The inner sanctum of a mad hatter’s thoughts

Woke up with a hangover… from Kait’s 21st birthday party.

It wasn’t really the party; it was me, drinking cognac, like an idiot.

Oh great.  It is the day I have to take the trash down the driveway for pickup.

It’s snowing.

Gee, isn’t the snow pretty?

I can’t remember ever thinking snow is pretty.

Not when I  have to go out in it.

After procrastinating for an hour or two, I finally put on shoes, grabbed a robe and looked for the car keys.


Oh no, well, now what?

Was I half in the bag when I came home last night?


Why didn’t I put the keys on the table with my Minnie Mouse hat?

Drunk, that’s why.

Found the spare key and headed out with 4 bags.

What a frightful sight I was.

Puff was huffing and puffing, in her sassy mood, thinking I would be gone all day.

She hates that.

She needs me around, to remind me that she needs to eat 4 or 5 times a day.

I was pleased with myself, being so productive, so I ate 2 doughnuts and had a beer.

It stopped snowing and for a minute or two, I considered going out to eat.

However, after my strenuous morning, I thought better of it.

Besides, that would mean that I would have to get dressed.

The time ticked away, as I enjoyed a day of hibernation.

Tonight, I am sipping on a glass of wine, wondering why I waited so long to retire.

Just for the hell of it, I might have another doughnut.









Just another Saturday



Yes, Saturday.

Every day is Saturday, when retired.

Why not work for 40 or 50 years?

And then?


If you say everyday is Saturday, I am a believer.

No more Mondays.

Just fundays.




Snow is forecast.

Who cares?

Let it snow.

I love snow on a Saturday.

If a blizzard decides to hit, may I say just one thing?

Saturday people watch the snow fall…. and wait for it to melt.

Everything melts, except if you live in Minnesota.

And then?

You build an igloo and a football stadium.

Pats vs Eagles,

Good luck, to both teams.

Super Bowl.

And when it is over?

Guess what?

It’s Saturday.




Operant conditioning

Sundays have always been bitter sweet for me.

About 4pm, on a regular basis, I would get the blues.

The weekend would soon be over and I would be back to work on Monday morning.

On Friday evening, I would jump for joy!

2 days off.

However, by about 7pm on Friday evening, I was out for the count.

After working all week, I was too tired to do much partying.

Saturday morning:  Yay!

Oh wait:  I have a list of things that have to be done.

And what I don’t get done today?  Well, so what.  There is always tomorrow.

And then…. 4pm Sunday.


I am not ready to start another work week.

However, ready or not, time does not stop for anyone or anything.

I can’t seem to get that work ethic off my mind.

The Sunday blues is back.


I think it may be a lot like quitting smoking.

The psychological drive,  partnered with the addictive craving, is hard to break.

I wonder how long it will take this old dog to learn new tricks.

I am learning one thing about retirement:   Do not expect it to be a natural transition.

The longer the work history, the more difficult it is, to relax and enjoy.


Brain washed?



I am giving it another month, to relinquish my conditioned behavior.

Yes, I am just like Skinner’s  monkeys.

Only they were a lot cuter.






14 years? It seems like yesterday.

14 years have passed since we worked together.

The office closed and we moved on.

Yet, we celebrate our friendship once a month, at breakfast.

We have changed, the 6 of us, yet, to me, it feels like we are still the same.

It was a special breakfast today:  It gave us all the break we needed, to share our lives and our challenges, with one another.

There is one thing that has remained constant:  We are all good listeners…. and we have hearty appetites.

In the past, after breakfast, I would plan my day, cramming all the things that working people need to do, on the weekend.

Not so today.

A leisurely hair cut and a few supplies at the pet store, and I was on my way home.

Puff was waiting for her lunch.

It was a surprisingly warm day in Pennsylvania, 50 degrees, so I stopped by the bar to have a beer and to visit with Gail.

There was a movie playing:  Taken.

I was mesmerized, and stayed until it was finished, something I rarely do.

Saturdays have transformed into a wonderful day of leisure, just like every other day.

I love it.




The best things in life

There are some things in life that really amaze me.

Here are 10:

  1. Friendships.
  2. Pets.
  3. Dancing.
  4. Music.
  5. Literature.
  6. Wine.
  7. Laughter.
  8. Spiritualism.
  9. Honor.
  10. Character.

