What in the hell is that?



Come on!

How did that happen?

It was Friday, I blinked my eye…. and here it is :  Monday.

Oh oh.

I have to be on my best behavior today.

Visitors at work.

What’s this at my desk?

A birthday present?

Oh boy.

From Scottie!


A chicken head.

Not a real chicken, a chicken head to wear on my head.

Of course, I had to wear it around the office for awhile, before the visitors showed up.

I can’t tell you how many people jumped out of their seats when they saw this crazy chicken woman walking around the office.

I am getting scarier by the minute.

Frightening, in fact.

A real whack job.

Thank you Scottie!

I love my chicken head.


A great day, after all.

Do what makes you laugh.

Be silly.

Life is too short to be anything other than yourself…

Especially if you are a chicken.


A funny thing happened on the way to the winery

Sunday :  a day of rest.


Well, not really.

Grocery shopping.

Stopped for breakfast.

And then….

Hi Ho

Hi Ho

It’s off to the winery we go.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the winery…..

And we . Sissy Belle and I, were on our way, when we noticed a party going on in the neighborhood.

What a lovely time we had, the two party crashers.

Beer, food and friendly conversation.

Who are these people?

We decided the winery was not an option.

Hello Specs!

And hello, Travis and Austin.

Two kids who were just chilling, having a few beers, when the idiots arrived.

Oh what an afternoon.

Craziest conversation and laughter ever…

And charades!

What a hoot.

Home now, before the sun goes down.

Another weekend adventure.

Life…. love it or hate it, it’s all we have.

My preference?

Yeah, love it.

Enjoy it.

I love meeting new friends, being a silly goof and making the most of a Sunday afternoon.



Living it up while I am still here.

Sloshing around in my new chicken sloshers.

Thanks Ray and Patti!

So comfy!

Had to take a respite this morning.

Too much fun last night, I guess.

But by 2pm, I had an irresistible urge for Stromboli and a beer.

And after that?


Hello Brad Pitt.

What a handsome dude, who happened to get lucky, sitting next to me.

You got lucky, Babe, when I found you.


Sissy and Ray sauntered in, following another tsunami, and we had a lovely afternoon.

Ok, so it was a silly afternoon.

Ok, so it was a crazy ass afternoon.

But being the ultimate idiot that I am, I hightailed it for home before I experienced another repeat of last night.

Love a laid back Saturday.

Ain’t life grand?



Hey kids! You made my day…. and night. Such a blast!

Friday night.

I am usually so tired, I have a drink or two on the way home.

And crash.

Not tonight.

I was completely out of control

Oh yeah!

Met so many people.

Had so many laughs.

It was  a wild scene.

And those young guys!

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes!’

The young generation is wearing a party dress.

Just kidding.

I had a marvelous time, talking to the kids who were not texting.

Who were not checking their emails.

Who were focused on the moment, instead of the IPhone.





Oh and so many more.

Such happy kids.

And there I was, sucking up the ambience and the youthful attitudes.

At 930pm, finally gathered my wits about me, along with my chicken butt clogs   ( a gift from S Belle and Ray)

And ventured home.

Some day, I will grow up.

But don’t count on it.

Life is a hoot.

Live it.

Enjoy it.

Until the next time…..


Five questions


5 questions tonight.

Humor me?

Not necessary, but if you will…..

  1.  Do you remember your first love?   Is he/she still in your life today?
  2. Are you satisfied with your job?  Or do you wish you had chosen a different career?   If so, what would that career look like?
  3. If you won the lottery, what, if anything, would change in your life?
  4. How do you define yourself?
  5. If today is your last day, to be on this planet, what will be your legacy?

I hope we will meet again, tomorrow, to share our dreams.

And to live them.




The door to the old has closed. The new door awaits.

Said goodbye today to two very special people.

An emotional day for many of us who work together.

We all knew this day was coming:  Pat’s retirement day, but somehow, it always felt like it was in the future, and not now.

Things happen like that.

We set a date for an event and when that day finally comes, it marks the beginning of a new life and the end of the old.

Congratulations Pat.

As much as I love to tease you, and pretend that you are a PIA, you know I will miss you.

However….. I know where you are.

And you cannot escape me…. not that easy, girl.

For Terry, saying goodbye to him, at his memorial tonight, was heartwarming, yet so very sad and tragic.

We are born to die.

Just not that young.

It was a gathering of his family, friends, and coworkers:  a loving tribute to one of the gentlest soul to have walked among us.

You will be with us forever, in our memories, and will not be forgotten.

As for tomorrow, it will be another day to carry on without Pat and Terry.

I have a feeling that the two of them will be cheering from the sidelines,  wishing us well.

I am honored to have known and worked with both of them.


A man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs……

Another year older.


It’s true:  Only the good die young.

So, ask me.

How old do I feel?

My My, Hey Hey.

It’s better to burn out

Than to fade away

My My Hey Hey.

I am just an ancient hippy, living the dream.

Burning out the day….. burning out the night.

However, tonight, I am sitting out on the deck with the Oh Wow cat

Who has stretched out


Belly full.

Night is cooling down.

Peaceful moments.

Oh oh.


You know what?

I am happy I changed my birthday to 4/20.

The only noise heard on that day is the sound of munching.

Have a happy 4th everyone!



A rainy day and night in Pennsy.

Another day of rain that defied all reason.

Ventured out to the Pinnacle Winery, where the music and the ambience surpassed my expectations.

The food that Sissy Belle prepared was a huge hit among the patrons.

Such a lovely time:  With Elaine and Jerry, Bonnie and Clyde, and of course Johnny and Mike.

And then there was Ray.

After several hours of sharing stories, wine, beer and history, we traveled to DeMarcos, where we watched the rain fall, in droves.

It was not a normal rain fall.

Such a wild scene.

And I wonder, still I wonder, “Who’ll stop the rain?”

Home now.


Dark skies.


Friends made it happen.

The first day of July.

A fabulous day to celebrate life.

Every day is special…. if you believe.




Fish are jumping and the cotton is high


The rain!

Quite a deluge.

Hot, sticky, humid, and then the heavens opened up.

It was a phenomenal day.

A Friday, which is always good.

A party at work, for Pat, who has 2 more days to go…. and then FREEDOM!

A few drinks after work with MCat, on our way to deliver a gift to a very special Marine, Kenny and his fiancé, Haley.

Then dinner at Specs, watching the torrential rains.

Home early to feed Oh Wow and Puff Daddy.

Still feeling pain from the dental work.

Ah yes.

A Friday night.

Time to kick back, rest and relax.

Summertime…. and the living is easy.



Yesterday? Gone. Tomorrow? Not yet. Today? It’s all we have.

I felt like something was missing today.

My teeth, maybe?

Yeah, that, but something else was gnawing away at my soul.

An empty feeling.

Too many losses, in such a short time.

I felt the need to connect with special people, who have moved on to another phase of life.

Too late, I said.

They were here, with you, but they have lived their lives, and are at peace.

You, on the other hand, are still here, carrying on with daily life, meeting and making new friends, who, all too soon, will leave you as well.

Life is mostly about saying hello and goodbye.

The in between stuff comes and goes so quickly.

Today, I really tried to focus on every minute, every person, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I just could not concentrate.

My heart was heavy, with the loss of so many loved ones this past year.

I like the “hello” part of life a whole lot better than the “goodbyes.”

I am sure this melancholy feeling is fleeting.

It was that kind of day:  A lonely aching feeling, yearning for those loved ones who have passed on.

It’s ok.

Life is like that.

Reflection includes sorrow as well as joy.

One could not exist without the other.