Tonight, I got 8 balled.

Yeah, this old chicken butt offended a group of 8 people.

They were eating.

Not talking.

Just hanging out.


Listening to the C Butt on a rant.

The server said:  ‘Uhm, My customers said you are offensive.”

Oh?  In what way?

“Well, you are expressing your opinion to someone on your phone…. and they don’t like what you are saying.”

“Well, now….. will you allow me to approach them?”

“Sure. Go ahead.:”

The Chx B walks toward a table of 8 people…….

“Hi. I hear you are offended by my conversation.”

“Yes, we are.  Your conversation seems…well, it seems personal.”

“I apologize.  I didn’t mean to include you and your son in this dialogue.”

“My son?  That is not my son.  That is my husband.”

At that point, I broke out in hysterical laugher.

“Oh,  how lovely. Some of us like pups.”

Well, the group at the table of eight, glared at the chicken butt, with darting eyes and extreme dismay.

I think I may not be welcome back at this establishment.

Go ahead, folks, black ball me.

Time for me to move on.

It’s ok.

Oh my my,

oh hell yes
You’ve got to put on that party dress

I feel summer creeping in…

And I’m tired of this town/place again….

May I just say one more thing?

Say what you like, do what you do.

And do you…..

Feel like I do?

Guess what?

You don’t know how I feel….

And that is ok.

Live and let live.

Good bye my 8 friends.

May you live your lives without the influence of a deranged Chicken B.

And may the Chx Butt continue to express her opinions….

In another establishment.