Life on this planet is to be enjoyed….

And … to be cherished and protected.

Good night all!




Life? Go for it.

Great expectations.

A meeting scheduled with my buds, Oscar and Babs, for lunch.

Oscar looked rested and demure.


An unbelievable recovery… still in progress.

It made my appetite soar!

Not only did I eat turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce, I had to top it off with a hot fudge sundae.


It was such a wonderful time, I wanted to extend my time with my friends, not to mention I love being a pig.  Oink oink.

Talk about indigestion.

Well…. for the next several hours, I was incapacitated.

After all, I had scheduled my next dance card with my crazy friends for a drink or two, all the while, exclaiming how l admired Scott and Bryan’s bologna.

And then!

Ta da!

Christine and Chris walked in!

When you miss your friends, wondering if they are ok, and they wander in, it is a warm and fuzzy feeling on a cold January night.

I must admit: I loved every minute of this day.

For me, it held life’s mystery:  Connecting with others, laughing, sharing and caring, in the moment.

It may sound too simple, but that is what life is to me:  Enjoying whatever the moment brings, and if you are fortunate, it will be with those you love and admire.

We will never pass this way again.

This day will soon be over.

Did you cherish every moment?



Who was that masked chicken? I wanted to thank her.

For the past few days, I have been inconspicuous, trying out 2 masks.


Completely out of control, in a safe venue:  Acting out my inhibitions on those who happened to venture into my space.

Ok, so a few friends realized that I was loosely “cannonized.”

The role?

Ridiculous extrovert.

Greeter of all greeters.

Or did my manic side get wild?

Shuffling home before 4pm, after one of the most raucous afternoons in history, the chicken butt hopped into bed and planned her next move.

Wednesday:  Up at 4am.

Should I ?

Or shouldn’t I?

Yes, it was time to return to work, to my new job, at the casino.

My goal?

Make a hundred bucks and call it a day.

And that I did.

Not looking at the jackpot, just a decent living…

Hey $100?

Not bad for a deranged chicken butt who sipped on orange drinks, while playing ridiculous games.


Much more dignified.

Lunch with Oscar the Grouch and Babs, who happens to be defying all odds.

Ain’t life grand?
However, I need to show up in the evening, for Bryan’s sausage.

Think about that, for a moment.


Until the next fabulous day…..



Living it up at the hotel Pennsylvania.

Things I am doing now… that I have never done before:

  1.  Eating popcorn or ice cream for breakfast.
  2. Talking to the cat like she understands what I am saying.
  3. Going to bed at a decent hour.
  4. Spur of the moment decisions, daily.
  5. Making friends with those who happen to wander into my space.
  6. No deadlines.
  7. Dancing in the rain/snow.
  8. Enjoying everyone I meet.
  9. Throwing out stuff I will never wear or use.
  10. Not giving a damn what anyone else thinks.

Yes, I am recently retired.

Will this all change as time goes by?

No chance.

Life has dealt me the crazy card/train.

And I am going off the rails.


Shine a light, shine a light, shine a light, oh won’t you shine a light?

After 2 weeks in the desert sun…

Oh wait.

After 2 weeks as a drunken bum….

I let the horse run free.

None of this makes any sense, unless you happen to be a free range chicken, exploring possibilities.


I met a man, Bojangles and he danced for me.

Actually, I had no plans…. I was free ranging it, burning out the day, burning out the night.

How many people can hang out with him/her self and have a marvelous time?

Philadelphia Freedom!

Shine a light.

I wonder when I will tire of this wild routine?

By the way, I still like Brady.

Until the next chapter….



Behind the scenes

“An early morning sidewalk.”

What a gem written by Kris Kristofferson.


“Help my make it through the night.”

It plays on PBS occasionally:  Willie, Waylon, Kris, and Johnny.

Whenever it comes on, I have to watch it.


Because it makes me feel good.

I never considered Kris a super star.

It was always Johnny, Willie and Waylon.

However, I have changed my mind tonight.

Kris: You wrote the songs that made the stars shine.

Some are the obvious stars.

Some even get to the super star status.

But all of those talented folks, rely on those who write the songs that catapult them  to stardom.

Willie, Waylon and the boys: You guys are fabulous.

And Kris?

Without those. like you, who create the songs….

There would be no early morning sidewalks.

And we would never make it through the night.