Summer is slipping away

It is the so called end of summer.

Labor day weekend.

Kids are back in school.

Vacations are over.

Hurricanes are approaching.

And the chicken butt?

Well, nothing out of the regular illusionary life of the TD, aka the town drunk.

A trip to Dunkin, and then grocery shopping, after taking care of the ailing P Daddy, for most of the morning.

When a cat or any pet, for that matter, is close to the end of his/her life, it is important to be with them, to comfort them, as much as possible, before they say goodbye.

They seem to have a far better approach to their final days, than I do: accepting the inevitable with grace and courage.

Time for a quick lunch, which turned into an afternoon of pure delight: food, drinks and laughter.

Now that I am home, the little one is drinking cat milk, cat soup and water.

Hoping she will be with me for a little longer, I dote on her, admiring the way she has handled her health issues, for so many years, never giving up, in spite of the set backs.

Yes, she is my idol.

Well, until she decides to bite me again.

On that note, my best wishes to all for a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


Reflecting on growing up

Everyone learns in different ways.

Kids today? Usually visually.

Some, however, learn from doing.

For me, and my ancient heritage?

Listening was the key.

My childhood: Radio ruled, as we gathered around, to hear Arthur Godfrey, the news, or the creaking door.

Later, in my teens, it was hockey.

Every night, I would go to sleep listening to the North Stars, with a transistor radio in my bed.

Later, Grammy had a TV.

Can we come over to watch the Ed Sullivan show?

Elvis, the Beatles, the Doors and the Osmonds.

Mom and Dad finally got a TV, but we had to suffer through Lawrence Welk and Lassie.

It didn’t inspire me.

I reverted back to my radio life, listening to the talk shows, along with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Amos and Andy, Boston Blackie and Inner Sanctum.

My preference for learning is still listening.

I can listen to a baseball game or to a horse race, on the radio and feel like I am there.

After all these years, I realize that learning depends on when you were born, what technology was available and one’s early environment.

Maybe that is why I love music: The ultimate listening experience.

Now, I have Sirius radio in my car.

And I love it.

Life and learning: In this fast moving world, some things never change.

Or, perhaps, it is just me, that clings to old habits.


I say to myself: What a wonderful world.

As the day progressed, several wonderful things happened.

  1. I woke up…. alive

2. Drove to K town, to discover that all the road work is completed: No delays. A fabulous job in just a few weeks’ time.

3. Met Dana and Todd: Always a pleasure. Todd shared a life lesson with us: If you have a problem or concern with someone, confront that person. Do not tell your friends or spouse. Let the chips fall where they may. Talking about someone is a cheap shot. Have the decency and courage to settle the issue face to face.

4. Listen to those you meet along the way. You may be surprised at what you will discover.

5. Beware of those who claim to have it all. You may be a person who has very little material things, but you just may have the most to offer.

6. Help the less fortunate. Share what you know, to better another’s life.

7. Do your laundry. If you don’t? You won’t have any jeans to wear tomorrow.

8. Do not disturb a cat whose tail is slowly moving. She/he is in the resting bitch phase of life.

9. If you have not tried it, order raisin French toast. Fabulous.

10. Enjoy your friends. Live, love, laugh. Friends are priceless.

With those thoughts in mind, I am ready to retire…. before the cat decides to attack me.


Missing a few screws

Admittingly, I was slightly tipsy last night.

However, this blog had me diligently writing my ass off, as usual.

And then?


Something happened.

Gone forever.

If I could remember what I wrote about, I am sure it could have been considered a literary classic.

Or, perhaps, it was what we idiots call a “masterpiece.”

Trying to cope with the loss of a lifetime, here I am again.


It is way past my bedtime of 420.

It is all Bobby’s fault.

Or was it Dana?

Maybe Sam?

No, it was Todd.

Whoever it was, I am sending a note to the pope, to nominate this bunch for sainthood.

Have you ever met anyone as silly as I am?

If not, please join me tomorrow for a repeat of skipping the light fandango.

I hope to see you there.



The highlights of a Monday in August.

The lessons of Monday, August 26, 2019.

Just a few.

Ok, maybe 4 or 5.

  1. Grooming a cat can be dangerous to your health:

This morning, the queen of all cats, Puff Daddy selectively decided on what she would endure.

Brushing? Ok.

Cutting matted hair? No way.

Nails? Forget it

She was, however, fairly civil, only attempting to bite me once.

2. Getting 2 marriage proposals in an afternoon.

Dismiss these idiots…immediately.

Who, in their right mind, would want to marry an alleged black widow?

Recognize the fact that these goofs are either drunk or desperate, or both.

3. To be productive or not?

Why bother?

Life goes on, either way.

Besides, it is more fun to hang with the sinners than with the saints.

4. Live in the moment.

So what if there is a traffic jam? Listen to music and chill.

Enjoy a few beers with a pizza. Life is short. Eat what you like,

Listen to those you meet along the way. It is surprising how many of us might hear, but we really don’t listen.

