More or less? I like everyone.

Not sure where to start.

Last night?

A really nice guy is interested in pursuing a relationship, with the old Cx. Butt.

10 years younger.

A few things in common.

We like the same beer: Coors light.

Not materialistic.

And we enjoy chatting with one another.

I am not attracted to him physically, but he is a hard working, caring individual, who is independently wealthy.

I like him, but then, I like everyone, more or less.


I was hungry, on my way to having a bite to eat, and ran into so many interesting personalities, that I had an absolutely fabulous time.

So much so, that I forgot to eat.

The 3 L’s:

Listening,  laughter and living.

The beauty of it?

Regardless of  age, keep sharing and caring.

Everyone is searching for the same thing:  to spend time with those who want to hear their stories and to believe in them.

Bottom line:  I really don’t want another relationship that will exclude those who make me feel special.

And for those, who are special to me.


Until tomorrow…..




April Fools in November

A little early, don’t you think?

Mother Nature replied, “It’s not nice to question Mother Nature.”

Now 24 hours later, 8 inches of heavy crunchy snow/ice/rain remain.

An April Fools joke in November.

I got up early, to look at it.

Don’t ask me why.

It was still dark and sleeting.

Couldn’t see a thing.

When the sun finally peeked out, the trees were spectacular, sparkling with ice.

Not so pretty, however, when stuck in a traffic nightmare for hours.

So it goes:  Winter.

Kids and dogs love it.

Schools open late or not at all.


There are some who really do like winter, all of it:  The cold, the snow, the driving, everything.

However, those who got caught unexpectedly, driving on untreated roads were not exactly happy with the situation.

The first snow fall:  a doozy.

First day of winter?  A month away.

Like it or not, snow is inevitable.

And there isn’t a doggone thing we can do to stop it.

My advice?

Find some kids and dogs and have some fun!



Progress? or is it?

The first wintry mix of the season :  tomorrow.

As we all know, the first snow/ice event is a mess.

Every year, same old, same old.

To circumvent the inevitable, spaghetti and salad are waiting for me, in the refrig.

Retirees have no desire to cook, to drive or to do much of anything when the weather gets crazy.

Tonight?  Different story.

Met the queen bee, Dana, for a drink and then, caught up with Todd, Tim, and Kim,  for a few hours of philosophizing.

Actually, it was an engaging, thoughtful dialogue.

A great time was had by all.

Ready to head out.


Not again.

Accident on I 78.

Could it be that we live in the middle of truck city, with warehouses galore and many more under construction?

20 years ago, this was a rural, quiet, placid, quaint spot in Pennsylvania.

Today?  A thriving, bustling, active, crowded, center of warehousing and distribution.

So much for progress.

Money drives the future.

Unless, of course, you are one of those who is happy and grateful for what you have.

Silly me.

I am one of those.

Live, love and laugh.

There is nothing better.



I get by with a little help from my friends


Jimmy will be joining us tonight.

A perfect time to celebrate the birthdays of Chris, Christine and Uncle Jimmy.

The afternoon started with a surprise visit from Dana.

I have missed her!

She is a hoot!

In walks Todd and Tim.

2 of my favorite people.

Thanks, Keeeeeeeeeeeeeem, for texting Bryan, hoping he can stop by to see the birthday trio.

Just like days gone by, except Uncle Jimmy is skinny, Bryan is bravely facing the radiation treatments, and the Chris’s are way too adorable.

After a slice of chocolate heaven, it was time for me to head home.

Why is it, after eating something, drinking loses its appeal?

I could have stayed longer, to terrorize Colleen, but it was dark again, at 530pm, and I was slowly turning into a werewolf.

I came home, remembering that today is my Jimmy’s birthday.

It’s been 2 years now since his death.

Rest in peace, Jimmy.
I miss you immensely, but am doing ok.

Life goes on.

Memories last forever.




Enjoying the moment

If you are bored, you might want to consider this:

Get the heck out of your house/apartment/box or whatever and drive to the neighborhood gin mill.

Order a sandwich and a beer.

Talk to the patrons and the b-tender.

Strike up conversations with strangers.

Voila!  A friendly face appears.

It’s been a rough day.


We all need to feel accepted.

Who are you?

Who am I?

Exchange, listen, and care.

Time to go?

Enjoy your evening.

Thanks for sharing.

It’s not likely we will meet again, but I wish you well.

Is there anything more real than sharing a smile, a story or a drink today?

Enjoy the moment.

That, my friends, is all there is.



