I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

Miss me?

No internet since Sunday.

2 guys showed up today and said the power thingy blew up or something like that.

The wind was crazy and even wilder than I am.

When the phone, cable, internet and power went out, I was in the middle of blogging, and it was a fabulous blog. Could have won a literary award.

Of course, the computer ate it, when it took a hit.

Losing power?


Losing cable?


Losing internet?


Having 2 guys come up and fix it?


Time to do some catching up.



Living the Saturday Dream

Do you ever feel you have nothing to say?


Me either.

Tonight, after spending the afternoon with fabulous personalities, I have returned home, to blog in the dark.

Something happened to the lamp/light.

It ain’t working.

In spite of this overwhelming hardship, I will continue to share my innermost thoughts, knowing that you all are chomping at the bit to see what’s up.

After shopping for popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels and rubber gloves, my car careened into the parking lot of the local establishment.

Margarita shrimp please.

Beer please.

For several hours, all I had to do was to raise my middle finger, and the beer kept flowing.

The conversation went from the assinine, to the suplime, as we chugged our beverages, while asserting our half assed opinions.

Finally, it was time to leave.

Raining again.

Who really gives a hoot?

It was the ambience, the commardery and the laughing that lingers on.

My wish for you?

I hope you all had the Saturday that I experienced.

Remember: Today will never be here again.

Enjoy the moment!



Cabin fever: irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.

How about one day?

Thanks to my neighbor who plowed the driveway and Mother Nature, who warmed up the globe, it was up, up and away, on my beautiful balloon.

My emotions were running rampant, as I made it though another day.

From heartbreaking news to hiliarious uproars, it was a mixed bag.

Me? Not quite half in the bag, as I shared the afternoon with some of the craziest creatures on the planet.

Some of the topics:

I wonder who will apply for that cannabis job opening.

Do dating web sites encourage the savage beasts of the world to respond?

It’s official: No more drama queens allowed during happy hour.

Another biopsy scheduled: First thing tomorrow. We are hoping for the best.

Annoying people who have the nerve to come into our little circle of idiocentric rock stars.

The ice age: It exists. Ask Todd or Kim.

Size is not all that important. Or is it?

Oh no!

The dreaded cabin fever has struck again.

Ok, so I lie.

See you later!!


More doughnuts, please

I refuse to discuss the icy, lousy, cold, snowy weather.

Well, ok, maybe just a rant or two.

What happened to Mother Nature?

Sure, everyone has the right to change his/her mind, but….

Not only from week to week, but within the same day?

A mixed bag of precip from dawn til dusk.

The only constant is the day after a storm: The wind goes wild.

And, for those of us who cannot control our behavior, we are eating ourselves into a state of frenzy.

Doughnuts seem to top my list, along with chocolate covered pretzels and cashews.

I hear another storm is approaching in a few days.

The forecast?

Snow. How much? Well, anwhere from 2-10 inches.

Sleet. How much? A couple more inches possible.

Freezing rain. Does it really matter? Any of this stuff is treacherous.

Plain rain. Just what we need, on top of the snow and ice.

Wind. Let’s just say, if you go out, you may end up in Kansas.

In closing, one final question:

Is it Spring yet?


Thanks to all those who served.

Who really knows what the future will bring?

And if you did, is that something you would want to know or to share?

For those who believe they have supernatural abilities, may I ask: What next?

Hypothetical situation:

Born in the USA.

After high school, enrolled in the military.

Single, with a fiance, waiting for my return.



Released from the Army.

Now what?

Upon return, physical therapy.

And then?


My fiance?


Alone again.

I really need a job,with benefits.

Sorry, no #@%#@%#% way.

But, I am homeless.

I am a veteran.

What now?

There are the haves and the haves not.

Life isn’t fair.

But…. what about me?

Ask me if I care, or if the country cares?

Guess what?

No matter who else cares, I do, and I would do it all over again.

We, the people of the USA, will always preserve, protect and defend our constition, regardless of our personal sacrifices.

People of this country: When will we step up, honor, and recognize the true heros of our freedom?

And, above all, take care of their needs, as they truly deserve?


