Back on the farm

I’ve been away for so long….. I’ve let you go for so long…. It’s a nice day to start again… It’s a nice day for a white wedding!!

Sorry, but a flash of lightning took out my computer, and I am just now getting around to setting up the replacement.

I have been filling my time with partying and having way too much fun for a senior citizen. And guess what? I ain’t gonna stop.

However, I just had to get online and log into bananawolf. Only one problem. I can not remember my user name or password. Now, how dumb is that? So, the server gave me a one hour free pass to log in, before I try again tomorrow.

In the past week, I have learned a few things: Do not drink hand sanitizers, social security, medicare and the post office are targeted for destruction, 250,000 bikers are having a blast in S Dakota, Pennsylvania is water logged, and schools reopening? Well, now, that’s another story.

Hope you are healthy, safe and choose to have a happy day.

So good to be back!


Hooting it up

There should be a law against a free range woman, who starts her ranging at 11am and doesn’t quit until the cows come home.

Actually, I am somewhat amazed at the stamina this old goof has.

Gets up early for coffee and a bagel from Dunkin. Spills hot coffee over her hands, car and bagel. Hands hurt. Needs to cool off with a cold beer. Texts her “date” and asks him to meet her at a different establishment. Why? It is closer to Dunkin.

After a few, time to move on. By now, it is 130pm. Next stop: A few more.

Time to rest? Yeah, for 30 minutes, at home, to get ready for the Tiki Party.

Arrives at 4:20pm. Plops down in a patio chair, and doesn’t leave the scene of the crime until 8pm, after eating, drinking, and carrying on like a lunatic.

Talk about a ridiculous woman: Sat like a queen in her electric chair while she was served beer and food, while her minions gathered around her, waiting for her blessing.

What a day, keeping life real, by living in each moment.

It was a hoot!

Be safe, healthy and choose to have a happy day!


My new job

A burning desire for a hot fudge sundae today, reminds me of KD Lang singing, Constant Craving.

It was absolutely delicious, as I sat in the car, eating, parked in the busy strip mall, watching people, doing whatever they were doing.

It was almost like a movie. I was the private detective, watching for sinister action.

There goes another person into the pizza shop. That makes 3 people, in just 5 minutes. I hear they have terrible food. Must be a front for the mafia.

A very strange man, walking and talking to himself. Oh no. He is heading in my direction. I wonder if he is a hit man. I know he wants my sundae, big time.

A young guy, entering the ice cream store. He comes out with one ice cream cone. It is yellow or golden. Looks awful. He hands it to his passenger, a lovely young girl, and drives away. Quite suspicious.

A man is loading boxes onto the back of a truck. He continually enters the store, come out with a box, then loads it onto the back of his truck. I believe he has wiped out the store of every box they had. He keeps looking in my direction. I hide behind my ice cream sundae, pretending I don’t see.

Many people waiting in line to get into the liquor store. I hope they are checking the IDs. Most of them look like they are still in grade school. The virus is affecting young and old, creating a new generation of drunks.

A masked man tries to get into the hemp store. The door is locked. I know the owner is in there. I saw her enter the store earlier. She did seem a little spaced out. The masked man turns around, asks me for a match. I told him arson is against the law.

The cell phone business must be slow. One of the clerks has been outside on the side walk, smoking her ass off. I might go over there when I have finished my sundae to see if she can spare a cig.

An older gent drives up in a cute little convertible. He thinks he is so cool. He isn’t. He tried to talk to me. I tell him,”Dos Cerzevas, por favor”. It is the only thing I know in Spanish. He leaves.

Wow! I finally finish my sundae and my surveillance work. I love this job!

I just might do it again tomorrow.


hot and impotent

Don’t worry, I am not going to mention how hot it is.

Well, Ok, just this one thing. It is hot; not “just” hot, but beastly hot.

Do you like sweating? Do you ever recall sweating while sitting at the computer, doing not much of anything?

