Do you know how or why we are here, on this planet?

Corned beef hash for breakfast.

Like it?

With poached eggs?

For me, this morning?



Friends, laughter and music.


Not anticipating more friends to show up, but they did, and what a hoot it was.

One of those days that just happened without any planning.

Spontaneous combustion.

Cheers to life!

Not sure how we got here, or why we are alive, but this planet is amazing.

I hear the sun is not going to last more than 14 billion years from today.


I wonder if I will be alive then.


Enjoy the moment!

Don’t spend too much time on why we are here.

You may never know.

Just embrace each day.

And remember to tell those who cross your path that you love them.





Burning the Butt’s Candle

If all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy,

Then what does all play and no work do to Jack?

Or to the Chicken Butt?

Bing, bang, crash.

Time to rejuvenate, refresh, and regenerate.

I skipped the light fandango last night.

Didn’t even pole dance.

Charged up my battery and fell asleep while the sun was still shining.

Who says there is no rest for the wicked?


Great balls of fire

A fireball shot.

What the heck is that?

Ok, I will try one.


My sinus issues are solved.

However, I need water…. lots of it.

Not sure this fireball thing is for me.

Let’s try Jameson.

All that does is make me mellow.

Now that I think about it, isn’t that what it is supposed to do?

Will someone please move to Oregon with me?

Hmmm. no takers.

Ok, will someone please take me out back and shoot me?


A dozen people are positioned out back waiting for the chicken butt to come out of the establishment, after an afternoon of debauchery.

Thank goodness they don’t recognize me, in my Cinco de Mayo disguise.

Slip sliding away… once again, only to reappear at a bar near you, tomorrow.

Life is a hoot, especially if you are wearing an owl’s outfit.

Hope to have the opportunity to be with you, once again, tomorrow.

If not, don’t send flowers.

Buy a few roses and wear them in your hair.

And have a few fire balls in my honor.

I love it when my balls are on fire.



And they’re off!

Not sure which is more exciting:

The derby party or the derby.

Or planning on what to wear to the derby party, or actually wearing it.

Studying the lineup, to pick a winner or to watch the race, win or lose.

And when you partner the festivities with a tribute to those who are serving in the US military, it is a day like no other.

The annual gathering of friends and family of our soldiers, in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

Thanks, Mary, for organizing this special event, once again.

I enjoyed every minute!

My only regret:  It went too fast.

But then… there is always next year.




Hey Dana!


So cool.
So beautiful.

Such a hard worker.

And then there are Jayden and Jacob.

Love those boys.

And then?



She is a keeper.

The ultimate mother, teacher,  friend and wife.

I can’t wait to see you again.

So very pretty.

She has no idea how beautiful she is.

It is part of her mystery.

Thank you, Dana, for teaching this old chicken butt, what life is all about.

Live, love and Laugh.

Happy birthday, my friend!

You are one of a kind.

Love you!




Living the dream…..

Can’t live without:

My friend Jimmy.

Lulu, the bird from Wilkes-Barre.

Buttered popcorn.

Hanging out with Dana, at 230pm, for an hour.

An everything bagel with cream cheese.


Puff Daddy.

Sleeping til I wake up.

Acting like an idiot.

Dreaming of Lake Superior.


Tom Petty songs.

Spring time.

Laughing with friends.

Dancing in the rain.

An afternoon in the winery, with music.

Crispy home fries.

A fine point pen.

Connecting with strangers.

Experiencing the ocean.

NJ Pizza.

Reflecting on the life with the infamous JB.

Looking forward to whatever it is that life brings.


If it doesn’t happen, thank you for the ride.





A friend from the sky

It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

It’s …. it’s a bird.

And the bird is in the house.

Where in the heck did he come from?
Puff Daddy was very interested in the flying circus, watching intensely.

How to get him out.


Open door, use a long handled duster to ease him out and a few minutes later, out the door he went.

The unusual activity increased my appetite, and I ventured off to the grocery store and to Jake’s place, for lunch.

How lovely:  The road is under construction.

Long delay.

I have heard that one should never go grocery shopping when hungry, but I did.

What a hoot.

Rice pudding, popcorn, little chili peppers, oreos and of course, cat food.

Lunch at Jake’s:  Homemade French fries and a California burger.

Oink oink.

After sitting in the construction zone on the way home, I figured I better call it a day.

Geez!  90 degrees.

Did the weather and the bird come from the same place?

A cold beer at home ended my day.

Never a dull moment in the life of a deranged, retired chicken butt.




To trust? or not to trust?

Never trust:

The intentions of a squirrel on the road.

A lawyer who charges $10 for advice.

An invitation from a sales group for a free lunch.

An email stating you have won a trip.

Someone who says:  “It can’t happen to me.”

A constant complainer, who never votes.

A man who wears white socks with sandals.

Drinking hot coffee in turbulence.

Making eye contact with a skunk.

Salads at a buffet.

Bald men who use hair spray.

Thinking you will win the lottery.

Eating spaghetti, while wearing a white shirt.

The weather forecast.

The thought that there is always tomorrow.










My dream from childhood: To live in NYC.

Thinking about leaving the old homestead.

Not sure I want to live in this old house too much longer.

It was never my choice.

Jim wanted a yard.

For me?

I would rather live in a studio apartment, in NYC.

Time for me to downsize, and to get rid of everything I own.

Less is more.

Bring it on.

My my, hey hey.  Rock and roll is here to stay. I would rather burn out than fade away.  My my hey hey.

See you in NY.


Working vs Retiring

Working vs Retirement:

My how things have changed in my daily routine.

Here are 5:

I no longer:

  1.  Plan meals for the week.  I don’t even cook.  I eat when I feel like it, and not nearly as much as I did when I worked.  Lunch hours used to be a thing of beauty, and a time to get away from my desk.  Currently, my lunch hour might be at 8am, 3pm, or midnite, or a continuous munching episode.

2.  Get clothes ready for the week.  Jeans, baby, jeans.  That is all. Freedom is a pair of jeans and sneakers.

3.  Set an alarm.  I now have an internal clock.  It wakes me up when I am rested, regardless of the time.

4.  Wait for the weekends.  Every day is a virtual Saturday.  Some are productive, some not.  But all are fun.

5.  Answer the phone.  At work?  Yes, no choice.  At home?  Heck no.  Too many years of having to answer and talk, regardless of who was calling.  Leave a message.  I will get back to you.  It is my small way of getting even with the telephone.

One last thought:  Socially?  There are so many choices every day, to fill the need to stay stimulated and engaged with others.  At work, mandatory.  Retirement:   It is a choice.  And that makes all the difference.