Good bye friends. It’s been a hoot.

Hello, hello, hello: is there anyone out there?

Not hearing a reply, I ate 420 cashews.

Can you believe that my thirst is insatiable?

As I slink around the area, searching for a watering hole, I stumble upon a bar.

Yes, Tom Selleck is there.

He has a wife.


He buys me a drink.

Yes, he wants me.

Who wouldn’t?

Let me tell you about me.
I am a young, gorgeous, and bat shit crazy.

Ok, I lied.

The young and gorgeous stuff?  BS

I vow to change my life style.

Just wait.


The next day?

Don’t count on it.

I am on a mission.

The Chicken Butt is turning over a new butt.

Look for me at the  Allentown library, the United Nations and the white house.

Well, ok,  if all else fails, see you at the bar.

If not, I will be a drone.

And I will zap all the flies in my path.

I will miss you.

Hope you all have a wonderful life!





Trusting your instincts

As I approach  another birthday, I marvel at the fact that I have survived and that I am still alive.

From a child, I was told that people were not to be trusted.

Do not reach out to strangers.

Be careful.

The world is full of bad apples.

Well, obviously, I did not heed the word of the sages.

“Hello, how are you? Would be good to see you again.”

Not once, not ever, have I found that people are deceptive.




Yeah, ok.

What you see is what you get.

No hidden agenda.

People are people, wherever and whoever they are.

All the same.

Yet,  all different.

Most of us long to be recognized and appreciated for what we are.

And that is my philosophy.

You are unique.

You are special.

It is a pleasure to be in your company.

Living in the moment, connecting  with those we encounter:  This is what I live for.





Just do what it is that makes you happy

Being the town drunk is a full time job.

Coupled with being the “greeter” wherever I go, it happens to be the most awesome job I have held in the past 40 + years.

The hours are flexible.

Take today, for example.

After a night of thunderstorms, trying to calm the nerves of the resident cat, I woke up early.


Doing ok.



Back to bed at 8am.

Finally at noon, the inner clock started to tick.

I really need to get organized, go shopping and try to act like a normal human being.

However, it didn’t happen.

I had an irresistible urge to have a beer, a salad and cheesy garlic bread.

From that moment on, it was one of the most entertaining afternoons I have ever experienced.

Where else would I have met the Golden Doodle owner, the artists from Pittsburgh, the pool guy, and the “know it all” friends that are so dear to me?

Sometimes I wonder if the novel I am writing will ever be finished.

And will I ever learn to speak Spanish?

Guess what?

If not?

Let’s get together, soon, all you wonderful people, toast to life, and be happy.

We are only here for a short time.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Until tomorrow,



Bringing on the gusto

Zest:  A curious word.

Its definition:

An attitude, and the outer part of a peel of a citrus fruit.

For me, Tuesday combined the two.

I had a zest for a trip to the casino, where I had a few screwdrivers.

A wicked but delightful pairing, for sure.

Couldn’t help observing some of the more colorful actions around me.

A man gesturing, waving his arms, talking to the machine.

A bully sort of guy,  punching the screen.

Mostly silent, focused folks, who occasionally would whoop and holler.

A band was playing.  It was lively and upbeat.  The dance floor was crowded and in the middle of the room, a woman in a wheel chair, “dancing” with her husband.

People strolling through the maze of games and noise, eating ice cream, wrapped in silvery paper.

A celebration of life on a Tuesday, in June.

It was, indeed, a zestful kind of day.




Getting to know you

A woman.

A man.

What does it take to attract one another?

Some say it is the 6 second test.

We decide, in those 6 seconds how we feel.

Like me?

Or not?

Is it really just that first impression?

Maybe it is chemistry.

Maybe it is fascination.

Maybe it is BS.

Who knows?

Seems to me that it is shallow.

Engage one another in conversation.

Be yourself.



Most of us put on our masks.

We are not who we seem to be.

How do we expect to find someone when we have not been forthright?  Honest?

We don’t.

Ever try to be just who you are?

It is the ultimate high.

To find someone who likes/loves you for you is rare.

However, the enduring experience cannot be surpassed.

