A moment in time

Sitting at a table in a restaurant, sipping on a beer, ordering a salad and then?

Stuff happens.

In walks a Greek God, or a hunk who looks like Tom Selleck in his younger days.

Oblivious to reality, I open mouth and ask him:  “Do you know who you look like?”

He knows.

I can tell.

No one can be that handsome and not know it.

Then why, I am asking myself, is he hanging out in this bar, having a few beers and looking miserable?

Once we get through the initial introduction, we converse.

He has worked all day. .. and he will work tomorrow.

Why?  $$$$$.

Ok, so, no Easter plans?


Would you like to have dinner with me and my friends tomorrow?

He smiles.

He opens up.

He would rather have a 6 pack after working all day.

I tell him:  “Me too.”

I doubt if I will ever see him again.

It’s ok.

People come and people go into our lives.

How many, however, feel good about a random encounter?

He left with a smile, and that was enough for me.

Reminds me of the words of Glen Frey:  “We may win and we may lose, but we will never be here again.”

Another moment: living in the “now”.


A casual meeting that made me feel alive.



Friday: Fun and frenzy with friends

Trying not to focus on someone I wanted to see.

Odds are, it won’t happen.

Suck it up and go for the gold.

You know what I mean.

Just put that in the back of your mind and move on.

Started out slowly.

And then?

Unbelievably, met so many fabulous people, friends and strangers along the way.

Even one marriage proposal.

What a hoot.

I cannot remember an afternoon and evening that felt so warm and friendly as today.

A spectacular day in the life of a retired chicken butt.

I think it was an awakening:  Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, whatever that means.

Reminds me of the Eagle’s lyrics:  We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again.

For me?

I lived for those winning moments today.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Here’s to the person behind the mask

Insecurity is often masked by those who portray arrogance, superiority and aloofness, when in fact, it just isn’t so.

I found that some of these individuals are just not likeable, at least not on the surface.

Many don’t believe they are worthy of acceptance.

They hide behind their doubts, while boasting of their accomplishments, alienating those who just don’t get it.

And when they end the day, they may be alone, wondering why they just can’t seem to connect with others.

I have found that old baggage and beliefs can be devastating, especially if you have not discovered who you are:  A unique human being, with the desire to be accepted.

And, of course, the ability to accept yourself.

Here’s to self discovery and self love.

It’s ok to be you, whoever and whatever you are.

Take the mask off.

And enjoy.


The little critter who made me smile

Sometimes it is a good thing to take a break from the daily routine and branch out.

That is exactly what I did.

Early to rise, early to get the heck out of Dodge, and early to get to the casino.

Only one regret:  I should have had lunch.

Instead, I opted for vitamin C drinks:  4 of them.

Just call me ravenous by the time I got back to the neighborhood, just in time, may I add, for barbecued ribs.

So tasty!

I was feeling slightly guilty about the cat.


The cat again.

She is used to me hanging around, as her enabler.

Today, she met me in the basement.

She ran down the stairs to welcome me home.

What a pleasant surprise.

Of course, I soon found out that it wasn’t me she missed: it was her daily feeding frenzies.

She, like me, is a creature of habit.

She likes her routine, and so do I, but…. sometimes it is good to break that pattern.

It actually felt like home today, when she came running down the stairs.

I have to admit it:  The cat is family.

The two of us scraggly creatures, dependent on one another, not by choice, but by circumstances.

Tonight I am happy to be home.

It just feels good.




Life is a highway

There is nothing better than a day of rest.

Too bad it was not that way today.

Tax preparation, laundry, and, of course, a leisurely ride through the Lehigh Valley, where the traffic was backed up for miles.

What does one do, when stuck in traffic?

Take it in stride and turn up the radio?

Or just fume, huff and puff and try to ease out into the left lane to see what the hell is going on?

If  you were late for an appointment, or on your lunch hour, or maybe, having a baby, I can understand the frustration.

However, life is not always fair nor predictable.

In my case, as a loose cannon, it was not a big deal.

I managed to piss off many of the drivers behind me, as I motioned for those who were attempting to merge, to go ahead.

Adding, of course, more congestion, and delays to an already ridiculous scenario.

When I finally approached my turnoff, guess what?

It was blocked.

Road work.

Did I get angry?

Of course not.

Did I have any regrets?

Only one.

I was parched beyond belief.

Eventually, I made it to the establishment of my choice, quenched my thirst and had a lovely time.

Several hours later, the traffic subsided.

Somehow, I knew it would.

Wise beyond my years: that is me.

The ambience and the beer soothed my savage beast, whatever that is supposed to mean, and I made my way back home.

I may have to work tomorrow:

My new job, at the casino, depending, of course, if traffic permits.

Oh the decisions!

