era, and gradually  the darkest days of the year occur in December, excluding the holiday lights, of course.

I am looking forward to those cars that drive themselves around, as long as they continue to find my usual pit stops.

Tonight, I weathered the rain and glare, to join Jimmy, on his birthday.

It was a fun party, with all the regulars wishing him the very best.

Cheers Jimmy!

You are one of my favorite people!





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