Perception is reality

Everyone should learn something new…. every day.

Yesterday was no exception.

10 things I learned on Sunday, Nov 11, 2018:

  1.  Patriotism is alive and well in France, even in the rain.
  2. The Patriots football team?  Not so much.
  3. Those who hold sex toy parties make a lot of money.
  4. Those who hold Tupperware?  Not so much.
  5. Meeting an old friend is good.
  6. Not remembering his name? Not so much.
  7. Driving to an unfamiliar address in the afternoon can be an adventure.
  8. Driving home in the dark?  Not so much.
  9. Seeing a deer standing in the field:  Magnificent.
  10. Seeing a deer in the middle of a dark road?  No so much.

Today, I learned that we will get a soaking rain in Pennsylvania, while California burns.

Life is a never ending opportunity to see things as they are, or as you perceive them to be.



The weather outside ? who cares?

Comments for today:

Happy Birthday, Ralph! Sorry your son didn’t plan a party.

Hey, Randy:  WTF?

Oil delivery?  Guess again.

M K :  You are fabulous, even if you are a porn star.

Maddy:  You are definitely a mini Colleen.

Phil: Are you or aren’t you? Who are you, who who?

Cindy:  I will look for the balloons, or is it bazooms?

Tim:  Why?  Are we really desperate or just goofy?

Elvis:  You can’t start a fire without a spark.

Weather:  Cut out the damn wind, ok?

FEDEX:  Hey thanks for tearing up the yard.

Chx B:  Why are you drinking  beer?

On that note, good night all!

Keep warm!




I only have one ball

It’s been said that dreary, rainy weather will make you crazy.

Guess who falls into that category?

There have been so many rainy days this year, that if it continues into the winter, look for monumental snow.

I get cabin fever, which is a symptom of craziness, being cooped up, waiting for a delinquent oil man.

To remedy the situation, I ventured out for lunch, in a doggy hat with ears that flap, in pursuit of perogies.

The hat has 2 balls:  squeeze one and the ears move.

I lost a ball.

So I am now semi ball-less.

It should be a sign right there:  An ancient woman in a kid’s hat, half bonkers, seeking perogies.

The restaurant was quiet when I entered, until a large group of wedding guests decided to have a party.

For the most part, they were just having fun, except for one guy:  Seems like there is always that “one” in a crowd.

Quite loud and obnoxious.

Reminded me of myself.

I had an inner sense that this guy was also crazy and suffering from some form of cabin fever.

I ate the perogies and decided to go back to my cabin.

I really want to change into a flannel nightgown but that damn oil guy…. what if he shows up?

Life can be so difficult when you have oil heat.

Look what happened to me.

I am stuck here, on a Friday afternoon, with no chance of parole, to stop by the bar for a drink or two.

I hope he gets here before Sunday.

I have a sex toy party to attend.







Oh what you might have been: If you only had more time

Remember the song, “Take the long way home?”

I did that tonight.

Waiting for an oil delivery this morning.

No show.

Ok, so now what?

Food, baby, food.

Stopped for the area’s best burger…. and (drum roll)  a beer!

It has been 6 weeks without a beer.

What’s the big deal?

Just one beer.

Oh boy.

On the way home, stopped for a few more.

Yes, I quenched my thirst.

And had a fabulous time, laughing and chatting with the patrons.

Now that I am home, I wonder if the oil delivery will be here tomorrow.

However, in my state of mind, who cares?

It’s been said:  Why worry?  So what if you freeze your ass off.

In my condition, that could be a good thing.

All in all, a great day, enjoying whatever came my way.

Serendipity:  Nothing better!


November drives me nuts

Thinking back on my working days:  November:  Dark at 430pm.

Worked til 5.

Deer running wild.

Hint of snow in the air.

An uneasy feeling as I made my way home…. after a stop or two, of course.

Glazed eyes and glaring headlights.

Somehow, I made it through the foreboding terrain.


At the stroke of 4pm, I chug my last drink, and call it a night.

A much kinder, gentler Chicken Butt in these gloomy, chilly, dark evenings of November.


I am blind as a bat in the dark.

Not to mention, the dark makes me bat shit crazy.

For the next month or 2, I transform into the daytime version of a loose cannon, terrorizing the lovely Keem or Pam or MKate, as they think:  “Oh no ! Not again!”

Before the sun sets, I am home in my jams, catering to the sassy Puff Daddy.

A temporary change of pace, during the 2 darkest months of the year.

Have I mentioned?

I love Spring.

Bring it on.