Saturday with the girls

A laid back kind of Saturday!

CBD shopping at the big red barn.

Lunch at Fiesta Ole.

More fun and laughter at Specs.

A day of warmth and sunshine, and not just the weather.

People, (friends and strangers), were pleasant and friendly.

Time flew by.

It was one of those magical days, when everything sparkled.

An easy, relaxing day.

It made me feel loved.



Things we take for granted

No sleep for the wicked.

At least not for those who have no heat.

Awake at dawn, frozen solid.

The furnace tech : “I will be there in the morning.”

At approximately 1pm, there he was.

The cat and I?



Sweat shirt, jeans, shoes and heavy sock, with a robe, hat and gloves.

What a sight.

The cat?

In her own world, but hungry, every 25 minutes.

I tried to find the heater but, as most ancient persons, I forgot where it was.

When the furnace was fixed and the oil was delivered, it was time to celebrate.

Cindy, the bad influence in my life, and I shared a few hours, being crazy.

I love craziness.

Home now.

Really very tired.

Can’t wait to feel warm and cozy.

Life is all about comfort.

And that, my friends, is my goal tonight.

Enjoying feeling thankful that I have a warm house, a deranged cat, and crazy friends.



Do what makes you happy

Looking back on yesterday, it was the worst of times and the best of times.

From a tax appointment to a rousing evening of raucous laughter.

Things I put on my least favorite list:

  1. Dental appointments.
  2. Income tax preparation.
  3. Saying goodbye.
  4. Ice storms.
  5. Phony people.


  1. Hanging with friends.
  2. Spontaneity
  3. Puppies
  4. Classic rock music
  5. Feeling healthy

In summary:

Not everything in life is fun, so when you experience one of your least favorite things, be sure to end the day with a surprise visit with friends.

Hug a puppy, listen to music and feel great!


Another day in the life of a deranged butt.

Chicken, that is.

Chicken butt.

So many wonder why this ancient idiot continues to live, in spite of her crazed lifestyle.

My answer?

Each day we are here, on this planet, it is a day to enjoy.

Tomorrow may never come.

If not, did you, today, savor each moment?

It may not have been captured on your Iphone or your android.

And if so, is that what you will cherish?



Nothing can compare to those special interactions with others.

Being alive is what it is all about.

Don’t let the moments pass you by.

Embrace those special feelings.

Express your love to those whom you have encountered.

Hold those memories close to your heart.

Awake in the morning, and do it all again.

Life is a gift.

Relax and enjoy!


Best wishes: Cindy, Susie and Tim

3 life changing events today:

Death of a spouse.

A new opportunity.

Making a decision to move on.

Life’s changes challenge us.

Some of us adjust.


Stuck in the past.

If only, he/she had lived.

I am not capable of a new challenge.

I am afraid.

In my opinion, all 3 of my friends will, in time, deal with the changes and will thrive.

I see Susie as a strong, independent woman who will live for her family and friends.

Cindy? She will many opportunities now that she has made the decision to move on, to a happier life.

And Tim?

Hey, buddy, this is what you have been waiting for.


To each of you: Embrace the future.

Life is all about change.

I wish you the best.


The disappearance

With my resting bitch face on full blast, I hid from the world, yesterday.


7 reasons:

  1. Too much partying. Even us oldies reach the point of no return.
  2. Weather: Cold, rainy and windy. Pick one or all three. I picked none.
  3. Protesting: This is spring? Where is that %#@#%@#%@#% groundhog?
  4. Pajamas and robe: They have a magical hold on my ability to do anything but lounge around.
  5. Sick cat. Ok, so she is sick every day. I just like hanging out with her when she is puking.
  6. I quit smoking and knew if I got dressed I would buy a pack of cigs. So what if I quit 4 years ago?
  7. Because I wanted to.

For today, this is the RBF of the Wolf reporting from somewhere in rural Pennsylvania.



So much for staying home yesterday.

After much “coaxing”, I was out the door in 10 minutes.

Thanks, Cindy!!!

First day of spring, and this spring chicken sprung.

Rain today: Surprise, surprise.

One or two nice days, then furgetgeddaboudit.

Amazingly, I actually made breakfast today: 2 frozen waffles, with butter and jam.

I just get better and better with age.

Deciding if I want to hibernate today.

My body says yes.

My mind says: “you can rest when you croak.”

Guess I better get dressed.



Endothermic vertebrates

The early bird gets the worm.

So they say.

Up before the sun, on a mission, thinking I had beat the bird at his game.


Before I got dressed, there they were: chirping their asses off, almost as if they were making fun of the old chicken butt.

Driving towards the doc’s office, there they were again!

This time hundreds, if not thousands of white geese.

It was an amazing sight.

From that point, it was lunch with Sissy, drinks with Dana, Chris and Christine, and tacos with Cindy and Bunny.

The party animal strikes again.

It was dark when I arrived home.

No birds chirping.

They were sleeping.

Guess who followed their lead?

I think I will take a day off from the party scene.

I got up too late to get the worm.


Hair of the dog and all that jazz

The day after….

Oh how I love the Irish.

However, as Peter Frampton once said:

“Do you feel like I do?”

Rather than suffer, it was time to eat, drink and be merry.

You know, the hair of the dog and all that jazz.

From the top of the morning, til the bewitching hour of 420, it was a constant barrage of entertainment.

So happy to be a part of it.

Hope to see you again, soon, Jimmy!

It was a wonderful surprise.


We will miss you, as you begin another round of medication.


Welcome back to the insane world of nonsense.


Hope your sore throat gets better.

It was one of those afternoons that will be fondly remembered.

Cannot wait for the next time.


St Pat’s day! What A hoot!

Not sure if I have ever seen a St Pat’s day so crazy as it was today.

And you know what?

I think everyone had a great day.

The drinks, the food, and the music?


So happy to be with all those who enjoyed the day.

Thanks, Bre and Matt!

Thanks, Cindy, Patti and Pittsburgh!

And of course, Jimmy and Connie.

If I had to do it over again?

Yes, I would all do it again.

Laughter is wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.

My Irish ancestry: lephrachauns and the pot of gold!

Never mind the gold.

Let’s find the pot.