Question for y’all: If a person drinks quite a few beers the night before, does that person sweat out the alcohol the next day? (asking for a friend)

And while we are on the hot kick, the weather forecast is for exceptionally hot weather, for the next 2 -3 months.

The way I feel today, I may not last through tomorrow.

I am melting faster than the glaciers at the North Pole.

Moving on to my other least favorite topic, the virus, some doctors are claiming that a blood thinner may be the answer. Something about how those little round things get tied up by the thinner, and render the virus impotent. Now isn’t that a highly scientific explanation?

Keep cool

Stay safe

Choose to have a happy day.


Fun with the little band of crazies

2 fun filled days: one stormy, the other, very hot!
The rain was wild as our little band of crazies went to lunch. Specs was open: both the restaurant, and the bar in the garage. Let’s see what we learned:
Scooter had photos of the lawn tractor he drove into Bryan’s pool. What a goof!

Bobby’s mask is the best ever: The Joker. How appropriate!

Sam somehow got her hair cut and highlighted. Show off!

Tricia has been working on her tiki bar, to be opened soon.

Pittsburgh opened the place, as usual…. and closed it down.

Davey, Todd and Chris showed up later, when the early crowd was ready to call it a day.

Our server, Meghan, was delightful, as usual, putting up with the rowdies.

The next day? Let’s sit outside. Scooter, Mark and Pittsburgh. Geez! It was a scorcher. Mark and Scooter left first, and then Don and Katie showed up.
So did Matt and Jean. It was just too beastly hot to stay all day, but some of us did anyway.

After a good night’s sleep, I was back on the road at 8am, on my way to breakfast, sitting outside, in K town. Very nice, but, once again, hot and humid.

Thinking about hunkering down, now that the laundry is done. I am in a reading frenzy and have to scout around my bookshelves for my next project.

Did you notice? I did not mention the virus. I am wearing a mask when I need to, and hate it, but…. I do it. For now, my thoughts are with all my friends, and living.
#%@#%@% the virus.

Stay safe!
Choose to be happy!


Fool in the rain

Into each life, a little rain will fall.

How about 4 or 5 inches in a few hours?

Strangely enough, I was home this time. I have been soaked, half in the bag, 3 times in the past 2 weeks; Those crazy fire balls!

For 2 days, now, I have been hydrating. Some call it detoxing. Acting semi normal, reading, watching movies and actually doing a few things on my to do list. What do I think of that? Well, it sucks.

However, the humidity is off the charts with no end in sight, which does not lend itself to outside dining, or to anything else outside.

The pandemic news? Out of control. I wonder if the rain destroys the droplets that are hanging in the atmosphere. I need to get Covid glasses, that will let me see the disease hanging in the air. Then I will light my hand sanitizer and blow up those “embers”. I heard the damn virus can enter the body through the eyes. I wonder what a mask that covers the mouth, nose and eyes looks like. I give up.

On this rainy day, one question: And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?

Be safe!

Choose to be happy!!


I hear voices

Self talk:

Not again?

Yes, I overdid it last night.

What is wrong with you (me)?

Well, I was enjoying life in the moment, and when Ray said, “One more beer?”, my voice said yes, against my better judgment.

What were you doing all day?

Playing games, eating pancakes, laughing with the girls, and then, suddenly it was 8pm.

Suddenly, huh?

Yup. Just like that. In a blink of an eye, time few by.

So, it had nothing to do with the amount of slushies and beer you consumed?

It might have, because I am not exactly peppy this morning.

You are the walking dead. Or at least half dead.

Maybe I just need to get some fresh air.

Here she goes again.

No, today I am putting on my resting bitch face, and becoming a hermit.

Sure you are.

I am turning over a new leaf.


Ok, so what’s it to you?

I am you, you idiot.

Look, I can’t help it. The world was moving, she was right there with it, and she was.


You got it. And guess what? I am not changing. I like being an incorrigible idiot.

And that you are.

End of self talk.


A mixed bag

The last few days have been a mixture of many kinds.

Rain, then sun, then heating up with humidity.

