Hey, everyone!

What’s it all about?


Can you remember your earliest days on this earth?

Can you remember when you were born and the doctor smacked you on the ass, just to hear you cry?

Or your first day in school?

Or something that happened when you were very young?

And those days, in grade school?

Do you recall who was most popular?

I do.

And guess what?

They had that “it” factor, those popular kids, and it carried all the way through high school.

What, if anything, would your classmates remember about you?

Well, for me, I was a smart kid.

I found my niche, in music, and I loved being part of the band.

Until, that is, when I was the only  decent oboist around.

Suddenly, I was the chosen child: Band, Orchestra, Symphony…. and always a soloist.

However, coming from a poor family, in Northern Minnesota, I was expected to work.

So I had school, the oboe and Ma Bell competing with one another for my attention.

Something had to give.

I think that is when I lost my mojo.

Too much stress riding on my life.

I loved school, I loved my job, I loved the oboe, and there was just not enough hours in a day to accommodate everything.

So, I went bonkers.

Quit school.

Quit the Symphony.

Took a promotion at work, choosing money for fame and education.

And do I regret it?

Not for a moment.

I moved 8 times around the country, traveled extensively, held many fabulous jobs and just had a blast.

Oh yes, I still love music.

And I love learning.

But the most important part of my decision, at age 20, was to go out into the wide and open spaces of the business scene, to meet and work with hundreds, if not thousands of people in 35 years.

What a ride.

And it continues.

Still love to meet new folks.

Still love working.

With one significant change:

Giving back.

It’s the old age thing, kids.

You see, when your life, with its ups and downs, suddenly smacks you in the ass, not to cry but to reflect on what has happened, it’s no longer about what I have or what I want, it is about what can I do for others.

No, I am not a wealthy person, but I am rich.

I have so much to share.

Just ask.

I will be there.

I mean it.