My dream from childhood: To live in NYC.

Thinking about leaving the old homestead.

Not sure I want to live in this old house too much longer.

It was never my choice.

Jim wanted a yard.

For me?

I would rather live in a studio apartment, in NYC.

Time for me to downsize, and to get rid of everything I own.

Less is more.

Bring it on.

My my, hey hey.  Rock and roll is here to stay. I would rather burn out than fade away.  My my hey hey.

See you in NY.


Working vs Retiring

Working vs Retirement:

My how things have changed in my daily routine.

Here are 5:

I no longer:

  1.  Plan meals for the week.  I don’t even cook.  I eat when I feel like it, and not nearly as much as I did when I worked.  Lunch hours used to be a thing of beauty, and a time to get away from my desk.  Currently, my lunch hour might be at 8am, 3pm, or midnite, or a continuous munching episode.

2.  Get clothes ready for the week.  Jeans, baby, jeans.  That is all. Freedom is a pair of jeans and sneakers.

3.  Set an alarm.  I now have an internal clock.  It wakes me up when I am rested, regardless of the time.

4.  Wait for the weekends.  Every day is a virtual Saturday.  Some are productive, some not.  But all are fun.

5.  Answer the phone.  At work?  Yes, no choice.  At home?  Heck no.  Too many years of having to answer and talk, regardless of who was calling.  Leave a message.  I will get back to you.  It is my small way of getting even with the telephone.

One last thought:  Socially?  There are so many choices every day, to fill the need to stay stimulated and engaged with others.  At work, mandatory.  Retirement:   It is a choice.  And that makes all the difference.







You are you and I am I and it’s ok.


Big time.

At least until 10am.

Hey! Ok, with me.

I hung out with Stinkerbelle, and enjoyed the morning.

However, she decided to play “headsies” with me, and drove me to drink.

After feeding her 4 times, and wishing her a lovely afternoon, I decided to drive to the nearest watering hole for a beer or two and a cheese steak.

Was watching the football draft, when I decided to check my phone, for messages.

Oh oh!

Sissy Belle is hurting.

What the hell, girl?

Over the next several hours, and a few Jamesons, we decided that in spite of our physical limitations, the answer is in the river:  Yes! We both love fishing.


She will be worshipping at the Salem Church.


Driving to St. Mary’s to light a candle for Harry’s 14th anniversary, at 9am mass.

And, between you and me, lighting one more candle for Sissy’s health.

I love this country:  Freedom! To connect with our friends, regardless of our beliefs.

At the end of a day, or at the end of our lives:  To honor those we love and to celebrate our differences!



Do you believe?

Just goofing around, talking to those who were walking by, wondering if I am insane or what.

And then I must have struck a nerve.

All I did was raise the question:  Do you believe in God?

If not, why not?

If so, why?

I saw the tears well up in his eyes.

He was reflecting on something that happened 10 years ago, to his son.

I knew that I had wandered into territory that was too painful to discuss.

I apologized and told him that I did not mean to infringe on his privacy: that I was searching and seeking for an answer to the meaning of life and of God.

We were on the edge of truth, when our friends sauntered in.

Maybe next time.

Maybe never.

I believe that an awaking to what we believe has to be personal.

I will never ask him about that experience again.

It is his and his alone.

And I?

Who knows?

In search of the meaning of life:  My mission.

For now, it is almost too simple.

Reach out to others.

Engage them in conversation.

Listen to their stories.

And offer support and love.

Until tomorrow,


Let the day take you where it leads

A day to take it easy.


After a morning of self indulgence, including a hot fudge sundae and a shopping spree, it was time to meet Dana.

And then, the afternoon ensued:  Is that a word? ensued?

We had Todd singing “The Summer Wind”.

Kim singing:  “The Southern Cross.”

Everyone singing: “The Weight.”

And then the fun began.

Hello Richie, Chris and Frankie.

Join the insane crowd.

Who are they?

As the Who would sing, “Who the F are you?”

I told the boys: Religion and Politics are not topics at the bar.

Well, it happened anyway.

Some Trump, some not.

Some religious, some not.

But we never crossed the line.

It was pretty civil, until of course, the chicken butt had another glass of the bubbly.

