Upon us all, a little rain must fall

40 days and 40 nights: rain.

Ok, so maybe only 39.

For 5 minutes today, the sun appeared.

And then?



It was time for the Chicken Butt to socialize, in a warm place.

And, there is nothing quite as warm as being with friends.

First thing: Pancakes for breakfast with Sissy Belle.

Then, shopping for cat food for the princess.

Meeting with Dana was a hoot, as usual.

Time goes so fast when we have our daily beverage.

In walks the King and Queen of Hearts: Chris and Christine.

Followed by so many others, all served by the lovely Kimber and Lisa.

Knowing that I could be coerced into staying for just “one more”, I exerted my will power and went home at 420pm.

I wonder: Can life really be this much fun?

It is.

Until tomorrow,





Had to head out at noon today.

It was the princess Dana’s birthday.

I think it was a week since we had shared a drink together.

After a salad and cheesy garlic bread, served by the lovely Pamela, the festivities began.

And continued until 7pm.

I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard.


I think I laugh that hard every day.

However, when you live in the moment, it always seems unique.

As Emily said in “Our Town” Oh Earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? -every, every minute?”

Probably not.

But when you do, it is astonishing.



Assume you want to be a famous writer.

You sit down, and look at a blank page.

Now what?

Do you really have something to say?

Nothing comes to mind.

You place your fingers on the keyboard.

Suddenly the words come tumbling out.

And so it begins.

Ideas, thoughts, concepts and possibilities emerge.

What is behind the inspiration?

It exists in your subconscious.

All it takes is a willingness to begin.

It’s all about the first step.

Just do it.

Writing is wrapped up in your imagination.

The sky is the limit.

But only if you begin.


Living life in a song

Remember Mr BoJangles?

Dancing, jumping so high and all that jazz.

I felt like that song was one of the saddest ever.

Am I just a bleeding heart?

Maybe, but if I had known Mr Bo, he and I would probably drift in and out of society, to do what we had to do.


I think that was the motivation for him and for most of us.

We are here.

We exist.

We are one of many.

And we strive to find our niche.

If only life was fair.

It isn’t.

So we do what we have to do.

Hey Bo!

I wish I could talk to you today, to tell you how your talent and your story has been inpirational.

And your dog?

I know you still grieve for him.

A simple story, with so much meaning.

You will live forever in my heart.


Ch ch ch changes

Do you know those who have reinvented themselves?

Not just once, but as they change?

It is difficult to believe that people do not change over the years.

Marriages disintegrate when this happens.

Some choose an alternative life style.

And others?

Well, they remember what was once their passion, living out their lives, forfeiting their dreams.

It takes a courageous person to embrace a dream, to sacrifice comfort, and to find their purpose in this life, in spite of the consequences.

It’s not for the faint of heart, or for those who prefer not to upset the apple cart.

However, if you admire those who have lived their lives pursuing their dreams, and you believe in possibilities, just do it.

No one lives forever.

But their legacies serve as an inspiration to all of us.

No fanfare, no grandstanding.

Just a life with purpose.

If you can dream it, you can do it.


The best of times


Lolling around.

Sissy: “Let’s do an adventure.”

That was all it took.

From that moment on, it was all holds barred.

Not that we traveled very far.

Oh, yes, we had planned to do something crazy, but…..

We hung out with Pam, Lisa and Dana, and the rest of the regulars who make life interesting.

Who can leave when the atmosphere is ripe for telling hilarious stories?

Happiness is often found right around the corner or in your backyard.

Thanks to all for a wonderful afternoon!!!


Thirsty Thursday?


My lawn looks fabulous.

Thanks, Marlowe.

My cat is eating again: Liver and chicken.

Way to go, Puff Daddy.

On my way to an adventure.

Stopped: Thanks Kim!

I will be back later.

Then, fate intervened: Cindy and Bunny: WTH?

A quick drink.

A text from Bryan.

Back to my comfort zone.

Tim: Why? Why are you so aloof?

It’s ok.

I still think you are misunderstood.

Oh no!

A few brewskies, and ready to leave.

Oh yeah?

Not quite.

Ok, so I miscalculated.

Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?

Home now.

Oh what a night.

Craziness seems to follow me.

Until tomorrow?

Who knows?


Yes, afraid so. Another list

Oh no!

Another list?

Things to ponder:

  1. Craving saltiness after eating something sweet. Or is it just me?
  2. If the word vacation is derived from “to vacate”, do you have to go somewhere? or just get the heck out?
  3. Planting spring flowers in April in Pennsylvania and then? A frosty night.
  4. Does anyone use the back up camera in a car and still turn your head, to look back, just to be sure?
  5. Peeps at Easter: Fresh, stale, or not at all?
  6. If you have hundreds of friends on face book, do you keep in touch with all of them on a regular basis?
  7. Is it who you know or what you know when you are offered a job?
  8. Conditioning: Years of working. Then retirement. The transition to feeling free to do what you want, does not occur overnight.
  9. Divorces are typically due to control issues. True or False?
  10. If your preference is for a salad at dinner time, don’t be surprised if someone asks you if you are on a diet.



Go for it….

A hermit yesterday, a crazed lunatic today.

I need to settle down.

Up at dawn, trying to be productive.

And then?

Don’t ask.

Too many wonderful people crossed my path, and I could not resist.

It was an exceptionally fun filled day.

The morning?

The regular stuff that people do.

And then?

Complete mayhem.

My kind of day.

Let it happen.

And it did.

I have decided not to grow up in the near future.

Not worth it.

Happiness can not be planned.

Spontanaiety reigns supreme.

Life is a gift, to be opened every day.

Until I no longer inhabit this planet, I have decided to enjoy every moment.

I hope you will do the same.

When it is over, it is over.

Do it now.

And enjoy!


The eye of the Tiger.

Nothing urgent.

At least not in my life.

However, in Tiger Woods’ life, it was an historical day.

Had to see this on the big screen, eating margarita shrimp, cheering for the Tiger.


Well, not quite that, but Tiger was at the top of the town before his fall.

And today was his rise again to fame and fortune.

I believe that it takes courage, faith and perserverance, never giving up, until you succeed.

Congrats Tiger, on a spectacular come back!