An unlikely duo

What’s that song?

Make new friends, but keep the old? One is silver and the other gold.

So tonight, I am saying goodbye to 2 unlikely friends.

One is a kid, the other works for him….. not a kid.

From what I understand, they had a hell of a time getting to understand one another, work together and eventually become buddies.

And now, those 2 rock.

They work on construction projects across the nation, away from home for weeks at a time.

Eventually, they wind up in Chicken Butt territory, and are part of the “family.”

The young boss had a very difficult time clicking with Mr. Doug, who is probably 20 years his senior, and most likely, doesn’t like to take direction from a kid.

However, I have seen them for the past month or so, on several Monday nights, together, enjoying one another’s company.

How did that happen?

I wonder which one should have the kudos:

The young boss?

Or the seasoned older worker.

One was defiant.

The other insistent.

They work together.

The job is done.

A quote from the two:

“If and when we finally get to tolerate one another, we go out, have a few beers and enjoy.”

And they do.

They are moving on, to Maryland.

Another warehouse?

I don’t know.

I just know that I will miss them and the way their chemistry makes them a heck of a lot of fun.

They say they will be back, to visit.

I doubt it.

I hope they find a new “home” away from home, with good people who appreciate meeting new hard working friends.

You can’t tell a book by its cover?

Oh yes you can.

These 2 were always outgoing, fun, and positive, and made me laugh.

Best wishes to you two.

Pennsylvania (and I ) will miss you.




The Mother of all Mothers…..

Happy Mother’s day to the mother of all mothers.

That is what the boys said when I walked in the bar for my usual Sunday morning breakfast:  OJ and vodka.

Being the ultimate mother, I decided to have 2 doubles this morning, in honor of all the mothers out there.

Moving right along, Chicken Marsala at Specs!



Ran into a woman with a large and a small eye, and her husband, whose eyes are damn near perfect.

After dinner, a rum and mint and something pink drink.

Too sweet.

Came home to find my two children ready to eat again, Puff Daddy and Oh Wow.

They love their groceries.

Sundays are such a delight.

Yes, I know tomorrow is Monday.

But Sundays would not be so wonderful if there were no Mondays.

And Mondays would not be so miserable if I was a free bird, a free spirit, or just free.

This week, my resolution is to plan my escape.

And to make it happen.




Saturday at Blue Mountain

A rainy day….. cold, raw, windy.

However, not at the winery!

What a lovely place.

Blue Mountain Winery.

Taste the wine, decide on your favorite, buy a bottle, grab a table and few chairs.

Patti brought chicken salad sandwiches, blue chips and salsa, cucumber, tomato, mozzarella cheese, taco dip and crackers to pair with a lovely white merlot.

And let the fun begin!

I am not really sure how many people I met, who shared lunch with us, and are now our friends on facebook.

Geez.  I should wear that Minnie Mouse hat more often, while I am pretending to guzzle from a bottle of wine.

Yes, I was acting a little off the top, but I enjoyed every minute.

Very beautiful winery, I must say.

And a great place to meet new friends while enjoying the great wines.

I hear they have music, blues, on Sunday.

I will be back.





If you think you are crazy, you haven’t met me yet…..

A non spectacular Friday…..

Until a fire cracker lit up my ass and carried me to the craziest bar ever.

People who have absolutely no connection with one another enjoyed a few hours with one another.

No matter who walked into the joint, the crazy chicken butt lady sat on her perch, laid a few eggs, and welcomed everyone who entered the inner sanctuary.

It appears to be a personal problem:  You see, this chicken butt knows no boundaries.

She does not care if you are 20, 90 or 4.

She is crazy about all of you.

And for the most part, with the exception of Steven, who finally slinked out of the joint, with his pizza in hand, it was a lovely hour or two.

Listen to her crazy lingo:

“Hey!  What you doing tomorrow?  1pm?  Want to join Sissy Bell and the C. Butt for a lovely trip to the Blue Mountain Winery?”

Ok, so no one bit.

It really doesn’t matter.

Chx B. had her 3rd OJ and V, doubles of course, and suddenly announced that she was a slight bit tipsy.

Over the river and through the woods, the Cx B turned up the radio, listened to “There’s something in the air”  and arrived at home base before 730pm.

I recalled the days of my youth, when I would not wander home til midnight.

AH!  But I was much older then.

I’m younger than that now.

Enjoy the weekend!



Living the dream….

Hey friends…..

I wish all of us could gather on a barge or at a bar, and just let it all hang out.

I almost succeeded…. but my friend and I got slightly out of whack….

And we ended up with Glen, Bobbie and Terry.

Actually, those 3 could hardly wait til we left.


Hey Patti!

Hey Marcie!

Hey Amber!

‘Hey Ms FBI!

What a lovely evening.

If you or yours would like to hang with us, next Wednesday….



Old 22.


Oh my my. oh hell yes, time to put on your winery dress.

Such a fabulous time awaits.

Life is short.






Cats 101

Cats show up at our doorsteps, as kittens.

Lost, crying, hungry.

10 years later, they are still with us.

Still crying.

Still hungry.

But they have captured our hearts.

And we cater to their finicky ways.

“Oh?  So you don’t like this chicken Florentine anymore?”

“Let me run out and get you the tuna supreme, or the lobster broth.”

Actually, my latest grocery store runs have been for cat food.

