Have you burned your sausage lately?

In the 1940 NFL championship game, the Bears beat the Redskins 73–0, the largest score ever in an NFL game. At what point did everyone fall asleep?

In 2020, Covid continues to ravage the world, the 73rd day of our caged living arrangements. 7 days to go, until we get to ride in our yellow quarantine.

Vowing to behave yesterday, I was good until approximately 230pm. Then? I came down with AITP syndrome: (ants in the pants). And away I went, ending up at Sissy’s where she force fed me beer, while her sausages burned. The trees were shedding fronds in wild frenzy on the patio. The skies were blue, the roses were red, and Penelope, the snake, hissed as she slithered into her hiding place, near the herbs. No, not that kind of herb. Oh oh. Here comes Ray, home from work. Shoot. Did I over stay my visit again? Did I want another beer? No. Did I drink another beer? Yes. Sissy wrapped up a sausage sandwich for me, in a burned roll. When I heard the smoke detector squealing for the 3rd time, I hightailed it home.

If you have ever tried to get a normal night’s sleep after an afternoon of burned sausages and beer, it ain’t easy. Or as Ringo Starr says, “You know it don’t come easy.” And it didn’t.

Today is another opportunity to curb my wild streak. Bets anyone?

In the meantime, be safe, stay healthy and enjoy every moment of this magical life.


Positivity on day 7

And in the blink of an eye, it is day 7, March 23, 2020.

Are you getting accustomed to this life style?

I have to admit: I felt guilty yesterday. Why haven’t I been calling my friends who live out of town to see how they are doing?

I am going to stay put this week…. going nowhere…. to catch up and to check up with my buds around the globe.

Yesterday, I made the first call. I had such a great conversation with the Banana. We laughed and carried on, as if we had talked every day. It is amazing how good friends are as comforting as brownies and milk, or old fuzzy slippers.

I needed some fresh air, and took a ride to see if my fav coffee joint was open. It was! Drive through only. So what? I am thrilled that I can take a short break, if needed, to go to a familiar place. Considering that beer is usually my “go to” drink, it is surprising how coffee is becoming my drug of choice these days.

For someone who is usually on the “go”, I am adapting quite nicely to this lifestyle. I just may become a hermit, and finally write that novel that I have been putting off. Since many authors have also been drunks, I do have a stash of booze and beer, in case I get writer’s block.

In the meantime, I am completing the census, on line, and contemplating what I should make for breakfast. I cannot believe that I am actually cooking. My, how this virus has transformed me into a domestic Goddess.

I am not feeling sick. I am alive. I am thankful for a new day, and have hope for the future of mankind. Can I ask for anything more?



A lifetime in a nutshell

Out of the blue today: Is life real? or an illusion?

I vaguely remember growing up, going to school, getting a job, playing oboe, graduating.

Then there was that accident the night after graduation, with my 2 friends, Susie and Marilyn.

Somehow we escaped without any consequences.

After that? College, still working, woodwind quintets and getting engaged to be married.


I didn’t want to get married.

But I did.

Not a great idea.

14 years later, I was a career woman, taking care of a sick husband, and living in Nebraska, until the marriage dissolved.

A chance meeting with, the “love of my life”.

Oh yeah?

5 years later, my career was really my “love.”

Moved East.

He moved West.

Met crazy Jim.

Another wild marriage.

30 years later, a widow.

What’s it like to be free after all those years?

Unbelievably good.

Just doing what I like, each day.

My friends: “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?”

Don’t ask.

I really don’t know, until I wake up and figure it out.

Free falling, that’s me.

Nothing can compare to living for the moment.

Spontaneity: It is the ultimate high.

Yes, I had wonderful moments in the past.

And many not so wonderful days.

Looking back, I made it through the best and the worst times of my life.

I don’t know if all of that was real or I have been illusionary.

The past is gone forever.


Just a dream.

But today: it was spectacular, because I could kick back, enjoy my friends, act a little crazy and just be me.

Life: Reality? or an illusion?

Whichever, It is a hoot!