Cheers to those who have found the secret to a lasting relationship.

Simply stated, it is the trust, the support and the love between 2 people, who believe in one another.




It’s never too late to try something new

An indoor cat.

Has not been “outside” for at least 10 years.

Failing health.

Time to let this feline live a little.

Come on Puff, we are going outside.

I was surprised she followed me out the door.

Time to experience something new:  grass, butterflies, trees.

And….. she loved it!

Yes, I had to keep on eye on the little goof: She tried to wander under the deck.


Let’s just take this one day at a time.

I think I saw a spark of happiness that only freedom can provide.

Guess who will be venturing out tomorrow?

The 2 of us, celebrating being alive.




A lesson in simplicity

I met an unusual couple today.

Simply stated, they do not have a materialistic bone in their bodies.

Their purpose:  To continue to work at their jobs, until they have remodeled a cabin in the woods:  No plumbing, no electricity, but lots of land and privacy.

Yes, they are doing all the work themselves.

They want to be able, some day, to live on that land, in their modest cabin, free from the day to day working world.

I don’t know what kind of work they do.

I only know that their identity is not rolled up into those jobs.

They have a vision, a shared vision.

And they are one of the happiest couples I have ever met.

They do have one possession, however, that they adore:  A parakeet, named Chase,  who travels with them, wherever they go.

A simple life.

Less is more.

And they are enjoying every minute.





Unconditional love

On my way to another day, a Friday, hoping that somehow it will make sense.

Let me start, as it started:  A cat, crying for her breakfast.



Well, for an hour or so.

I believe it has nothing to do with food.

I think the cat is looking for attention.

I pick her up.

She bites me.

What a sassy bitch.

At noon, I inform her that I am leaving for an afternoon of cat-less stress.

After a lunch with the cutest, most creative person in the world, Bill walked in, touting his love and the  admiration of his life:  Yes, you know who it is.

Moving along… Oh no!  Scott!

What did I do to deserve this?

A few hours later, the regulars gathered, to celebrate Friday and life.

Chocolate martinis?  Why not?

When life serves pain and suffering, there is nothing better than commiserating and drinking with 2 of the most gorgeous guys to inhabit this planet.

I must confess:  When I am getting loaded, watch out!

I cannot resist talking to everyone who crosses my path:  Kids, parents, goofs, terrorists… Hey who cares?

Home now.

I renew my vows to act like a normal human being.

Guess what?

Ain’t gonna happen.

I should have been a nun.

Sister Chicken Butt.

Ok, so I tend to exaggerate when loaded.

Let us all resolve tonight to enjoy our lives, and to  acknowledge those we meet along the way.

As the Mayor, Bryan, said:  “You made everyone smile tonight.  Keep on being the idiot that you are.”


(Wink wink)

I can’t change… not now, not ever.  I am who I am .  Love me or not, I most likely will love you.




Stories from the heart

It was a day to remember.

5 friends.

5 different stories.

  1.  I have been married 4 times.  The love of my life is my first wife.   I work 60 + hours a week to  forget and to carry on.
  2. When my wife died, my girls moved to Florida.  I was lost. Last week, I flew to Orlando, to see my girls.  First time, but not the last.  I think I need to find a way to do this more often.  Yes, I have a tan.  Yes, I want to change my life…. some day.
  3. Another year and I will retire.  71 hours this week, already.   I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  It could be in remission. However, I need to work one more year.   Not that I need the money. but  I  have to be sure I have financial security.  Isn’t that what life is all about?
  4. No, I do not like my new job.   I am a worker, not a supervisor.  Is this the Peter Principle?  Getting promoted to a position that I am not qualified for?  How did this happen?
  5. I want to quit.  I need to get out of the environment where my subordinates cannot think for themselves.  There are so few people that step up to the challenge, who think for themselves?  Is this the American dream?

Finding that life is not always what it seems.

Happiness can be elusive.

Money, they say, can’t buy it.

Oh, the struggle between providing for our families and hanging on to  jobs that just don’t fit.

If I had to do it all again?

I don’t have an answer.

We do what we have to do, and live our lives.

Henry David Thoreau:  “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Until tomorrow,