For those of you who know me, and who realize that I have been somewhat preoccupied the past few months, let me just say this:

It has been one hell of a ride.

I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, going from hundreds of orders daily,  down to 42, hey!  Thank Goodness.

And that’s not counting that other Epicurial account.

November is not my favorite month, but it does signal an end to the craziness of the benefit enrollment days.

Will I live to see another wild season?

Or, better yet: Do I want to experience this madness next fall?

I don’t think so.

Ok.  So  I have worked 40 + years.

Not all successful, but surviving.

It is time, my friends, to kiss my ass goodbye.

Will it be Christmas?

Will it be New Year’s day?

Or will it be a random day?

It is on the horizon, for sure.

I will go gently into the next phase of my life.

Well, ok, I will go kicking and screaming,,,,, but I am winding down, my friends.

Next stop?

Who knows?

The future?

Time will tell.

No matter what is decided, it should be a hoot!





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