Life is fabulous when you hang out in your pjs all day.

Kicked ass today:  NOT.

Did I get dressed?


So, what did you do, Ms. BWolf?

Well, it’s like this:  It was 90 degrees today.

I had a list of things to do.

Fortunately,  or not so fortunately, yesterday, I went shopping.

For beer, cat food and potato salad.

Puff Daddy ate the cat food.

I drank the beer.

The potato salad beckons….. Ok.  I ate it.

Called my buddy, Banana, to see how she was doing, while I did next to nothing.

My list?

Yup. Still there.

It is the end of September and my deck is calling me.

Just can’t resist the summery weather, and a cold brewskie.

Or two.

Ok, so I had 3.

I am feeling a tad bit tipsy. after a wickedly wild week.

Cheers everyone!

Someday, I will get my life organized.

Until then, I am having a lovely time.




Sometimes, all we can do is listen, to show empathy and concern.

Breakfast club this morning:  It was a soul wrenching experience.

Denise’s brother: Died, suddenly, yesterday.  She needed to see us, at breakfast, to try to feel some normalcy.

Sue went to her grand daughter’s graduation : Navy, boot camp.  It turned out to be a family disaster, and now Sue and her daughter are not speaking to one another.

Susie’s husband, still in chemotherapy. If that isn’t enough, there were issues with his chemo doctor, who is now his former doctor.  Thank goodness, we have choices for our medical needs.

I, on the other hand, was just plain too pooped to pop.

In a rare turn of events, I kept my big mouth shut during breakfast, listening to my friends talk it out.

I believe it was therapeutic.

Dana was dining at the restaurant, and came over to greet us. Another one of the original hires, from our employer:  14 + years ago.

As I walked to my car, Denise was standing in the parking lot, crying.  She told me her mother had just called her, to let her know that her aunt had died yesterday.  2 family members on the same day.

Life can change in a heart beat…. or the lack of a heart beat.

Love, laugh and live, with every beat of your heart, today, for tomorrow may never come.

My thoughts are with my friends tonight.

A sad day, for our little group of breakfast clubbers.

I hope our October breakfast will bring better news.



Accepting our limitations

How sweet or how sad?

Knowing one’s limitations?

Being asked to rise to the occasion, when the mind says “yes” and the body says “no.”

As we age, we think we can, we think we can…. but we plum damn run out of the ability to do it.

Tonight, my coworkers are spending the evening, working on getting a major project accomplished.

They will continue throughout the night, and into tomorrow.

All are welcome to join in.

However, the Chicken Butt aka The Wolf, is so wiped out from the week’s activities, that she has to decline.


Not so much.

In my younger days, I would have plunged into the challenge, and enjoyed it.

Not so much now.

It hurts…… to stand for hours on a concrete floor.

But more importantly, it hurts not to be able to keep up the pace, and to accept my limitations.

It just may be time for me to reconsider what I am doing with my life.

When I make the decision, it will rest on my effectiveness and my happiness.

Can I cut it?

Or should I cut it?

Either way, I refuse to be a beast of burden.


I walk for miles, my feet are hurting.

Just kidding.

Later, kids.

It just may be the time for me to accept who I am, what I am, and if I really do contribute…

Tune in, again, tomorrow, for this never ending saga….




A place where everybody knows your name….

Did you, at any time today, have a meaningful conversation with someone?

Did you make a difference in anyone’s life?

How about making someone feel good, or thanking them for what they had done for others?

When you met your friend/coworker/stranger, did you make any of them feel good?

I had a very busy day, at work, and had very little time to converse with those around me.

And when I left the work place, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

I drove to the place where everybody knows my name, and found Scott there.

And then, in walks Bryan and Jimmy.

And of course, Colleen was there.

We all live our separate lives, but somehow, remain connected.

We genuinely like one another.

We relax together, after a hectic day.

We console, tease, corrupt, and sympathize, all in a matter of an hour or two.

And when we leave, to head on home, we leave with a smile, knowing our unlikely friendships will last as long as we do.

Thanks, Scott, Jimmy, Bry and Colleen.

Can’t wait to do it again.



America, the beautiful. The caretaker of those who need our help.

Mother Nature was in one of her worst moods.

She ravaged the Caribbean, devastating Puerto Rico, and at the same time, wreaked her havoc on Mexico.

Once again, we humans are no match for what Mother has in store for us.

Possessions have been lost, and sadly, we begin to realize that possessions are fleeing and really not that important, when death and destruction reign.

What matters is the lives of those who are struggling, after the vicious onslaught of Harvey, Irma and Maria.


Yeah, ok.

But first, let us take care of those who are lost, stunned, at the turn of events.

I believe that:

America will rise to the crisis, regardless of what our politicians preach.

We are not an isolated country, an island, where greed and control exist.

Deep in the hearts of our citizens, we will do as we have always done:  Take care of those who need our help.

Feed the children.

Give hope to those who feel hopeless.

Reach into our resources and give generously, to our brothers and sisters who so desperately need our help.

We may not be able to help everyone, but if each of us adopts one family, to lessen their load, we can make a difference.

America is great.

It always has been.

We wear out hearts on our sleeves.

And we do whatever we have to do, to take care of those in need.



Only if you show me your banana…..

An interview:  Between the Wolf and the Banana:

“How was your day, Ms Banana?”

“Why do you ask, Mr Wolf?  If you really want to know, show me your banana and I will show you mine.”

“Now, now, Ms B. You are really quite out of line.  I am merely asking you to describe your day.”

“Listen, you SOB.  I had a rough one. And you know I did.  As a matter of fact, I worked my axx off today.”

“Are you insinuating that a banana has an axx?”

