Living through the seasons of life

Life is full of hellos and goodbyes.

I like the hellos more.

Buster aka ball buster is moving on to another project.

My best wishes for success.

I hope you will take time to consider if 7 more years is acceptable.

Just a hint:  7 years with your family?  priceless.

And tomorrow?

My husband, Jimmy’s death was 2 years ago, tomorrow.

I feel fortunate that I was able to help him as much as I could through the last years of his life.

30 years?

A long time?

Doesn’t seem that long, looking back.

Hellos and goodbyes.

Life goes on.

I like hellos more.





Let your voice be heard

Can one person make a difference?

Does one voice matter?

I think it does matter, if it is heard by the right person(s).

Don’t let injustice happen.

Take action.

Contact your senator and let your voice be heard.

Our nation’s future depends on it.



Did it make any difference?

Thursday Sept 27, 2018, 10am:

Riveting testimony





Riveting testimony



Self righteous

When it was over, I did not want to hear commentary.

After 9 hours, I needed time to sort out my feelings and opinions, without the bias of the networks.

This morning, I am skeptical. and would like to have asked the following questions:

To Dr Ford:  The house where the alleged attack happened:  Who lived there? And was that person or persons present? If there were only a 5 people at this house, did one of the participants live there?

To Kavanaugh:  With your resentment towards the democrats, can you be a fair and honest justice?

And to the people of this nation:  There are doubts and open issues that are not resolved.  This position will be filled for life.  Can we not take the time to get it right?



power, privilege and corruption

Power tends to corrupt.

The privileged tend to hold power.

So the story goes, power, privilege and corruption, somehow entwined.

The privileged often support others just like them, forming the “club.”

The club members grow in numbers, gaining more power, resulting in absolute power.

Corruption sets in.

Above the law?

What if they are the law?

Is this our world today?

Or has it always been this way, from the wild west outlaws, to the ruthless gangs who rob and pillage , to the politicians with empty promises?

Has anything changed?

Is democracy the great equalizer?

It is time to exercise our right to vote.

Our freedom depends on it.



Beyond my control

Oh boy, another rainy day.

You know what that means… movies, books and just plain laziness.

It’s comfort weather, just like comfort food:  mac and cheese, tomato soup, and popcorn.

It is, however, happening just a little too often.

Guilt is setting in, after a rainy summer.

Fall seems to be following the rainy pattern, which means I will be absolutely useless; a ridiculous bum.

I am going on the record to assert my rights and to justify my behavior.

It is not my fault.

I can’t control the weather.

I am a victim.

And you know, it’s not nice to blame the victim.

Therefore, I am abandoning any guilt this afternoon, and giving in to the pitiful side of my character, to watch a murder mystery, blaming it, of course, on the rain.

Oh, by the way, I hear more rain is forecast tomorrow.


What a shame.




Half baked or reality?

I have half baked theories on life.

There is absolutely no scientific reasoning, nor any truth behind these theories.

It’s my way of dealing with life’s mysteries.

For example, I believe in love at first sight.

Oh not, men.


It was a snowy day in Pennsylvania and I had an urge for Chinese food.

While I was waiting for takeout, I stepped outside to window shop at the pet store.

And there he was.

Charles Barkley:  a ball of white fluff

And he was staring at me and wagging his tail.

It was love at first sight.

An irresistible attraction.

The clerk approached me.

“Would you like to hold him?”
That clinched it.

From that day on, for 14 years, Barkley and I were a couple.

We had our share of issues, but that didn’t matter.

He was spoiled beyond belief, jumped on people, snapped at kids and had separation anxiety.

Actually, it was like the old song,  Cat’s in the Cradle.

My boy was just like me.

Love at first sight.

It happened to me and made me a believer.




The caretakers

Tough day emotionally.

Just too much, all at once.

Good friends suffering, watching loved ones slowly fade away with dementia, cancer, and other terminal illnesses.

Seems as if these things happen in a blink of an eye, and then life, as we know it, changes forever.

I listened to the stories of those who no longer have the freedom to live their lives, as they now live to take care of their loved ones.

It is a noble thing.

Just like the vows taken in marriage:  For better for worse… sickness and health….til death….

I cautiously and gently ask if they have considered other options.

A resounding “No.  Absolutely not.”

I have seen it so many times.

The sacrifices we make, and then, one day, it no longer becomes a choice and we are forced to take action that we had vowed never to take.

A sad day, on this Saturday, September 22, 2018.

“It often takes suffering and loss in order to remind us how precious life is.”   (Rob Bell)



A bloody well good time

After 25 days of the bubonic plague and leprosy, I ventured out this afternoon to see what the heck was going on with the gang.

The glass menagerie played itself out, with our one and only drama queen, convinced that he had swallowed one hell of a shard of his beer glass.

Paranoia hit, after a “bloody” episode.

Good thing he is having pork and sauerkraut tonight, so that this too shall pass.

He mentioned that he will be calling the doctor tonight, to see what the prognosis is.

Apparently his doctor is a combination of shrink and proctologist.

You know, one of those guys with his head up his ass.

Moving along, the Brainiac of the group is experimenting with a new drug.

So what if it costs $14,000 a year.

He gave us a demonstration of the procedure, via the internet.

A little needle pops out of a thingamajig, injecting serum into his body, to lower cholesterol.

He says it is his prick.

We asked him to show us, but he said we would need a magnifying glass to see it.

Of course, our Apple Man ordered fried chicken.

No wings tonight.

He thought he would try something new.


Chicken is chicken, unless of course, you are the porn star, who chokes his every morning, in the car, with his coffee.

Deep throat arrived, chirping and laughing, with great optimism, as usual.

All in all, it was another entertaining night, with our 2 favorite girls serving  beverages.

I have a feeling about tomorrow:  When the morning light comes streaming in, we’ll get up and do it again.



Ch ch ch chia

Thoughts of the day:

Recovery:  Takes much longer when one is an elderly citizen…aka old goat

Diet:  Does anyone really eat 3 veggies and 3 servings of fruit every day?  It’s frightening,  looking  like a garden variety of a chia pet.

Getting 8 hours of sleep:  Hell, I am now sleeping during the afternoon and the night.   I am barely awake for 8 hours a day.

Laundry:  Mostly pjs and socks.  What a life!

TV: For someone who rarely watched the tube, I am now into reruns on the ID channel.  It’s no wonder I have nightmares.

Politics:  The blaming games go on and on and on.

Pets:  One of the few truly delightful things in life.

More, after I finish my banana and take a nap.




Excitement on the home front

Remember Norman Bates?

He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I would.

There is a ridiculous hyper fly tormenting me.

Outwitted by a fly.

What a mess I have become, hanging around the house, chasing flies.

And when I am not doing that, I am catering to the princess Puff Daddy’s whims.

I never dreamed retirement would be this exciting.

I might have to take up basket weaving next.

Just heard the wild horses survived Florence.


I wonder if they catch flies.