If they have food, I am happy.

Of course, I have beer and wine, so, that makes everything even better.

As a child, and a young adult, I did not relate to cats.

Never had one.

Only dogs.

Now, as an old bag, I have cats.

Call me a crazy cat lady.

I like and admire the characteristics of a cat:

They are tenacious, cunning, curious, playful, lazy, independent, and really quite beautiful.

But they do have claws.

And they are not afraid to use them.



A unique creature of the universe.

And I personally know two of them, who are friends of mine.



Fostering and supporting a plan that is a win/win.

Hello everyone.

It is a cool Tuesday evening.

I worked all day, as I would guess most of you did.

And it had its ups and downs.

2 conference calls.

One I hosted.

All sweetness and light.

The next?


I was a “guest.”

I think I was designated to be the spokesperson in a future meeting.

Hey, guys!

Let’s talk.

Don’t think for one minute, that I will take on the  leading role nor the responsibility of your team.

I would like to ask you:

What have you done to support me?

I am looking to you for your “enterprise” ship of the future.

What is your vision?

Your mission?

Don’t confuse me with sales.

But if I was,

Well, I would be out there garnering support, establishing partnerships and growing the core business.

For now, I find it amusing, that you think I have the answers.

I am not the star ship enterprise, but maybe I should be.

Yes, I am getting up there, aging…. but aren’t all of us?

Does anyone really care if you are 20 or 49 or 77, if you can bring ideas and solutions to the table, to reduce costs, increase sales and improve the bottom line?

Oh well… such is life.

Short time profits vs long term relationships and growth.

It  all depends on the leadership.

Today, Tuesday, a cool day in Pennsylvania.

Another opportunity to work together to collaborate, discuss and decide on a plan that will bring success for our partners and for us.

I think we may have blown it.

I hope not.


Yes, I see an invisible rabbit. He is one of my closest friends.

Not sure if you see things the way I do, but if you do….

I was thinking about Donnie and Marie Osmond.

2 little kids.


Maybe 7 or 8 years old.

And then!


Time has a way of moving on, while my mind still pictures them as kids…. along with the Jackson 5.

Oh Michael:  I still see you singing and dancing to Billie Jean.  Absolutely forever etched in my mind.

The Stones?

What the hell happened?

They always were the bad boys, the wild boys, but at 75?   Hey, guys, I prefer not to see you perform now.

Getting old is ok, I guess.

But for rock bands?

Not exactly enticing.

The only old guy I would like to see is Tony Bennett.

But then, Tony has always been old.


It’s not that I don’t like old people.


No, I don’t like old people who get all cranky and crabby and needy.

If and when I get to that point:  Will someone please take me out back and shoot me?

For now, I watch Andy Griffith and Barney, back in the day, in Mayberry.

They will always be in Mayberry, in my mind.

When my school reunion comes up, I just can’t go.

I want to remember those kids as they were, once upon a time.

As for me?

Yes, I do get more fabulous as the years pass by.

I look in the mirror and think:  Oh No!!  What the hell happened to me?

But it’s ok.

Getting old doesn’t have to mean getting cranky, crabby and cantankerous.

I prefer to have a good time, wherever and whatever I do.

I guess I am more like Elwood P Dowd every day.

Hey Harvey!

Let’s go have a drink at Charlie’s.  Same time, same table, same delusion.



Mary’s mission

Sometimes I wonder how my old friends will blend with my new friends

Never mind.

It was great.

Patti and Scott and Scott?

They clicked.

And then?

Our best wishes to our soldiers.

Our thanks to those who put their lives on the line, for us.

What a wonderful day.

Strangers. families, supporters of our troops.

People who love people…..

It always clicks.

And we add another person to our friends’ list?

To live one’s life is to acknowledge and welcome those who wander into our space.


Hello Glen, Gina, Mark and all of Kenny’s family.

Hey! Ken!

Thank you for keeping us safe.

Thank you for your service.

When we all get to meet you, we will celebrate our freedom.

Thank you Mary.  You made it happen.

What a wonderful night.

We salute you and love you…. for what you continue to do for our country.



Expectation vs Reality

Most of the working folks I know,  love Fridays.

I get the concept.

Friday:  Once it is over….. helloooooooooo weekend.

However, I have yet to work on a Friday that was any different from any other day of the week.

Maybe, just maybe, Fridays might be the worst day of the week for surfacing issues and problems.

I wonder: Is it because the sales force is done traveling, for the most part, are back in their offices and decide to create a little stir, or havoc, as I call it.

Fridays seem to have more rush requests than any other day of the week.

Fridays are my coworkers’ favorite day to schedule a vacation day.

Those of us who didn’t take a vacation day, and agreed to back up the vacationers, can’t wait for the closing bell to ring.

Yeah, well, not literally.

Friday nights hold the promise of bliss and partying.

Guess what?

Most of us are too tired to indulge.

Grab a pizza, a beer and snooze on the couch.

Wake up at 11pm and head into bed.

It really doesn’t matter.

Fridays will always be that magical day when freedom is right around the corner.

Maybe not tonight, but tomorrow!  Yes!  Saturday.

That’s another story.

The weekend?


Cramming all the yard work, cleaning, chores and shopping into 2 days….. freedom?

And then in a blink of an eye.

It is Monday.

And we begin once again:

Counting down….

to Friday.