A Saturday in June.

How wonderful is that?

It is the time of year for weddings, picnics, pool parties, gardening, graduations, and outdoor grilling.

And for a deranged Chicken Butt?  After shopping and chores?

A time to sit on my deck with a glass of wine.

Some have said:  “What do you think about when you are out there, on that deck, roasting in the sun, with a glass of hot wine?”

I just give them a vacant, vacuous stare and shrug.  “Huh?  Isn’t it enough to just have a few hours to relax and enjoy the squirrels and rabbits in the yard?”

There are those who say that is boring and a waste of time.  I should be cleaning and cooking and ironing, among other domestic tasks.

Yeah.  Ok.  I could be doing that.  But I have decided that the important things in life should come first.  Like enjoying a lovely June Saturday.

I don’t always have a conversation with myself, but today, I did.

“Hey, Chicken Butt!  It’s hot out here.”

“Shut up, Pat.  I mean shut up, evil twin.”

“What are you thinking about, out here, by yourself?”

“Absolutely nothing.  I just let my mind wander.”

“Have you come up with any revelations?”

“I thought I saw Daniel, traveling tonight on a plane,  but it was just the clouds in my eyes.”

“Don’ t you feel guilty?  Just hanging out on the deck like a beached whale, singing Elton John songs?”

“Hell no. Guilt is not something I value.”

“What is it, that you truly value?”

“Waking up this morning, with another day on the planet, for starters. So, I am breathing it all in: The sun, the warmth, life, in general.  And it feels good.”

“You make it all seem so simple.  Life is not a walk in the park.”

“You’re right.  It isn’t only a walk in the park.  What it is, is a walk in the park with a bowl of cherries.”