Paradise lost?

With the devastation brewing in paradise, my issues seemed insignificant.

Is Barbuda ever going to recover?

Where do the people go when they leave Key West?

Do they really leave their homes with the understanding that they will never see that home again?

And then there are the issues surrounding my little bubble of life.


Soon to be retired.


Hello? Goodbye.


Are you ok?

Puff Daddy?

Why did you bite me?

Sissy Belle?

Out of the blue, a message on my phone….



Oh yeah!

And Irish whiskey at Sissy’s for dessert.

Life is a whirl wind of activity.

One minute: Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?

The next?  The only constant in life is change.


Hey, girl friend, let’s do dinner and talk.

Friday is on the horizon.

So is Irma.

Oh life!

How can you be so beautiful, yet hold so many injustices?

Mother nature: you are a cruel, unrelenting, merciless force.

Yet tonight, the sky in Pennsylvania,  was brilliant with stars.

The rain had finally subsided…..for now.

Life is truly an adventure.

Life is not fair.

Life is all we have.

Life is fleeting.

Hold on to your dreams.

Get up, rise from the ashes and ruins and begin again.

You are not alone.

Those of us who have been fortunate to escape the disastrous storms that have devastated so much of paradise, will be there for you.

We are in it together.

Love and hope prevail.





Sometimes it just feels good to whine…..(or is it to wine?)

There are some things I just don’t care for.

It could stem from my upbringing, or my taste buds, or my environment, or it just happened somewhere along the path of life.

We all have our preferences.

Aside from the biggies, like war and violence, injustice and abuse, I have a specific list of those things that just irritate me.

  1.  A visit to the dentist.
  2.  Seeing a dead animal in the street.
  3. A sinus/ear infection.
  4. The “check engine” light.
  5. April 15th.
  6. Jeans that used to fit.
  7. Uprooted trees.
  8. Kids who live in a dysfunctional family.
  9. Power outages.
  10. Homeless people treated poorly.

Ok, so this list is not all inclusive, and these things, are not, of course,  among the world’s greatest irritants.

It just felt good to express those things.

You know, to whine a little.

Speaking of whining, let’s all skip to the next level: wining.

A toast to all of you:  May the things that irritate you, inspire you to take action to alleviate the pain.

And, if any of you find a way to alleviate the trauma of the trip to the dentist, well, hello!!!



Extra Extra: Read all about it. Good vs Evil in the globe called earth.


What happened to the weekend?

It’s Tuesday.

The Labor Day weekend is gone.

Irma is knocking on heaven’s door.

Devastation in Texas and Louisiana, and now?

Another act of Nature, bigger than the last?

As predicted:

Here comes the deranged dictator, entering the scene.

N. Korea?

Are you serious?

You starve your people, hold them hostage to a regime that honors death and destruction?

Our world, this earth, is in peril.

Like it has been said:  Power, absolute power, corrupts.

And for what?

To lead the sheep to the slaughter, for a shallow, empty victory?

For me?

I have been called naïve.

It has been known that I am a liberal.

But I believe in life and the human spirit.

Just how did some of these mad men get control of our world?





Isn’t life difficult enough without the threat of impending doom?

I hope you hold your loved ones close tonight.

I believe that we must live every moment, to the fullest.

Life is fleeting.

Life is not fair.

Life is short.

But life is, after all, the most precious gift we have.

I hope we all live ….. to enjoy this short stay on this earth, and somehow, together, pave the path for our children and their children, to live in peace, and hope.



A 3 day weekend: A time to sleep, relax and party.

Oh boy!

A 3 day weekend.

Too bad that I am totally exhausted on a Friday night.

Lots of challenges this past week.

730pm, in my pjs and can’t wait to catch some zzzzzzs.

Woke up Saturday morning, with an aching ear.

To the  urgent care I go

Hi ho , hi ho.

Another round of drops.

Had to end my day early.

Nighty night.

And then, in a blink of an eye, it was Sunday.

My, how the weekend is flying.

Time to vacuum, dust, change the bed, etc, and then off to a Margarita and taco party.


I stopped for a cold one and ran into a couple of goofs, so we had a few more.

When I arrived at the party, I could not have asked for more:

Great conversation, cold drinks and a wonderful display of Mexican food.

When I called it a night, it was twilight, and getting chilly.

Autumn has arrived in the Valley.

Here I go again.

Tired, but this time, not from working, but from having a wonderful time, and laughing my ass off.

Labor Day tomorrow.

Time to say good bye to summer, and hello to fall.

I love the 4 seasons.



The week in review

Looking back on the week….

Harvey destroys lives and property in Texas and Louisiana, while Irma stews in the Atlantic.

The queen gets crowned, twice, at the dentist.

My fabulous cousin did some research to help me find my long lost brother.

Wild, frantic days at work for the Chicken Butt, who has been seen pecking out her few remaining feathers.

Had lunch with Pat and a drink with Todd: Both recently retired.  Geez!  They look great!

August ends, as the summer of 2017 slowly fades away.

Violence and uncertainty reign supreme in the world.  Chaos appears to be the message of the moment.

Tom Petty winds down his 40th reunion tour.