Find a common bond with others.Most importantly, be positive, smile and enjoy the interactions.

Until tomorrow,


Independence Day

Consider this:

Married woman, leaves work, needs just an hour to unwind before going home.

Decides to stop for a glass of wine.

Sits by herself.

Contemplates her naval and other crazy happenings during the day.

Gets home.

Tells her husband she is sorry she is late, but she had to work overtime.

Liar liar, pants on fire.

Why lie?

You decide:

If she told the truth, that she had stopped by a local gin mill for a drink?

Some husbands would be ok with that.

Others would not.

Put the shoe on the other foot.

Husband stops for a beer or two after work with the boys.

Totally acceptable.

No need to explain.


It’s a man thing.

Moving forward, husband has died.

Wife no longer needs to “work overtime.”

She stops, not because she needs her space, but because she can.

“The world was moving, she was right there with it, and she was.”

A woman finding her freedom is a beautiful thing.

I have found it.

There is no one, not ever, that will take that from me again.

Here’s to independence!

And to learning how to fly solo!



A disjointed ramble.

Breakfast Club!!! Yes!

Diane with her new “do”.

Andra with my favorite Grandson!

Denise, displaying her positive attitude.

And Susie! Brave soldier, after enduring months of sadness.

And then?

Enter the Chicken Butt, sporting a pony tail that is reminiscent of a plethora of feathers.

In actuality, those feathers would look better if they were located on her axx.

All too soon, the club disbanded, each to go on her merry way.


The Chx B has heartburn and a feeling of bloatation.

So what if bloatation is not a word?

Sucking it up, it was time to meet Sissy Belle, to head on out to the winery.

Guess what?

Yes, lost again, well, at least for awhile: After a lovely tasting and a glass of the bubbly, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the man of the hour: Scotty.

“Hey! Scott! How did you find us?”

“It’s a mystery.”

Let’s go to the local watering hole, to watch the Little League World Series and to have a bite to eat.

Wow! Hawaii lost!

Sissy left with garlic knots.

Little Jen suddenly appeared.

Hey : Colleen! Where’s DB?

And then, Ms Sam stopped to boss me around.

Scotty, having had his share of soda, drove me to my carriage.

And now?


Wee wee!

Oui Oui!

You betcha.

See you all tomorrow to watch Curacao and Louisiana in the championship game.

What a wonderful world!



Whack Job on the subject of vacations.

Ok, so it’s time to plan a vacation.

Consider: Who, what, why, when, and where.


Or with friends?

Beach or mountains?

Or an overseas adventure?

A time out from the stress of everyday life?

Or just because.


Or later?

Wait until winter sets in?

Or just go now for the hell of it?

A week? 9 days? 2 weeks? or forever?

Or just forget it?

Personally, I do not live for vacations.

I prefer to hang with my peeps in a familiar place, conversing, laughing and enjoying one another’s company.

Tomorrow: I will be on vacation: Meeting friends for breakfast and reminiscing.


Hanging with another friend at the winery, enjoying the ambience before a leisurely lunch.


A night cap or two, celebrating the end of a fabulous day of vacationing.

Someone asked me, “Have you been on vacation this year?”

“Well, yes, I have. As a matter of fact, I am on a continuous vacation.”

Response: “Wow! Where and with whom did you go?”

Me: ” I travel in my mind, with all those I meet along the way, searching for a heart of gold.”

“You sound like a whack job. Are you?”

“Of course I am. Let me know when you want to join me.”


How did fuzzy wuzzy lose his hair?

Decision: Do not go wild today.

That was at 9am.

A lovely, quiet, meditative morning followed that decision.

And then?

My My Hey Hey!

Wild chickens are here to stay.

From noon on, it was time to keep on rocking in the free world.

Could anyone have predicted that I had made a really crummy decision this morning?

Wink wink.

Secretly, I knew that the early morning is loaded with guilt and remorse.

And then?

All hell breaks loose when the clock ticks past noon.

I have this irresistible impulse to hang out with my peeps.

And by hanging out, I mean that the need to socialize becomes obsessive.

Another ridiculously crazy day.

So much for early morning resolutions.

Life can not be this wonderful, can it?

As Smokey the bear said one day: “Let’s get to the point, let’s roll another joint.”

Fuzzy Wuzzy lit one up, and lost his hair.

You know what?

Bears are over rated.

See you tomorrow!


Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

Have you ever wondered if you are sane?

Let me take you on a subliminal trip.

Awake at 4am.

Hungry, after a night of frivolity and debauchery.

Breakfast of French toast and bacon, along with several cups of coffee, to ease my pain.

From that moment on?

A myriad of experiences, all of them crazily wonderful.

I must admit, I am not sane.

I am a flying squirrel, rabid and dangerous… and loving every moment.

Yes, I have illusionary issues.

I happen to love just about everyone I meet.

And I wonder, still I wonder, “Who’ll stop the rain?”

See what I mean?



And living for the moment.

Just one tiny smidgen of advice from the Chx Butt: Be who you are.

And love it.