The humanity!

The absurdity of our lives!

Ain’t life grand?




A disturbing trend in America

Who is getting tired of the constant bickering and blaming that we see on a daily basis, especially between the Democrats and Republicans?

Is there anyone who has been swayed by the opposing opinions?

These posts are disturbing and dangerous.

When did we give up the right to disagree with our fellow citizens, with rigid and closed minds?

Controversy, in a free society, is stimulating, but not divisive.

However, today, it appears that we are at war with one another: Liberals vs Conservatives.  Rich vs Poor. Peace vs War.

The American dream?

Are we a nation, embracing diversity?

Do we allow others to state their opinions with open hearts and minds?

Are we united in our quest for freedom and integrity?

Do we see ourselves as a symbol of the hope for those who want to live and prosper in our society?  Or as isolationists, only concerned with our immediate needs?

I, for one, am tired of the ridiculous games we are playing, spending time and money, investigating one another, instead of dealing with the issues that will make our country stronger and united.

Time for a truce, friends.

Let’s move on, to solutions, to strengthen our unique and special democracy, and to preserve it for our children and our future.



Can someone please control the Chicken Butt?

He said, “I have not laughed this much in years.”

For some reason, the Wolf., aka Chicken Butt, acted like a crazed lunatic once again.

He said his name was Ragu, and he had dimples, was divorced and needed an afternoon of frivolity.

And he got it.

It was one of those ridiculous events that surpassed normalcy.

And what a hoot it was.

Yes, I am living up to my new role as the LC and the TD.

(Loose Cannon and Town Drunk)

As Carly Simon said about 100 years ago,  “Nobody does it better.”

Off to dinner at Patti’s.

A perfect ending to a Sunday in March.

I think it was Sunday.

In the words of Puff Daddy, the deranged cat: “Where the hell have you been?”

My reply?

“I wish I knew.”



Dancing in the rain…

Life on this planet has unlimited possibilities.

Do what’s right… and prosper.

Not necessarily.

Work hard and you will  prosper.

Nope,  not always.

Find the right mate and you will have a blissful marriage and existence.

Yeah, ok.

Inherit millions, be a bum,  and  (wink wink) prosper.

It is all about who you know, not what you know.

For what?  to prosper?

And when you happen to have prospered and are at the end of  your life, does anyone really care?


  1.  Were you happy?
  2. Did your riches and money define you?
  3. Will you leave a legacy?
  4. Did you dance in the rain?
  5. Who will miss you once you are gone?  And why?
  6. Have you reached out to support those who are struggling to find happiness?
  7. Do those who know you, care about you, regardless of your life’s situation?
  8. Do you embrace diversity, loving others unconditionally?
  9. Do you go outside your comfort zone, to make new friends?
  10. Is money really the answer?

It’s all about those we meet along the way.

And how we connect with them… and how we make them feel about themselves.

Hey Jose, Todd, Phil, Gail:  Thank you for letting me share your hopes and dreams.

And when it rains, let’s dance.





Who are these people?

Ok, so I was a little over the top today.

The snow was melting, I was parched and I had to connect with whomever I encountered.

Actually, I didn’t even try to cool it.

I just went nuts.

What a lovely bunch of coconuts and cuckoo nuts I met along the way.

From the boys at breakfast, to the daily afternoon conference, it was smooth sailing.

That is when all hell broke loose.

A spur of the moment retirement party crashed into my space and what a hoot it was.

15 to 20 people, celebrating a co worker’s move to another job, with drinks and food and a cake…. and of course, the chicken butt.

Sometimes I wonder why I have to intrude on these things.

Am I a party crasher?

Or just an asshole?

Whatever, I had to make an exit at some point, when things escalated to a rip roaring riot.

Bryan staked out the scene and said:  “Now is your time to escape. Go!”

And I did.

I am sure the group is looking for me.

The supervisor even offered me a job.

Guess what?

I feel like I have known these folks for years.

What the heck is wrong with me?

Might as well face it,  I am addicted to people.

Until tomorrow….


May you be all that you can be

Wondering, tonight, what makes people  happy.

And what makes people unhappy.

Are they the same thing?

After several decades of living, I think it comes down to this:

There are 3 things that are motivators:

…  being right.


… not getting hurt.

I rarely win.

I can’t say I am always right.

And I take my chances at being hurt.

If so, so be it.

Regardless, I am just now, after all these years, finding myself.

How sad, that it took so many years to do this.

I have one life.

We all do.

It is never too late to change.

Now is the time, to acknowledge and verify who you are, and to follow your dreams and beliefs.

Expected and accepted by others?


But when it happens, do you really need affirmation?

Do what makes you happy and fulfilled.

And give thanks for those we have met along the way.