Monday is the most dreaded day of the work week.

Many mope around on Sunday afternoon, anticipating what the next day will bring.

For me, it was the Sunday “blues”.

Not anymore.

Monday blends in with every other day of the week, and even though it has a bad rap, it is just like any other day in my life of debauchery.

What’s it like, to have a job for 50 years?

It becomes one’s identity… and an addiction.

A love/hate relationship, but a necessary fact of life, especially if you have the desire and ambition to create a better life for your loved ones.

When is it enough?

Some say they will never retire.

Some can’t wait to get out of the working world.

And others?

It becomes obvious that we have our limitations and need to move on, to another phase of our lives.

So goodbye working world.

Goodbye to the Sunday blues.

So long to dreaded Monday mornings.

Welcome to each and every day we wake up and have the freedom to enjoy our lives.

It’s been a long road.

Good times, bad times, but no regrets.

We do what we have to do to survive.

And when it ends, after all those years of working,  I hope you choose to do what makes you happy.

Live, laugh and love.

You earned it.

Enjoy it.

It cannot get any better than this.




When life hands you lunatics, ramble on.

Here’s what happens when you wake up to Led Zep’s Ramble On:

You have to move along, sing a song and take the long way home.

But first:  Oh no!  The cat is sick again.

Bath time.

She hides.

I find her.

For a few excruciating moments the 5 lb cat goes into her alter ego: The fierce mountain  lion.

“It’s just a little soap and water”, I tell her.

When the ordeal is over, she hides again, and I ramble on.

Just a small town girl, taking the road to nowhere, anywhere, away from the claws and jaws of death by cat.

Being adrift for several hours, I return home and she is waiting, acting like it never happened.

Naturally, I didn’t mention it to her, as she waited by her food dish, near death, from starvation.

This morning I woke up to Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage.

But there are two lunatics:  one in the hall and the other in my head.

I think I may just ramble on again today.



The last Saturday in July, 2018

Ever feel like kicking back and doing nothing?

Then…. hungry strikes!

Made the ultimate sacrifice:  got dressed and went in search of angel hair pasta.

Determined to eat and run, my goal was thwarted.

I ate, but had one more beer, before leaving, when the crowd shuffled in.

Kevin and Darlene:  He served in the Korean war:  She?  Nascar fanatic, especially Jeff Gordon.

Married 62 years, with stories that will warm your heart.

Today was extra special: Darlene was enticed, by the TD  (town drunk) to have 3 beers.

What a hoot.

Suddenly, my little sweetheart Chicken Butt showed up.

So what if he is only 11 years old?

I am crazy about that kid…. and his grandma, and his mother, and his father.  Yes, and his brother!

Then Todd and Bryan appeared, much to my delight.

It was one of those afternoons that surpassed any and all of my expectations.

It is days like this that reinforce my belief:  Never grow up.

Life is way too much fun for that.



Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it….

Can we talk?

Who said that?

I think it was Joan Rivers.

Or was it Henry Kissinger?

One more try:  was it the Chicken Butt?

I think it could have been all three: boring, self “contaminated”, egocentric flakes who loved to pretend they were capable of having a dialogue with any and all unfortunate folks who happened to cross their paths.

Joan died going to a questionable doctor, wearing her jewelry, advertised on QVC.

WTF?  With all her money?

Henry?  I really lost track of him, but he could be alive, having survived the Watergate era, and Tricky Dick.

No one could really understand a word of what he said, but from what I hear, he was a stud muffin.

Chicken Butt?  Some say she is still alive, but it is doubtful.

She has been seen in the neighborhood bars, masquerading as a living human being.

Earlier today, she was spotted eating  Cuban Flatbread and drinking beer, before moving to another establishment, where she guzzled more beer and greeted everyone who entered.

Yes, she said; Can we talk?

Since no one responded, she is home now.

Sobering up, eating apple dumplings, and pretzels stuffed with peanut butter, as she waits for the severe storm to rip her a new one.

Once again, living the dream, in her pjs before the clock strikes 7pm.

Another wild Friday night.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?



The boys and I

As the lone female in the midst of a fire storm, the shop talk blew my mind.

However, it was revealing….. a glimpse into the male world of today:  Keeping up with constant changes in technology, on a daily basis.

No wonder they gather at the local establishment, to share a few brews, as they review the details of another day on the job.

I probably should have departed sooner, but the passionate talk of their daily challenges impressed me: not only with how these guys spend their days, but how they define themselves.

When they delved into details, it was not all bravado and successes.

It was simply a need to vocalize what they were feeling, and what they had experienced on a Thursday in July, in NE Pennsylvania.

I wonder, when they get home tonight, will anyone say:  “How was your day?” and truly listen to them?

I cannot say I understand everything they said.

I am not part of that club.

