Plunk yourself down.

Is that a word?  Plunk?

Plunk down at your computer and let it out:

What’s bugging you?

How do you feel after working all day?

If you had a bad day, what is it that made it bad?

Are you feeling sorry for yourself?

Or are you looking past all that and reaching out to those who are desperately needing confirmation?

Is the world going to hell in a hand basket?

And what, if anything, can be done about it?

Are you living a life of loneliness and heartache?

Or are you willing to let go of the past, make new friends, volunteer your services, and send out a beacon of light and hope to those who have no hope?

Do you continue to work, in a job that will provide the resources to live, but not the fulfillment that you crave?

Can you move on, to a life of service, to honor and support those who have preserved our way of life and our democracy?

In the end, do you really think your worldly goods will mean anything?

Sometimes, it takes a life time, or at least many years of trying to survive, before we realize that our destiny is not what we have accumulated, but what we have given.

What we have/own?

Only temporary.

Our legacy exists not in the material accumulation of wealth, but in the way we share what we have with those in need.

The man/woman who  has the least to give, is often the person who gives the most.




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