The saga of the shower guy continues

Fitting, on this Halloween night, that vultures were flying over a truck on the interstate.

Inside the truck ?

The notorious man of the hour:  The infamous shower guy.  ( no relation to the cable guy)

He revealed today, under the influence of 2 beers, that he had removed the metal cover to the drain, prior to his fall from grace.

When he fell, it was like a scene from Psycho:  blood everywhere.

He looked around for a crazed woman in a shower cap and shawl, with a knife, but finally realized the folly of his ways.

His foot had caught on the unprotected drain.  Tsk tsk.

Such poor judgment, for an ex Bell Labs scientist.

Moving right along, vultures have been following him since the “accident”.

One of them came inside the bar tonight, disguised as a mad hatter, or Don King, or a were wolf.

He called himself a drama queen, and ordered a sandwich to go.

Quite a scary Halloween, indeed.

I think I heard the shower guy say he was going home to take a ….yes, you got it…. a shower.

Fearing for my life… ok, for my sanity, I packed up my vape and followed the vultures to my exit.

As I was leaving, Raggedy Ann and the flapper waved goodbye.

Thank goodness I am home now, and can watch something normal on TV.

The Shining is on….

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!






Unsubstantiated bruising

Slip sliding away…..

Such a shame.

Nice kid, too.

He claims he is black and blue beyond belief.

However, this is unsubstantiated, as he will not disrobe to show us.

No, it isn’t icy or snowing yet in Pennsylvania.

It happened one unassuming day in the shower.

Stepped in, feet first, and in the twinkling of an eye, or whatever body part you prefer, he was a goner.

The impact created a small earthquake, in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

He emerged unscathed except for his head and hind end.

The head had already been crunched in another so called accident.

Now he can’t think nor sit down.

Not to worry:  He can stand at the bar when he stops after work.

That is, if he remembers where it is…. and who he is.


Sunday morning football

Football at 930am Sunday.

With bloody Marys and breakfast.


The sports bar was packed.

The game whizzed by.

Birds win.

The other night?


Sox vs Dodgers.

A late game.

18 innings.

300am and it is not over yet.

What a hoot.

Sox win.

Sports:  Always fun to watch.

Actually, the only “live’ completely unscripted show on TV these days.

Another game tonight, Pats vs Bills.

Just one thought:  Don’t bet the farm on the Bills.







The joys of aging

Getting old has its challenges.

Here are a few:

Stairs, more specifically,  those without a railing.  They hurt!  (especially when we fall off)

Windy days:  Forget the bad hair days. That is a given. But the wind on a chilly day?  We shiver our asses off.  Way too cold for us oldies.

Knees:  They crackle and pop and get out of joint.  And we can’t sneak up on you:  Noisy as hell.

Eyesight:  Failing.  Or just plain bad.  Especially at night, driving, in the rain.  Grrrr.

Shopping:  Who wants to go to a crowded mall and buy stuff?   Or stop by a yard sale for bargains?  Most of us have a boatload of stuff and need to get rid of it.

Shoes:   A closet full of high heel shoes and boots.  Do we wear them?  Absolutely not.  Give me a pair of hush puppies or sneakers.  Comfort is the name of the game.

Cooking:  Don’t even think about it, or mention it.  Completely out of bounds.

Working:  No #%@#%#%@#%@#% way!

Now that I think about it, getting old isn’t so bad.

We do and say what we like, and avoid those things that we prefer not to do.

Here’s to aging!




A chicken’s head and a smiling horse

Delivery day:  Need to drop off a chicken and a  horse this afternoon.

Somehow the chicken’s body disappeared, and I only have the head.

And the horse?

Well, it is brown and white, with a brown tail.

It has the cutest smile.

Yes, it is Halloween time.

I can’t wait to see Todd dressed as either a horse’s ass, or a plucked chicken.

He says he is leaning toward the chicken.

He will wear his white long johns for the plucked look.

Of course, I will be wearing my fav costume:  Mary Jane.

Like Bob Dylan says:  Everyone must get stoned.



Oh for Crazy!

My energy level was high.

I had made a list of things to do.

After checking off a couple, I popped my blood pressure pill into my mouth, and drank a glass of water.

The craziest thing happened.

The #@%#%#@@%^ pill got lodged somewhere in my throat.

It hurt like the Dickens.

(the dickens:  that’s what my mom used to say, not sure what it means.)

Anyway, the pain would not subside, no matter how much more water I drank.

For 3 hours, I felt like I had swallowed an elephant.

So much for my energy level.

