Plan B

It is always a pleasure to share an afternoon with Chris and Christine, no matter where we meet.

Love seeing them again.

Let’s toast to life!

A few beers!


Here comes Ted.

Wait:  He’s back!

In walks Phil… and Dennis and Tom Selleck.

May I introduce you to Don Juan, aka Phil?

For someone who says he is anti social, I have my doubts.

My face is frozen in a macabre mask.

Yes, I laughed that much.

It was a glorious day, even though it was gloomy and the trip to Georgia was postponed.

Sometimes, life is like that:  It’s ok, if you have to suck it up and change direction.

As Thomas Burns has written:  “The best laid plans of mice and man oft go awry.”

Who knows?

The alternative just might hold something that will surpass your greatest expectations.



I wanna know: Have you ever seen the rain?

Into each life a little rain must fall.

And the song, “It’s a rainy night in Georgia”?  No longer one of my favorites.

Who has ever heard of a tropical storm in May?

I guess there is a first time for everything.

However, displaying the phenomenal traits of flexibility and adaptability, a quick change of plans is taking place.

Ok, so the cemeteries, spirits and mansions of the stately city of Savannah will have to wait for its famous visitors until later this year.

It’s back to taking a bite of the Big Apple.

It is bound to be a fabulous time!



Memorial Day

A holiday weekend!

What a fabulous thought.

3 days off.

Picnics, pool parties, barbecues.

Hey, wait a minute.

Is that what it is all about?

There is nothing wrong with celebrating with others, and toasting to freedom.

However, take a few moments to reflect to memorialize those who made it possible: The men and women who served to protect our families, regardless of the personal cost.

Thank you, for your service, your sacrifice and your devotion to our country.

Your dedication to preserving our way of life is the greatest gift we have ever received.

We will be eternally grateful.





Dinner for 6, at 5

I am such a wimp.

Puff was a “fraidy cat” because the township workers were patching up the street in front of the house.

Poor thing was clinging to me like I could protect her from the big bad trucks out front.

Yes, I stayed with her.

It’s the least I could do, after she brought me that lovely treat last night.

When it came time to leave for dinner, the trucks were gone and she was resting.

It was a rip roaring time, having a few drinks, dining and chatting with 5 great friends.

It ended too soon.

Life is like that.

Nothing is forever.

The 5 of us worked together for a long time, and now we have gone our separate ways, but we have a bond that comes with working alongside one another as the days and months turned into years.

I can’t wait until the next time we meet.


Until then…..


Toasting to Pennsylvania

Springtime:  My favorite time of the year.

Flowers, greenery and warm weather puts me in a mood that cannot be described.

Oh yes, I do love the 4 seasons.

That is why I love Pennsylvania.

The winters can be harsh, but no where as brutal as the Northern plains where I grew up.

The summer?  Humid, at times, but not oppressive.

Spring and fall?  Sometimes Mother Nature skips those seasons, much to my chagrin.

Wherever I have had the pleasure of living, Pennsylvania continues to be my favorite state.

Such a gorgeous variety of nature:  mountains, cities, farms, valleys, lakes, and pastural serenity.

The people:  Diverse, friendly, fun and neighborly.

Life is good, here in the Northeast.

Here’s to Pennsy:  Cheers!


Mellow yellow

Sleeping in, on a rainy day.

I have heard that there is nothing like it, and it is true.

Turn over, tune out and let time slip away.

When the mood finally strikes, ease out of the bed, and indulge in a heavenly cup of coffee.

No need to stress over things that were once the norm:  Get up, get dressed, get going and don’t be late.

Yes, the past 50+ years were like that.


Call me mellow yellow.

Things are beginning to seem much clearer now.

What is it that I would like to do for the remaining years of my life?

Still considering the options, as I observe the lives of those around me.

Most have put off living to their fullest, until they reach a “future” goal.

I am at the point where I think living to the fullest just may be what we do everyday, as long as it makes us happy.

If, that is, we know what happiness feels like.

It might take a few more months before I break the barrier, and that is ok.

In the meantime, I will continue to sleep in and cherish rainy days, and to find opportunities to observe and reflect on the lives of those I encounter.

For now, I am concentrating on living, and on what is really important in the years that I have left.




A right jolly old elf

Let’s all give a cheer for the cougar on the loose in NE Pennsylvania.

Last seen in the bar in New Smithville, drinking Coors Light.

Some say the cougar closely resembles a slightly tipsy chicken butt who has been frequenting the bar scene since early January.

The news team interviewed Pamela, aka Panama, today, to determine if she had served any drinks to an aging hen with a raucous laugh.

Pam graciously told us to shove it.  A bartender cannot reveal the private conversations of wacked out chickens, or other guests.

We waited outside, until the self professed butt approached her vehicle, with another guest.

She handed him a bag of Tupperware, laced with underwear, as an enticement.

As she drove out of sight, I noticed her friend was a chubby old elf.

A wink of  his eye, and a twist of his head, I knew in an instant, he needed to see a chiropractor.

Yes, the cougar is still on the loose.

Beware, fellow Pennsylvanians.

Approach with caution.

She was heard singing, as she drove out of sight: “99 bottles of beer on the wall”, while dancing to the tune of “I’m a man eater.”




Riding the wave

Made a pact with myself this morning:  Don’t go wild.

I laid around like a plucked chicken this morning, until I had the energy to get dressed, to visit Amber.

We talked about her trip to NYC to see Wicked, and then I sipped on a few orange drinks to settle my nerves.

It seems like I was in a frenzied whirlwind the past few days.

Guess it was all the excitement of the wedding, or was it the Preakness?  Or maybe it was those chocolate martinis.

Whatever it was, it was quite a ride.

Time to kick back, eat a few bonbons, while watching murder mysteries.

Until tomorrow…..



The perfect martini, complements of Ms Kim and Ms Colleen

The Princess and Prince are married.

A lovely ceremony, actually uplifting, in this day and age.

The chicken butt?  No ceremony, just meeting friends on a damp, rainy day, at the martini bar at noon.

And what a hoot it was.

A bird in the hand vs 2 in the bush?

Just drink it, you idiot.

And when the afternoon moved toward twilight, it was obvious that the young crowd could not keep up with the fabulous CB.

One by one, they marched …. out the door to the drummer of the day.

And the Chx B?

Home now, wondering why the younger crowd can’t keep up with the times.

Kim? Colleen? Bry? Tim?

What are you doing on the next rainy Saturday?

It’s ok.

I am not judging you for being wimps.



Thanks for a lovely day!



The colorful aura of my friends

A colorful day, to be sure.

The lavender/blonde hair-do, of Ms Kaitlyn, followed by the blonde bomber, in her black blouse, aka, Dana.

From then on, it was one of those days that I intended to go home early, but circumstances happened.

I have heard that men rarely communicate.

Not today.

Bry and Tim:  What a wonderful evening, filled with revealing insights into the lives of 2 of my favorite people.

We had such a great time, that we agreed to meet again, tomorrow, at noon, for chocolate martinis, served by Ms. Kim.

Thanks, Colleen, for topping off the colorful day, with your impression of Savannah.

It sounds like a place for those who enjoy the mystery, history and quirky events of life.


Hopefully, the torrential rains will not flood the winery/barn, where the gorgeous babes, Pat and Linda, will be waiting for an evening of wine and music.

Cannot wait to experience another day of living life to the fullest.