A bloody well good time

After 25 days of the bubonic plague and leprosy, I ventured out this afternoon to see what the heck was going on with the gang.

The glass menagerie played itself out, with our one and only drama queen, convinced that he had swallowed one hell of a shard of his beer glass.

Paranoia hit, after a “bloody” episode.

Good thing he is having pork and sauerkraut tonight, so that this too shall pass.

He mentioned that he will be calling the doctor tonight, to see what the prognosis is.

Apparently his doctor is a combination of shrink and proctologist.

You know, one of those guys with his head up his ass.

Moving along, the Brainiac of the group is experimenting with a new drug.

So what if it costs $14,000 a year.

He gave us a demonstration of the procedure, via the internet.

A little needle pops out of a thingamajig, injecting serum into his body, to lower cholesterol.

He says it is his prick.

We asked him to show us, but he said we would need a magnifying glass to see it.

Of course, our Apple Man ordered fried chicken.

No wings tonight.

He thought he would try something new.


Chicken is chicken, unless of course, you are the porn star, who chokes his every morning, in the car, with his coffee.

Deep throat arrived, chirping and laughing, with great optimism, as usual.

All in all, it was another entertaining night, with our 2 favorite girls serving  beverages.

I have a feeling about tomorrow:  When the morning light comes streaming in, we’ll get up and do it again.




Ch ch ch chia

Thoughts of the day:

Recovery:  Takes much longer when one is an elderly citizen…aka old goat

Diet:  Does anyone really eat 3 veggies and 3 servings of fruit every day?  It’s frightening,  looking  like a garden variety of a chia pet.

Getting 8 hours of sleep:  Hell, I am now sleeping during the afternoon and the night.   I am barely awake for 8 hours a day.

Laundry:  Mostly pjs and socks.  What a life!

TV: For someone who rarely watched the tube, I am now into reruns on the ID channel.  It’s no wonder I have nightmares.

Politics:  The blaming games go on and on and on.

Pets:  One of the few truly delightful things in life.

More, after I finish my banana and take a nap.




Excitement on the home front

Remember Norman Bates?

He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I would.

There is a ridiculous hyper fly tormenting me.

Outwitted by a fly.

What a mess I have become, hanging around the house, chasing flies.

And when I am not doing that, I am catering to the princess Puff Daddy’s whims.

I never dreamed retirement would be this exciting.

I might have to take up basket weaving next.

Just heard the wild horses survived Florence.


I wonder if they catch flies.





Half way back to normal

Picture this:  An aging goofball, gingerly walking out to the car this morning, bound and determined to get the hell out of the house.

This elderly mad hatter, with a blotchy face, and wobbly legs decided it was time to go out for breakfast.

Having watched about 400 hours of TV in the past several weeks, a new breakfast at Cracker Barrel was being advertised, and looked pretty good:  French toast biscuits with blackberry sauce and scrambled eggs.

Don’t order it.


Ok, I have been out for an hour and a half.

I wonder if I should stop at the store for some apples and caramel sauce.


Too tired.

Yes, you heard me.

Too tired.

After that vaccination and bad meds, this ol’ gal is taking forever to feel better.

Well, at least I am half way alive for approximately 4 hours a day.

And then I have to take a nap.

I see where Florence is paying us a little visit tonight and tomorrow.

What a rainy month it has been.

The doctor’s office called.

My old blood pressure meds are back on the shelf.

Guess they fixed the contamination issue.

Thank goodness!

I can’t wait to get them and to get back to “normal”.

Until then…..




Becoming a Quack.

Ever play a woodwind instrument?

How about one that needs a double reed?

2 choices:  Buy one or make one.

Professional players make their reeds.

They assemble the cork and the reed with nylon string and scrape the reed to their specifications.


Yes, I used to make mine.

What a tedious process.

And my reeds?

Generally, they sucked.

Today, I went shopping online for reeds.

They range in price from $12.50 to $119.00 for one reed.

And no guarantee that any of these reeds will last past the first squawk.

I noticed a new kind of reed:  a plastic version.

What the heck?

A synthetic reed?

The reviews are not the greatest, but the users claim at least they last longer than a piece of cane.

I think I will start with a $15 cane reed, medium soft and a plastic version.

I figure the geese are getting ready to hightail it to Canada soon, and this year, I will be quacking, honking, and cheering them on.

Now if only I could fly.




Irrational fears?

Crazy or not?

These are things I am afraid of:

  1.  My cat’s tail…. when it moves ever so slowly.
  2. Clowns and people with masks
  3. Roller Coasters
  4. Dental hygienists:  Am I rough enough?
  5. Ozzy Osborn
  6. Portapotties
  7. Hornets, in the house
  8. Ice storms
  9. Salad bars
  10. Popping a balloon

It’s been said that we can overcome our fears by facing them.

I started with number 1:  She bit me.


Preserving our planet

I believe in global warming.

Today is a devastating example of what happens when we do not take measures to preserve our planet.

The weather patterns are becoming more and more freakish.

Please remember to vote this November for those who will stand up to the corporations, their pollution and to short term greed.

We owe it to those who will inherit the earth.

It is up to us to stop the ruin of our beautiful world.



Just do it

Buenas Tardes  and Spiritual Balance!

Yup, that’s me, fluent, of course in Spanish.  hahah!

At least I can say more than Dos Cervesas, por favor.

And no, not a martial arts expert yet, but everything starts with a first step.

Looking forward to dragging out my oboe and startling the neighborhood with the sound of a ruptured duck.

Ain’t life grand when you finally decide not to grow up, but to do the things you have always wanted to do?






These gloomy, dismal, rainy days are testing my patience and good nature.

I am feeling soggy, and this is not positively contributing to my new awakening, or whatever the heck it is.

I am making some progress, however.

Forgiveness is at the top of the list, not just for others, but for myself, as well.

Then there is the commitment to a holistic approach to living:

Diet, exercise, meditation, learning, writing, socializing, volunteering and enjoying.

As Thornton Wilder said in the play, Our Town, “Oh earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.”


Later, gators,



7 to go

21 days:   For some that is the number of days needed to change behavior.

I am on my 14th day.

7 more to go.

Then, we shall see if I have made the change that will bring a new focus to my life.

It has not been easy, secluding myself, meditating and facing old fears.

I love being with others and just being a goof.

However, this is something that I need to do.

See you all in another week.

Hope to be a butterfly, or at least a moth, by then.