All I could do was bitch and moan about the elephant in my throat.

Needless to say, after it finally decided to ease up, it was late afternoon and I decided to hell with it.

Back in my pjs, watching Halloween movies, and gently eating snacks.


I might skip my pill.

I cannot possibly miss 2 nights out on the town.



Diversity is the answer

Things that happened today:

I wore a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and a Minnie Mouse Hat, deciding I was transgender and loving it.

Why didn’t Christine let us know that she would be joining the gang at the bar on her birthday?

A high level decision was made, to celebrate her birthday and Mr Chris’ birthday, in a joint ceremony, with cheese cake and Weyerbacher beer, in the next week or so.


In spite of his recent brain damage, wins the prize for Bryan’s new business name:  Bachman Turner Uberdrive.

The temp soared to 65 degrees today, and for only today, waiting on a NorEaster this weekend.

Mega Millions Lotto soared to over a billion bucks.

Question of the day:  What would you do with a billion bucks?

Answer:  What wouldn’t I do?

The fawns were waiting, again, in the field, near my house, when I came home.

Of course, Poppa deer was not far away, zipping around the neighborhood, in search of the object of his affection.

I wonder if the animals have the answer to a happy life:  Family, reproduction, and survival of the fittest.

We humans seem to thrive on love, sex, money and power.

We build our sanctuaries and hunker down, living in our bubbles.

In the end?

We all perish.

What will be your legacy?

You have the opportunity to affect others’ lives only while you are on this planet.

What a wondrous world this can be, if we choose to honor all living creatures, in spite of our differences.

My hope is that someday, our diversity will be our salvation.






Oui Oui

Monday gets a bad rap, especially for those who are still working.

For me?

It was dark, cold and early when I stumbled around at 5am feeding the cat.

An hour later?

What the heck am I doing?

Good night!

And at noon, I emerged, hungry and groggy.

The first chore of the day:  Feed the cat.

Hey!  Wait!  I already did that.

Why did I party all weekend?

It seems that October is the bewitching month of birthdays and mischief.

As the after affects of the weekend slowly left me, it was time to rock and roll again.

Yes, I did.

What a great afternoon, with all the boys from the hood and of course, the princess Pamela.

Todd and I switched hats.

He became Pierre, wearing a beret and smoking cigarettes as only the French can.

And I wore the hat Todd’s Mom knitted for him, when he was 5 years old.

I felt just like a kid, with my colorful hat and tassel.

We laughed until our sides hurt.

Then the rest of the crazies arrived, while I sipped on Jamaican punch.

Great friends, music and laughter.

What more is there to life?

Until tomorrow,

Bonne Nuit!


Beware ! Broomsticks and Brews!

The last few days flew by.

Maybe I should have left my broom at home.

We witches just can’t seem to stay away from the brew.

At dinner last night, there were a few Halloween outfits in the country store, and a zillion or more Christmas items.

Poor old Thanksgiving.

Does anybody remember that holiday?

I guess turkeys just aren’t very attractive.

Dinner consisted of these 5 Halloween creatures:

Mary Jane aka Barb.     (Lucky devil)

Skeleton bones aka Oscar.  (Skinny Minnie)

Zombie aka Scottie.  (Stressed to the max)

Mary Poppins aka Donna.   (Way too sweet)

And Chicken Butt aka Chicken Butt. (A real live butt hole)

We had a great time catching up.

This morning, 3 of the old ES&D gang met for breakfast.

Denise is mourning the death of her beloved Corgi, Shelby.

Sue’s schedule is unbelievable.

And me?  Same old story:  Lazy bar fly.


My broom is calling.

Time for a Bloody Mary.




The frost is on the punkin

It’s time to bring out the warm jammies and long johns.

Frost is in the forecast tonight.

Sad to see the flowers die, but on the other hand, I sure hope the fruit flies buzz off.

This is wine weather, and the little critters like to indulge with me.

I find myself sleeping longer when the weather gets frosty.

For me, this is the cozy time of the year.

Comforters, hoodies, boots, fuzzy socks, sweaters, robes and knit hats.

Even my appetite changes from fruits and salads to chili, stews, and soups.

My mind focuses on pumpkins, bon fires and hay rides.

Football has started, while baseball is winding up with the world series.

I look forward to this time of year, just as I do for all the seasonal changes.

There are times when I envy my friends, who have moved South, especially in the midst of a blizzard.

But for me?  I would miss the variety, challenges and beauty of each of the 4 seasons.

Tonight?  It is time to toast to the return of Jack Frost.