Can’t we all just get along?

What a hoot and holler.

Cannot wait until we meet again… whoever we are.

My thoughts?

Enjoy the moments in time.

What a wonderful celebration of today.

It will never be this way again.

It will only get better.



And what’s on your list?

Woke up to a beautiful sunny spring day.

Spring is my favorite season, in spite of allergies.

Makes me reflect on some of the other things I love.

  1.  Puppies
  2. Little League Baseball
  3. People with a sense of humor
  4. Classic rock music
  5. Lake Superior
  6. Wearing jeans
  7. Getting together with friends
  8. Reading
  9. An afternoon of music at the winery
  10. Fireworks
  11. New York City
  12. Fuzzy socks
  13. Bread pudding
  14. Old movies
  15. Hats: the crazier, the better
  16. Lazy days with no agenda
  17. Flowers
  18. Parades
  19. Computer and casino games
  20. My favorite pillow

What’s on your list?


Kidnapped for the afternoon

The casino fairies kidnapped me on Tuesday.

Before leaving, I had a lunch reminiscent of days gone by:  tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich.   Comfort, Baby!

Although the day was enjoyable, it was also sprinkled with sadness.

Lots of elderly folk, struggling to walk.

Many in wheel chairs and with walkers.

They were out for the day, to have some fun, in spite of their conditions.

However, their faces told another story.

Not many smiles or any other indications that they were having fun.

Reminded me of the years of failing health that my husband went through.

I felt heart broken and, at the same time, grateful for my health, at this time in my life.

Life has its seasons.

Enjoy them while you can.




Hawk alert

Tidbits from yesterday:

I did not wear a jacket/sweater for the first time this year. The temp soared to 70 degrees in Pennsylvania.   However, I left a fur coat in the back seat…. just in case.

This morning it is 38 degrees.

A man wearing rose colored glasses walked into a bar.  They definitely were pink.  He says orange.  A much larger guy asked him how his liver was holding up.  Several other people also threw jabs at him.  Moral of the story:  You are what you wear.

When taking allergy medication, read the fine print.  If it says PM or night time, and you took it during the day, you need new glasses.

Wine gets you tipsy faster than beer.

Bathing a cat is not recommended, if you value your life.

Getting a “final notice” from AARP makes me wonder if they know something and just aren’t telling me.

Construction on the interstate:  Take the old interstate to avoid traffic jams.  Instead of one jam, now there are two.  Guess which one is moving faster?

Do not go on a diet if you live in NE Pennsylvania.  The hawk population has exploded and they are diving down to pick up puny looking critters.

Gotta go eat a few doughnuts now, to ward off the hawks.



Don’t forget the croutons

Have you ever had crazy dreams, fueled by sinus meds?

I usually forget my dreams as soon as I wake up, but this morning, the dreams, or at least some of them linger on.

Not sure what, if anything, they mean, but they are ridiculous.

Last night;  in search of a recipe for French onion soup….with 3 of my relatives, all of whom are deceased.

Suddenly, a new challenge:  Flying, yes, in a plane, not on a broom,  to parts unknown, surrounded by friends and celebrities.  We were having a party on the plane, until the plane vanished and we were floating around in the clouds.

I wonder what the heck is in those sinus pills.

Doggone it, now I am craving French onion soup and a party.

That does it.

I am going to take my sinus meds again today and hope for the best.





Letting life happen

It was a day to let it happen.

No agenda.

Just go with the flow.

A sunny day.

Trees budding.

Grass growing.

When did all this occur?

Yesterday, snow flakes were falling.

Hung out with Puff this morning.

Fed her at least 4 times.

Wandered in to see Gail, and ran into Chris.

Seems that he was also letting the day happen.

We talked and laughed for a few hours.

Bobby showed up.

Unbelievable:  He had been battling stage 4 cancer for the past several months and is now doing so well, that he is back to work.

What an inspiration.

Home early today, eating a chocolate rabbit.

Feeling a need to be alone, with a good movie.

It was a day to let life happen.

No fanfare, no schedule, no agenda, no stress.

Sometimes it takes a day like today to remind me how wonderful it is to be alive.