Just because


Supposedly the best day of the week.

Well, ok, for those who still work, Monday through Friday.

For me?

I love Fridays, along with Sundays, Mondays, etc. etc. etc.


Because… just because.

I wake up in the morning, to see if I am still alive and breathing.

If yes?


It is time to celebrate.

Don’t ask what the celebration is…. It is simply my life.

50 plus years, working and what do I have to show for it?

A great attitude.

A handful of friends.

A love/hate relationship with a cat.

A penchant for adventure, along with a sense of humor.

A lifetime of memories.

And most of all?

Living in the moment.

For every day that I am still here, on this planet, I hope we will meet again, to share another day of our short time on this earth.

That, my friends, is all there is.



Taking the cure

To be or not to be.

Expanding on that thought; To behave or not to behave.

A spring chicken with a spring cold, all stuffed up, coughing and sneezing decided to ignore the cold, and to take the cure.

Started out with a lovely meal: Catfish, veggies and mac and cheese.

Feeling no better.

Not to be deterred, stopped for a hot toddy.

Did I say “a” hot toddy?

I lied.

Several toddies later, among at least a zillion raucous, crazy friends, I took a health check on my cold.

Is it gone?

Nope, still there.

Feeling lousy?

Who cares?

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine.

I would like to change that: A mixed drink of booze sprinkled heavily with laughter may not cure a cold, but it is sure makes life fun.


It was that $#@#% jelly doughnut

Even with a cold, I had to have a jelly doughnut and coffee while I waited for my car to get serviced.

Then the coughing began.

It was so bad, I went outside, to be alone, with my cough, to read a book.

Cough drop?

Didn’t help.

Wouldn’t you know it: The service guys, sales people, and other customers just had to stop to talk to me.

Not sure why, but they were all in a very friendly, happy mood.

By then, my coughing was reduced to a dull roar, but the more I talked, the worse it got.

As soon as the car was ready, I stopped at the pharmacy for my favorite over the counter meds and the coughing was finally under control.

What a relief!

I had to celebrate.

Cheesy garlic bread, to keep the vampires away, a salad, to pretend to be eating healthy, and 2 hot toddies, please…… just because.

When the boys started strolling in after work, it was time for me to pack it up and go home.

Yeah, so I felt lousy today.

Life can be that way.

My advice?

Suck it up, have some fun, and indulge in honey jack with tea and honey, when things get rough.


The slow lane

Experiencing life in the slow lane these days.

Yes, the chicken butt has bad legs.

Chicken legs, with hosed up knees.

Sure does put a damper on pole dancing, among other things.

Not to dwell on a sore subject, I find that if I stay immobilized, comatose and tipsy, it is bearable.

My doctor?

Cool as a cucumber, detached and skinny as a wet hen.

Nice guy, but conservative.

No medical weed for this old bird.

If you happen to see a wobbling pollet in your neighborhood, please take her out back and shoot her.



Upon us all, a little rain must fall

40 days and 40 nights: rain.

Ok, so maybe only 39.

For 5 minutes today, the sun appeared.

And then?



It was time for the Chicken Butt to socialize, in a warm place.

And, there is nothing quite as warm as being with friends.

First thing: Pancakes for breakfast with Sissy Belle.

Then, shopping for cat food for the princess.

Meeting with Dana was a hoot, as usual.

Time goes so fast when we have our daily beverage.

In walks the King and Queen of Hearts: Chris and Christine.

Followed by so many others, all served by the lovely Kimber and Lisa.

Knowing that I could be coerced into staying for just “one more”, I exerted my will power and went home at 420pm.

I wonder: Can life really be this much fun?

It is.

Until tomorrow,



Moonshine on a sunny day

Foggy eyed and bushy tailed, it was time to get outside on a beautiful day to soak in the sunshine.

Wouldn’t you know it, I got caught up in the moonshine instead.

It was just too interesting to leave.

I was mesmorized by Kim’s impersonations, Tim’s drone, and Davey’s singing, along with a thousand other things.

As usual, I stopped to join Dana for a cold one, and was planning to leave after she had to leave to pick up her little one.


Pittsburgh and Todd had me laughing and one thing (beer, that is), led to another.

When the atmosphere is friendly, hilarious and crazy, why leave?

Checking outside, the sun is taking a break, so no chance of vitamin D.

How sad.

I wonder how I will survive.


Saving time in a bottle


Whatever happened to it yesterday?

A nice lunch at a new restaurant.

A few glasses of the bubbly.

And then, it was suddenly this morning.

Peering out of one eye, the daylight was streaming in.

I felt like I was caught in a Jackson Browne Song, the Pretender.

Will I get up and do it again?

Only the Chicken Butt knows for sure.

I’ll be sure to let you know.


Did the 3 little pigs have names?

It’s been said that “things” come in 3’s.

Like the 3 stooges.

Or deaths.

How about the 3rd time is a charm?

There is the 3 dog night, the triple crown, 3 strikes and you’re out, and 3 coins in a fountain.

For me, it’s my 3rd day of hibernation, recuperating from leprosy or the bubonic plaque or whatever this ridiculous bug is.

I have watched 3 of my favorite movies, in the past 3 days: A few Good Men, My Cousin Vinny and Airplane.

I am waiting to burst out of this cocoon, emerging as a butterfly with a resting bitch face.

And when I do, I am going to search for a 4 leaf clover.

I am done with the 3’s.


Misery reinvented

Hobbling around like an old lady.


I am old.

Did I say hobble?

Remember that movie, Misery, with Kathy Bates?

I have not used that word since I saw that movie, until today.

It used to be my knee.

Now? Hip.

Someone must have hobbled me big time.

Since I am disabled, and it is a gloomy day, I wil rest again.

3rd day in a row.

I won’t hobble around until the sun comes up and puts vitamin D back in my life.

Happy Sunday!


It’s not nice to bite the chx butt

Stomach bug bit the chicken butt.

Yes, on the hind end.

No breakfast club today for this spring chicken…. make that a winter chicken.

Another day of rest and TV.

It ruflles my feathers to not feel well.

When and if anything exciting or non exciting happens, it will appear on this “Guess What?” ridiculous blog.

Until then, cheers! (This time with tea)