Do you believe in magic?

The past week?


Took my medicine and now?


It just may be that rest is the new word for magic.

I am taking this time to reflect on lots of things.

I believe I may take one more week, to look at who and what I am, and where I want to be in my remaining years.

I am checking out, but not leaving, for now.

When I emerge in another week, I wonder if I will see my shadow.

For now,


Hot Stuff

Checking in this morning, hoping you all are surviving the heat wave.

Hope to be back soon to blogging and all that other nonsense.

Until then, another day of rest for the wicked.





Sleeping beauty

Not looking forward to the heat, in the bee hive.

Yes, hives.

Nice reaction from either a vaccine or new meds.

On my way soon to pick up an antihistamine and anti biotics.

I am turning into Lazarus.

When I awake from the deep sleep, I will be raring to go.

Stay cool!!



A real beaut!!

Oh the joys of life:

Picked up my new meds this weekend, since the brand I had been taking were discontinued, due to contamination in a pill factory somewhere.

And guess who is allergic to the new stuff?

I am looking quite attractive with hives.

Itchy, scratchy and bitchy.

That’s me.

Back to the doc later today.

Have a lovely Monday!!!




I am a sick woman

Well now.

Have you ever had a doctor appt that loomed over your well being?

At 8am?

The nurse, Billy, asked me to rate my health.

Poor, fair, good or excellent?

I said:  Poor.  I am a sick woman and need medical MJ.

He laughed and said, “Nice try.”

Then the pneumonia shot happened.

I said, “I hardly felt it. I don’t understand why people fear the reefer: Ooooops, the needle.”

He said: “Well, I do. When I have to have a shot, I faint.”


You can give it, but you can’t take it?

Then the Doc sauntered in, looking trim:  Actually mighty thin.

I asked him if he had a hair cut?  Or was he just going bald?

He looked over my history and said, “My!  You seem to be living your life to the fullest.”

“Yup!  I am the craziest chicken butt the world has ever known:  Retired, a loose cannon and the town drunk.”

“Ok, but you need a blood test.”

“Yes, Doc, I am slightly overdue, 2 years, to be exact, and this morning, I had no coffee, just water, so…. If it has to be, it better be now.”
After that ordeal, I headed for the diner, for pancakes and eggs.

And then, a few hours later, back to meet my crazy friends, for a few tooty fruity drinks laced with Titos.

Home now, after verifying that we should all just get along…. at noon tomorrow, at Kempton.

Oh boy!

I love this life.

My next pneumonia shot?  5 years from now.

What a hoot!

Good luck with that.

Until noon tomorrow, hugs and kisses to Scooter, Bry, Tim, and Colleen!

See you in Kempton!



On again, off again

Stuff happens.

I was “on the wagon” and the damn thing hit a few bumps in the road.

My friend, Jinx, the cat, died.

I squished a ripe tomato all over my blouse.

A beer froze to death in my freezer.

Some idiot made a doctor appt for me, tomorrow, at 8am.

I had a slight fit of cart rage at the grocery store.

A wasp sneaked into the house and I zapped myself trying to get him.

It’s early and I would like to go out for a few blasts, but am reluctantly staying home and pouting, all because of that damn doctor appointment.

And how was your day?








Foiled again

As I tried to give it a go at detoxification, something went haywire.

A sincere attempt at eating fruits, nuts and veggies, while meditating, I was the pristine example of a demented squirrel.

Ok, so maybe more like Betty White.

Anyway, I got hungry.

And thirsty.

Yes, I knew that my doctor appointment was looming in the background.

I am the  world’s worst patient.

Flu shot?

No thanks.

Pneumonia shot?





No way.

However, the required annual physical was running a tad bit late.

2 years late, to be exact.

Determined to be clean as a whistle, I refrained from imbibing, for a few days.

Until, that is, my buddies started to question where I was.

“Here I am!”

Yes, I gave in.

I failed.

My attempt at sobriety?


Rather than fret about it, I said, “@@$@$@$@# it.”

And had the time of my life.

After refraining from my usual routine, for several days, I have made a decision.

I resolve to go for it, as long as I am still alive and kicking.

Think about it.

Is there anything more important than to enjoy the short time we have on this planet?

I could be wrong.

But I highly doubt it.




Lost or found?

For those who know me, I am loyal and devoted to a few.

Yes, I do know lots of people, and I genuinely like them.

I enjoy their company and will celebrate the moment with them.

However, for the most part?

I am a loner.

As my late husband once said, “You are a lost soul.”

I wonder if he was referring to the lost soul living in a fish bowl, aka Pink Floyd.

Hey Jim!

If you were alive today, I would tell  you:  “I am still a lost soul, but having a wonderful time, with those who happen upon me.”

You used to tell me that I should be more careful.

Don’t trust strangers.

You are an open book, an easy target, an innocent victim, a naïve Midwesterner, living on the East Coast.

However, I was not born yesterday, which is obviously evident.

My close friends?

I don’t ask much of them, and they don’t ask much of me.

We just talk, listen and enjoy one another.

But when it comes down to the wire, nothing is too much for us to do, to support and encourage our friends, in times of trouble.

What is this all about?

Just a simple statement, from the lost soul.

Don’t ever let anyone else define who or what you are.

Allow life to happen, enjoying those you meet along the way.

Take it from me:  Accept others and they will accept you.

We are, after all, unique, and yet, all the same.





Everyone has 3 loves in their lives:  The 3rd is your true love.

Is there anything better than tomatoes from the garden?

If you shampoo your carpet, the cat will puke on it, the very next day.

Dryers always eat socks.

The older we get, time flies faster.

Ever hear your voice on a recording, and think, “Is that really how I sound?”

Eat a big dinner and the next morning, you are hungry as a bear.

Most “other” people are lousy drivers.

You can’t eat just one cashew.

You can be friends, even with those idiots who have different political views.

If something strikes you as hilarious, and you try to suppress your laughter, you will fill up with laughing gas, and explode.

Knowing that you are the town drunk, it is possible to turn over a new leaf and behave.


I for one, believe all these things, except for the last one.