How do you know when winter has arrived?
For me, it was this morning. The car was full of icy pellets.
Time to get out the goofy hats, the leggings and the sweaters.
I really have become a warm weather freak, asking this question every day:  “Is it spring yet?”
Although I think about moving south, it probably won’t happen.
The 4 seasons somehow create a comforting cycle for me, as the years pass by.
The first snow fall is captivating.
Seeing a robin in the spring makes me happy.
Hanging out on the deck in the hot summer evenings, relaxes me.
The autumn colors are spectacular.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
It asks nothing, other than sharing a meal with family, friends or strangers.
And for those going to grandma’s house, in a horse drawn sleigh, I hope there is a soft blanket of snow for you.

Have a good night.
Keep warm!



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