A lifetime in a nutshell

Out of the blue today: Is life real? or an illusion?

I vaguely remember growing up, going to school, getting a job, playing oboe, graduating.

Then there was that accident the night after graduation, with my 2 friends, Susie and Marilyn.

Somehow we escaped without any consequences.

After that? College, still working, woodwind quintets and getting engaged to be married.


I didn’t want to get married.

But I did.

Not a great idea.

14 years later, I was a career woman, taking care of a sick husband, and living in Nebraska, until the marriage dissolved.

A chance meeting with, the “love of my life”.

Oh yeah?

5 years later, my career was really my “love.”

Moved East.

He moved West.

Met crazy Jim.

Another wild marriage.

30 years later, a widow.

What’s it like to be free after all those years?

Unbelievably good.

Just doing what I like, each day.

My friends: “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?”

Don’t ask.

I really don’t know, until I wake up and figure it out.

Free falling, that’s me.

Nothing can compare to living for the moment.

Spontaneity: It is the ultimate high.

Yes, I had wonderful moments in the past.

And many not so wonderful days.

Looking back, I made it through the best and the worst times of my life.

I don’t know if all of that was real or I have been illusionary.

The past is gone forever.


Just a dream.

But today: it was spectacular, because I could kick back, enjoy my friends, act a little crazy and just be me.

Life: Reality? or an illusion?

Whichever, It is a hoot!