Enjoying a Friday in September, 2019

Anticipation: Friday Breakfast.

Tried a new spot: Not so hot.

Home at noon.

So sorry, Kim, about your faithful and loving friend, Tagnan, who passed away this morning.

So many memories, so many years, such a wonderful family member: A protector, a barker, a beautiful dog, who enjoyed a loving relationship.

Sadly, we all pass one day.

Moving along, in the afternoon, who showed up?

Cathy, Mary, Ron, Dana, Mark, Mike, and Patti.

We toasted to one another, enjoying the day with our friends.

Just one caveat: Live and let live.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses.

It’s ok.

This is reality.

Who has time to be judgmental?

Home now, and ready to hunker down.

Us old drunks need our beauty sleep.

Not that it does much good.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Live, love and laugh.

Life is short!




Missing a few screws

Admittingly, I was slightly tipsy last night.

However, this blog had me diligently writing my ass off, as usual.

And then?


Something happened.

Gone forever.

If I could remember what I wrote about, I am sure it could have been considered a literary classic.

Or, perhaps, it was what we idiots call a “masterpiece.”

Trying to cope with the loss of a lifetime, here I am again.


It is way past my bedtime of 420.

It is all Bobby’s fault.

Or was it Dana?

Maybe Sam?

No, it was Todd.

Whoever it was, I am sending a note to the pope, to nominate this bunch for sainthood.

Have you ever met anyone as silly as I am?

If not, please join me tomorrow for a repeat of skipping the light fandango.

I hope to see you there.



The highlights of a Monday in August.

The lessons of Monday, August 26, 2019.

Just a few.

Ok, maybe 4 or 5.

  1. Grooming a cat can be dangerous to your health:

This morning, the queen of all cats, Puff Daddy selectively decided on what she would endure.

Brushing? Ok.

Cutting matted hair? No way.

Nails? Forget it

She was, however, fairly civil, only attempting to bite me once.

2. Getting 2 marriage proposals in an afternoon.

Dismiss these idiots…immediately.

Who, in their right mind, would want to marry an alleged black widow?

Recognize the fact that these goofs are either drunk or desperate, or both.

3. To be productive or not?

Why bother?

Life goes on, either way.

Besides, it is more fun to hang with the sinners than with the saints.

4. Live in the moment.

So what if there is a traffic jam? Listen to music and chill.

Enjoy a few beers with a pizza. Life is short. Eat what you like,

Listen to those you meet along the way. It is surprising how many of us might hear, but we really don’t listen.

Find a common bond with others.Most importantly, be positive, smile and enjoy the interactions.

Until tomorrow,


Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

Have you ever wondered if you are sane?

Let me take you on a subliminal trip.

Awake at 4am.

Hungry, after a night of frivolity and debauchery.

Breakfast of French toast and bacon, along with several cups of coffee, to ease my pain.

From that moment on?

A myriad of experiences, all of them crazily wonderful.

I must admit, I am not sane.

I am a flying squirrel, rabid and dangerous… and loving every moment.

Yes, I have illusionary issues.

I happen to love just about everyone I meet.

And I wonder, still I wonder, “Who’ll stop the rain?”

See what I mean?



And living for the moment.

Just one tiny smidgen of advice from the Chx Butt: Be who you are.

And love it.



The USA bubble

Let me introduce myself: I am the queen bee, the top of the town, the loosest cannon and the most creative illusionary in the western world.

However, the western world is not what it used to be.

Now we have the global influence: those who believe that those who live in these United States are spoiled, soft, and screwed.

I, for one, live in this bubble.

What can happen to the greatest nation in the world?

History tells the story.

Thank goodness I am on the other side of the moon.

No, I am not always comfortably numb.

Sometimes I really don’t like Pink Floyd.


Negative vibes.

The lunatics are on the lawn, and then?

In my head.

If you find me to be an idiot, may I suggest that it takes one to know one.

My favorite things include kraft mac and cheese, raw fries potatoes and Titos vodka.

May all of you have an awesome evening.

If not?

Hey, suck it up.

Until the next time,




On the way home today, I saw a black lamb.

I stopped to have a conversation with the little cutie:

“Hey, do you know what’s in store for you, little one?”

He said, “Yeah. So? Let’s face it. There is always one in every family. You should know.”

Wait a minute.

How did this little lamb connect the dots to my story?

He said, ” Don’t think you are special. You aren’t. Look around you. There are so many of us that just don’t fit in.”

“Hold your horses! Who are you to say I don’t fit in?”

The lamb simply replied: You are a prime example of the misfit. Why don’t you get a job or something?”