But I do understand that we all have frustrations, successes and challenges, in whatever occupation we choose.


I salute the guys, who communicated openly, and honestly, with one another, subject to vulnerability.

It was not a typical girl’s night out.


A winged heart

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.

Ok. So much for that.

How about: Wake at dawn, hearing the torrential rain.

You know what?

If it ain’t the rain, it’s the birds, every day at dawn.

God knows, I need my beauty rest.

I walked by a mirror today.


Tonight, a fly is buzzing me.

Call me buzzed.

However, it was a night like no other, with constant entertainment, good cheer and laughter.

I really did not want to leave, but when I saw the paramedics arrive, I figured they must be looking for me:  To take me back to the rest home.

Home now, before they found me.

Checking out the ominous sky.

I hear my alter ego :  “the sky is falling.”

Damn chicken.

I might have to change my identity, from a chicken butt to a wet hen.

Hope you found your escape from reality today.

I did.

I love it when life is an illusion.


Life is a song: Sing it!

What happens when you leave the workforce?

You don’t interact with your co-workers on a daily basis.

You no longer have the connection that comes with shared misery.

Someone else has your job.

In effect, you are dead meat.

In the first few months, following your exit, you communicate with your “buddies” on a regular basis.

And then?

Slowly, you fade away.

Oh yeah, remember so and so?

She was a real humdinger.

What is she doing now?

I heard she became the town drunk.

Such a shame.

Oh well, she really needed to get the heck out of here.

For awhile, we thought she might just die at her desk.

Wait:  Is she still alive?

Someone saw her at the winery the other night, dancing in the rain.

And publicly, she said:  “Life is a song.  Sing it.”

Such a pity.

She used to be a sensible gal.

I have heard she hasn’t drawn a single sober minute in 5 months.

And my reply?

Eat your heart out!

It’s my life.

After 50 years of working, I am enjoying every moment.

My only regret?

Why didn’t I do this sooner?








Lists:  Do they work?

Let’s say you are not exactly motivated.

You look around to observe what needs to be done, and you decide it’s way too much to tackle.

So, you procrastinate, make up a story in your mind that you are going to wait until tomorrow, and don’t do a blessed thing.

Then one morning, a spark of initiative lights, and you decide that it is time to try a new approach:  A list.

Paper and pen in hand, you begin:

  1.  clean


Too general.

Lists only work if tasks are broken down into specifics.

In your day, plan for half of the time you have available.

Jamming everything into one list will not work.

Being a list novice, you don’t realize this, and itemize everything that needs to be done.

At this point,  you will begin to hate that list.

It becomes your nemesis, ripping and tearing at your gut.

You will never accomplish what is on that ridiculous list.

It will drive you into deep depression, forcing you to abandon the damn thing and go out and have a few beers.

As the day wears on, your foggy mind vaguely remembers that list, so you drown it out with a few shots of FireBall.

However, you make one final effort to accomplish something on that list, to prove to yourself that you are not a slouch.

You remember that you drank the last bottle of beer while you were developing that revolting list.

You proudly march home with a 6 pack, open one, and do the right thing, meticulously attacking the enemy:  tearing that list into tiny pieces.

Mission accomplished.



Joy to the world

Nice!  No rain, this morning.


By afternoon?

Muggy, humid, pouring.

Not all the time, just occasionally.

Hey! I am hungry.

Regardless of the weather, the town drunk needs lunch.

A cheeseburger sub, with mayo and all that jazz.

The girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls arrived.

After a crazy afternoon, of laughter and sharing memories,  I am home.

As soon as I changed into my PJs?

A tsunami, accompanied with T  and L:  Pouring rain, on my parade.

I can’t complain.

Slightly tipsy, but happy as a clam.

What a wonderful day.


How wonderful it is, to be alive.

We all have a choice.


To embrace it, whatever happens.

My wish for you?

To have experienced the day, every moment.

It will never be here again.


I can’t wait.


Oh the humanity!

It is not my place to judge others.

However, today, I had a difficult time not expressing my opinion.

10 instances:

  1.  I see my family, maybe twice a year.  I am working on projects that require me to travel.  Yes, I miss my family, but I work to make sure they have everything they need.
  2.   I might seem happy, but I am the loneliest person on the planet.
  3. I will never get married.  I am a whore.  Aren’t we all?
  4. I hate working here. It is boring, but I still do it.
  5. My husband?  He texted me with a message:  “I want a divorce.”
  6. I work to give my daughter whatever she wants.  Now that she is 12, she doesn’t care to spend time with me. What have I done wrong?
  7. I have anger issues, so F off.
  8. Hi!  Did you miss me?  “No!”
  9. WTF?  You again?  Did you sleep  here last night?  or what?
  10. Checking out?  You can do that, anytime you like,  but you can never leave.