Luncheon : On, then off, then meet for drinks.

Kim: Spreading great news, then she drives home and pops her weasel on I 78.

Bryan: Long hair hippy, happy as a clam working with his son.

Me: Staying away from the boys in the hood, trying out new dives to find one to call my new home. On the way, ordered a white pizza with tomatoes. I love white pizza. oink oink.

Mrs Butterworth, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben: Here today, gone tomorrow. I will miss Mrs. B’s bottle. I love that bottle.

News? Supreme court : 2 decisions. I like both of them.

Covid: Spreading its thorny balls in many states. Others? Not so much. Pennsylvania is coming out of the mist. Is it really because of the masks?

Airline travel: 3 stops. From Pa to Mn, Multiple airlines. 9 hours to get there. WTH? It’s no wonder I procrastinate.

Sleep? Badly needed, but tossed and turned. Took 2 pms after watching at least a dozen forensic file programs. Slept until 9am. Nightmares galore.

My favorite Governor: One more webcast. I will miss listening to Puff Daddy, now that NY is successfully opening up again. Congratulations to him and his staff. He faithfully held his webcast every day, for over 100 days, to communicate with his constituents. That, to me, is leadership.

I hope you chose to be happy today.

Much love!


Wild horses

Whoa Nelly!! The horses got loose again yesterday. Let the winds of change fluff up our wings and let us fly. Luncheon and an unexpected birthday party for Ron, whoever he is. He was with his wife and they don’t drink. Leave it to the girls to get him to drink a birthday martini.

We probably should have stopped after toasting to his 67th birthday, but being who and what we are, no chance. Our server, Bridget, such a sweetheart, was back to work after 3 months. Of course, we had to celebrate her return, after the birthday boy left.

Today, all wild party animals are home, some in the dog house. Will we ever learn?

My dog and cat sitting job was cancelled after vacation plans went up in covid flames. You know what that means? I will be left to my own supervision again. If only that damn virus would die and the travel industry came alive again, I would take a break from my obnoxious life style and hang out at the North Pole, aka Minnesota, for awhile.

More states are experiencing high surges of Covid, which is disconcerting. It may be that we are in for the long haul, and will not see the light at the end of the tunnel until next year. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh, I saw a bear today, near Old 22. A pretty big bear, at that. I think it was a bear. It was furry and big and looked hungry. I wanted to share a bagel with him, but by the time I got back from Dunkin, he was gone. So I ate it. Not the bear, the bagel.

Choose to be happy today!!

Love to all!


Jamaica me happy

There are times when all the world’s asleep and passion runs too deep for such a simple man…..

Sorry, I love Super Tramp.

There are some they do and some they don’t, and some you just can’t tell.

And there some they will and some they won’t, and some it’s just as well.

Ok, so I had a relapse. A slushie, a couple of brews, after 2 showers, in this heat and humidity. And tonight? What a wonderful evening. Cooler, more like a warm spring night, after a lovely dinner of chicken and fresh veggie salad.

It is day 7 of the semi free life of the yellow quarantine world, in Pennsylvania. I see where the state legislature is at odds with the Gov. By the time the debate is over, we hopefully will be green.

Frankly, I am really getting tired of all the controversy these days. I am relying more on my irrational behavior, than on the news. Too much is too much. And this goof has almost reached her peak.

Tomorrow, lunch time with the girls, and maybe Bobby. We love Bobby. He is such a cutie. We tried to find a new outdoor venue for lunch, but, most are still in process and won’t be ready until next week. But we always look forward to seeing Kait on Fridays, and that is where we will be.

My soul searching is out of control. I am torn between staying in PA, or returning to my roots. It would be difficult to leave the friends I have made here, but I long for Lake Superior; that mysterious, magical and often deadly body of water that continues to flood my mind with visions of returning home. It’s been said: “you can never go home.” I say, why not?

For now, my mission is to get my act together. Guess what? It might if I didn’t enjoy my life of debauchery so much.

Stay safe, hug your loved ones, and choose to be happy!!