“Shut up, you goofy Wolf.  You couldn’t put a patch on my axx.”

“Yes, however, what great skin you have.”

“All the better to have you slip on it.”

“Are you saying that you are willing to peel off your exterior and to lay down Sally, to rest here, in my arms?”

“No.  I just want to spend my life span of a week, turning from yellow to black.”

“Do you happen to be related to Neil Young?”

“Hey, hey, my, my!  You mean you listen to rock and roll that will never die?”

“Yes, I have heard that life is like this:  Out of the blue, into the black.”

“All right. Let’s dance.  Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.”

“Oh, yeah.  Your theme song just might be: Dances with wolves.”

“Isn’t it wonderful how 2 seemingly unrelated entities are united forever, in this life?”

“It happens.  Life takes unexpected twists and turns, and somehow, somewhere, sometime, a banana and a wolf, stroll down the path of life together, in a fog of a blog.”

“Oh that!  What a ridiculous notion:  A blog about a bananawolf, with very little factual stories.  If I didn’t know better, I would guess that the  bananawolf is half in the bag when she sits down to write.”

“Of course she is.  And guess what?  She has decided to keep on blogging while in the bag, as long as she is still alive and ripe.”

“Can we call it a night, for now?”

“Well….. I will consider it.”


“When you show me your banana….. and I will show you mine.”





A taste of days to come….

I refuse to admit that it was a day to be reckoned with.

Ok, I lied.

It was.

The issues were mild for a few hours.

And then?

Blast off!

Think that was bad?

Just wait a few minutes.

It was like seeing the hurricane slowly turning into my life, and hitting landfall, aka Bananawolf,  about 430pm.

A magnitude 4.

Ok a 5.

At that point, all I could do is laugh.

It was way too ridiculous to do anything else.

Giggling my way to the print center, the laughter increasing with every step, until….


It is 5pm.  Do you know where the nearest bar is?

When I walked in, oh no!


He was still talking about Saturday afternoon.

A weekend to be remembered.

And tonight?

A gathering of the loyal patrons, acting out, after the last weekend of summer.

Sometimes I wonder:  Can anyone have as much fun as a crowd of regulars at a neighborhood bar on a Monday night?
My condolences to those who have never experienced that bonding.

Until tomorrow, when Harvey or Irma or Jose or whoever churns up the Atlantic, to New Jersey, to whip it. Whip it good…..


Burrhus? Really?


Upset stomach: Both PDaddy and I.  Gave PD a bath:  OUCH!

Discombobulated from news of Dee’s death.

Feeling out of sync.

Ventured out before the Pig Roast.

Stopped for a beer, and then met P and R for another.

Pig roast was a success: Well organized, great food.

Off to Hummels.

OMG:  Such a wild time.

Another ridiculously insane experience.

Hey Tim!  That chocolate martini was spectacular.  Thanks!

One more stop: Specs.

Such a spectacular series of conversation, discussing topics like BF Skinner, Maslov and Roofies.

Who knew BF Skinner’s first name was Burrhus?

Laughed so hard, my face is frozen, in place.

Finally left, after a full day of absolute nonsense.

It is time for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Guess what?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Happy Saturday, everyone!!!



She said it today: What a fabulous run we had!

14 years, we worked together…. not in the same location, but on the same account, partnering. so to speak.

When I first encountered Anna, on the phone, we were newbies, taking on a monster account, together.

She was in NY.



Our Sales guy?  Paul.  Oh my!  What a great guy!

We worked through the issues, with Paul, leading the way, until, he got promoted.

Alert: Change!

Then, it was Anna and I, and Laurie and Heather.

Many years passed.

Stringent processes were put in place.

When Laurie left, it was Heather, Anna and I.

Alert: Change!

We struggled through all the issues, until our company split.

Then it was just Anna and I.

Heather landed a great job with one of the spin off companies.

Alert: Change!

By that time, Anna was working from home.

So it was just the two of us, working with our Metlife contacts.

Then Met split up.

The account dwindled.

Anna and I became the sole survivors.

Alert! Change!

Work force reduction.

Today was Anna’s last day.


Now what?

Just the Chicken Butt left with the remnants of what once was…..

Thank you Paul, Laurie, Heather and Anna.

I can’t believe it has come to this.

I prefer to work in a team.

I prefer to run something by you:  To see what you think, to come up with solutions for our account.

Alert! Change!

It will never be the same.

However, I will never forget how much I learned from all of you and how much I miss you…. and now, am adding Anna Banana to that list.

The caged bird continues to sing, but the songs just aren’t the same.

Alert! Change!

Memories of our time together :  priceless.


Kick back.

Give yourself time to adjust to your new life.

And enjoy it to the fullest.



The lunatic is resting tonight….. comfortably

After a hard day’s night, it is time to admit: The lunatic is on the grass.

Seriously, work hard?

Play hard.

Until the lunatic is in my head.

And when that happens, it is time to convert my wine bag into a very tasteful bonnet.

Oh no!

I left my horse in my car and my heart in San Francisco, while I guzzled 3 double screw drivers, evolving into a stage of comfortable numbness.

It was supposed to be a night of dining with Sissy, but something happened to my sensibility on the way to the ladies room.

When I realized that I was distressed, over the sun going down on me, I whispered to the masses, “hello, hello hello, is anybody out there?”

And then much to my surprised, a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer appeared, with Santa, also known as Glenn, who friended me on face book.

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes.

Time to take off this party dress.

It is only Thursday, you idiot.

One more day to go, before you get to the point, roll another joint and eat pig at the church, with Sissy and Ray.

Like I said, the lunatic is in my  head.

But it isn’t me.

wink wink

Have a sparkling evening…..

As always,