A life change: Breakfast

Have you ever had chocolate covered pretzels for breakfast?
With dried apricots?
And peanut butter crackers?
I have.
Why not?
My options?
Cereal, oatmeal, eggs, toast, fruit?
I hope that everyone, at some point in their lives, will wake up and say, “Give me a hot fudge sundae.” or “Is there any chocolate cake left?”
Who says breakfast has to be boring?
It has happened to me.
And I love it.
For lunch?
Egg plant parm with angel hair pasta and 3 vodka/club sodas.
Josh, Lisa, Davey, PhilAndy, Cindy, Chris, Chris, Kim, Scott, Tim, Jenn, Marcia and Bill put the frosting on my day.
Life is a dessert.
But only if you believe….


Life is a hoot

A day before another storm.

Snow, sleet, rain and ice.

Time to get on the road, to load up on snacks, and to stop for pizza and beer.

After my lunch, in walks the BCM crew: Bobby, Colleen and Maddy.

What a delightful time we had.

Maddy is 9, going on 600.

Or maybe 1000.

She is wise beyond her years.

Actually, we had a more meaningful conversation than I have had with most adults in my lifetime.

As they were leaving, my friend, Cindy, sauntered in, looking like a million bucks.

Such a pleasure talking to her: Expressing how we feel, non judgmental, honest and just plain fun.

Getting dark, and the Cx Butt always leaves as twilight settles in.


She is blind as a bat, at night.

Not to mention, bat shit crazy.

Another fabulous day, living in the moment and just having fun.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Hope everyone is safe, happy and warm tonight.

Until the next time.



The Breakfast Club

My Story tonight?

Quite a mixed bag of events.

The Breakfast club:

After 18 + years of meeting every month, the 6 of us have changed.

Sue: We miss you. Are you ok? We know that your family sold your home and your car, to move you into a safe place.

We have tried to call you.

We miss you.

We know that we will never see you again.

And we weep for you.


You are a role model, a care taker, a hard working woman, who never complains, as she takes care of her husband of 40+ years, as the chemo and radiation continue.


A double tragedy: Your partner? Failing, short term memory loss, as you suffer through chemo and radiation.

Just a few short years ago, the two of you were enjoying life on your boat, in the poconos.

Life changes.


Through all the health issues, you are a survivor.

Your faith in God and your spirit for living is unsurpassed.

Next week?

A cruise.

Enjoy every day of that vacation.


She is thriving, healthy and happy.

One of the original 6 pack of friends, is living her dream.

And me?

Well, let us just say that I am a loose cannon, a free bird, who is finally enjoying life without deadlines, bonds, and guilt.

After 35 + years of living for others, let’s just say that I care about all of you, but I have finally realized that life is short and so very precious.

Next month, we will meet again.

Denise will be back from her cruise, Susie will update date us on her hubby’s progress, Diane will finish her chemo, Andra, hopefully, will join us, with her adorable grandson, Chicken Butt Jr, and Me?

Let’s just say that I look forward to carrying on the tradition: Friends, co-workers, and confidantes enjoying breakfast once a month…. for all these years.

I love all of these women.

We are stronger, as we continue to support each other through the passages of our lives.


Me and my shadow, the cat, that is.

The car is cooperating nicely.

It has cleared itself of all the ice and snow…. with a little help from the sun.

Guess that means I will have to get dressed tomorrow and see what the rest of the world is up to.

It is ridiculous waking up at 2am and watching forensic files for the rest of the night.

Can’t remember a damn thing about them, though.

Must have dozed off.

It was 8am the next time I looked at the clock.

By the way, I had great intentions for today.

Too bad they didn’t work out.

The cat and I had one of those days that defied all reason.

A lazy bum, that was me.

I blame it all on her.

She couldn’t care less.

I see she is sleeping again.


Maybe I can sneak a few snacks without her knowing.

Until next time,




Ask the whale

Traditionally, around President’s day, the weather is wild.

This year?

Same as it ever was….

I don’t do ice unless it is in a drink.

This morning, it is cold, but sunny, and the icy trees are twinkling.

So are the roads.

Do I want to go out?

Do I have to go out?

Will I go out?

No, no, and no.

It’s these relatively new options that make me happy that I am a beached whale.

To celebrate my newly found status, the whale is eating a cherry turnover, while wearing a robe and my FU hat.

Tomorrow is V day.

I will ask myself the same questions then:

Do I want to go out?

Do I have to go out?

Will I go out?

Only the whale knows for sure.

Until then,