“What? I have worked for over 45 years, am now retired as the town drunk. Do you know what a stressful situation that is?”

“Boo hoo. So what? Do you hear what everyone is saying to me? Bah bah black sheep have you any wool?”


” I lie: I tell them, three bags full.”

“May I share a secret with you?”

“Yeah, ok,”

“I get the same question, sort of. People ask me if I am 3 sheets to the wind.”

“Are you?”

“Of course. I am 3 bags or sheets full, at all times.”

“Want to join me for a Lamb’s Navy rum?”


“At the Lamb’s club, in NYC.”

” No thanks, I prefer dives.:

“Ok, meet you at Krummy‚Ķ”

“Give me 5 minutes.”


The “know it all”.

There will never be another Sunday like this one.

Weather was perfect.

Great breakfast with the Bionic man.

Off to quench my thirst with a bloody mary.

And then?

Well, let’s just say, it was serendipity from that moment on.

I read my horoscope and it said: “Don’t be a know it all.”

“But”, I said, to myself, “Self? Try to cool it today. You are getting to be an obnoxious pest.”

If you don’t believe me, ask Jen.

She knows, yet she works in the crazy business of putting up with the obnoxious.

Smiling, friendly, accommodating: That’s Jen.

Somehow I feel there will come a day when she will knock my block off.

And then I say, “Self? If your block gets knocked off, you will be blackballed from another establishment.”

You know what?

Who cares?

I pride myself on my ability to get kicked out of drive ins, dives and diners.

Actually, I hate that show.

What’s his name drives around and eats.

What’s with that?

As the afternoon ticks by, I have to decide to watch either Randy and Say Yes to the Dress or the walking dead.

My life is fabulous, ain’t it?

Until tomorrow…. xoxoxoxoxo


Do you know where you will be tomorrow?

Hey kids!

I hope you enjoyed your Friday.


I did, even if I didn’t realize it was Friday.

This is what you can expect when you retire.

Friends will say: “What you gonna do tomorrow? Want to have lunch?”

Me:: “Uhm, wait a minute. Tomorrow? Well, I should know by 10 or 11 am tomorrow.”

“What ?”

“It’s just that I don’t plan my day until I wake up and decide what the heck I am gonna do.”

Tomorrow morning rolls around.

Do I want to do lunch?

Not really sure.

I need to quench my thirst.

Beer please…. and perogies, shrimp and a baked potato.

“Hey, friends! I am comfortably numb. Come and join me.”

And they do!

5 hours later?

Time to go home.

Friends: “What’s up for tomorrow?”

Me: : What’s tomorrow?”

Friends: “Saturday.”

Me: “Call me about 10 or 11am. I will check my dance card.”

You know what?

I don’t have dance card.

I am a loose cannon.

As for tomorrow?

Who knows?

I love spontaneity.



Resizing or downsizing? Depends on your age.

Started out, thinking that it was time to donate Jim’s clothes.

Not an easy thing to do.

However, after 2 years?

What the heck am I waiting for?

A reincarnation?

Or just feeling slightly guilty?

If he hasn’t resurfaced in 2 years, well…..

And then my neighbor stopped by to pick up some of the items that Jim had accumulated.

It was a day to hang out at home, to reflect on the past, and to get on with the future.

On that note, I drove to Patti’s for a lovely dinner of fajitas and coors light, on the patio, on a spectacular summer’s night.

All the time, wondering what’s next.

With that thought in hand, I am ready to find a way to get rid of everything in this house.

I believe many of us have accumulated too much stuff.

Ok, if not you, I have.

Time to downsize, to re-evaluate what the hell I am gonna do in my ancient life, as I get must remind myself: Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup and ride that highway in the sky.

Good night, peeps!!


And now there are three….

The 3- some strikes again: Town Bum, Town drunk and now, the Town Terror.

All wearing black shirts on a hot Monday, meeting in an obscure, not so discreet bar.

If only we weren’t such introverts, just think what we could have or might have accomplished.

Unfortunately, one of the town trio has a reputation for making Monday night history.

She is a wild mess on Mondays: her favorite night to party.

Unfortunately, she is so far gone, the town drunk forgets what day it is and parties every night.

Then there is the Bum: Poor thing: She only weighs about 60 lbs, and eats salads most of the time.

That is, of course, until she gets together with those other 2 and then? Oink oink.

The newest member of the group surpassed her limit of 2 libations tonight. I think it was the Bum who encouraged her.

Hey! Terror woman: What the hell did you get yourself into?

There is something magical about spontaneous combustion.

And that, my friends, is exactly what happened tonight…. in an obscure bar in Eastern Pennsylvania.

What a hoot!