The grass is still green on Sept 1, 2017.

Someone/thing had a feather fight in the parking lot at work.  Or a pillow exploded.

The holiday weekend looms with a Jameson/Coors party at Ray and Patti’s on Sunday.

Barb and I enjoyed lunch together twice this week: At Panera and Perkins.  What a great break from work.

It is Friday night and I am exhausted.  7pm and ready to call it a night.

Sometimes, we all need to recognize our limitations.

Wait! That was the voice of reason.

To hell with that.

The monkey on my shoulder just popped open another one.





Moving into a new phase of life.

Pat, who retired, decided to celebrate by bringing lunch to her old cube mates.

Come on now.

Sure, she looks good.

Yeah, she looks happy.

Ok, so she sleeps in every day.

She does what she feels like doing.

She bakes cupcakes with her grands, and picks out colored duct tape from Home Depot.

She has engaged her hubby to help with painting.

Yes, we miss her.

Yes, we admire her.

Yes, we hate her.


Not really.

Actually, we love to hear about her new life.

She has worked for many years, and is finally enjoying what she loves to do.

Retirement is not for everyone.

Some people prefer to work.



She prepared for a life after work, and she is living every minute, to the fullest.

Enjoy, Pat.

You deserve it.

And thank you, for the great lunch.

But mostly, thank you for stopping by to visit with your greatest fan club: The back room goofs.

We love you!

And hope you will continue to keep in touch.



He’s not heavy. He’s my brother.

How you feeling about the world today?




Americans against Americans.

Dem vs Reps.

Have vs. Have nots.

What is happening to our world?

I have decided that criticism is tearing us apart.

We may/may not agree with others, and that is ok.

Can we give it a break?

Can we agree to live and let live?

And for now, to do whatever we can, to support our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana?

When every person in the path of Harvey has been accounted for, and is safe, it may be the time to start over again.

Life has never been fair.

So what?

Let’s just take care of those who need us the most right now.

And do what we can to ensure that those who have survived this massive storm, can be assured that we are here for them, to support them, and to provide for them.

We live in a very privileged world.

It is up to us to share with those who are suffering.

God Bless Texas!

And Louisiana!

You can count on us.

You will survive!

And we will be there, for whatever you need.




Hey! That’s life!

Have you ever done some of these stupid things?

  1.  Left stuff in your jeans’ pockets when you threw them in the washing machine?
  2. Sent an incriminating email to the wrong person?
  3. Put a cat door in your basement and find a number of critters using it?
  4. Bought exercise equipment and wonder why?
  5. Go on a diet, get so hungry, eat like a wild woman, and gain weight?
  6. Buy a bottle of wine, try to open it, break the cork screw, find a screw driver and hack the damn thing off?
  7. Say “No more pets”, and a stray kitten shows up?  And guess what?  Need I say more?
  8. Go on a week’s vacation and come back to work, more tired than ever?
  9. Make your lunch in the morning, and when lunch time rolls around, look at that mess and order out?
  10. Act like an idiot?  Wait.  Let’s face it.  That’s no act.


Sunday Adventure


Sitting at the local establishment at 1pm and who should appear, but a tiny dancer in her Toyota.

It was a woman in search of adventure.

Sissy Belle took off to find the Sands casino.

Well…. let’s just say this about that.

After several aborted attempts, and a stop at a nearby Wawa, ta da!

Plopped down at a machine and had a few beers, making a deposit/donation to the gaming association.

3 hours later, we called it quits, as it would soon be twilight, and after a certain age, there can be no driving in the dark.

Yes, Bruce Springstein wanted to dance in the dark, but that was 40 years ago.

After a lovely trip toward the poconos, we found route 33 and made the trek back home.

You know what?

There is way too much traffic in the Lehigh Valley.

After finally arriving at our neighborhood pub, we were greeted by the regulars, who were hanging together on a Sunday eve.

Many laughs, good food, a few more drinks, and we called it a night.

It was one of those spur of the moment spectacular adventures.

I can’t wait for the next one.




A cat with an agenda. Free to anyone who can handle her.

Does anyone enjoy a talking cat at 5am?

On a Saturday?

If so, email me.

I will wrap her up, ship her, and a month’s supply of food to you.

She has become an obnoxious interloper in my life.

Ok, I get it, when I need to get up for work.

She sees the sun rising and insists on an eating frenzy.

But the weekends?

She is a scrawny, emaciated, skeleton of a normal cat.

She only weighs 5 lbs, tops, and is 14 years old.

She is a runt.

She is the ultimate actress:  She glances in the mirror and sees herself as the king of the forest.

A lioness.

All 5 lbs.

And a pain in the ass, every morning.

I am tired, already, and it only 6pm.

When I went shopping, guess what she was doing?



And as soon as she heard the door open this afternoon, she put on the starving act and insisted on another can of food.

Sorry, folks, I would love to blog about serious stuff and all that jazz, but not tonight.

Puff is in control.

A perfectly lovely Saturday night, eradicated by the 5 lb monster, whom I happen to live with.

Good night.

Sleep tight.

I will be back, Puff willing, at 5am tomorrow.