My secret garden

I have a secret place where I bask in the moonshine.

Yes, I said moonshine.

I am a table fly, at a local bar.

I go there to get rejuvenated.

In anonymity.

Not today.

My sis in law found me

Oh wow!  As my cat would say.

There she is, hanging out at her table, acting like a complete moron, after her Saturday shopping.

Ziggy!  What in the hell?

How did you find me?

Are you Sherlock Holmes, incarnated?

Or did you just follow the scent of orange juice and vodka?

At any rate, welcome to my secret garden.

Today there were 3 flowers waiting to welcome you on the eve of your birthday.

Brian, Todd and Chris.

Oh yeah, and Kelly.

What a lovely time we had.

Life can be a hoot.

And today, once again, it was.

Hey, hope you have a wonderful birthday, and if you are in the hood any time soon, look me up.

I am the bag in the corner table, eating garlic bread with cheese, and laughing my ass off.

Love you!






The count down

Counting down all week :  5-4-3-2-1 day til Friday.

Finally Friday!

Oh boy.

5 o’clock:

Let’s rock and roll.

I have to get my latest craze:  Garlic bread with cheese.


Another drink?

You know, I don’t think so.

I am really tired.

Limp home.

It’s 630pm.

I can barely keep my eyes open.

730pm:  Off to bed.

But it’s Friday!

Yeah, ok, but I am exhausted.

Counting down:  5-4-3-2-1.

Fall asleep in less than 10 seconds.

So much for Friday night.

Wake up and Friday is gone.

It’s 730am on Saturday.

I guess my inner child, the party animal, was partied out.

Hey!  It’s Saturday!

The child smiles.

Let’s give it hell tonight.




Memories: We all have them.

Remember when….

  1. We had air raid drills in elementary school?

Heads down, hands over heads, crouching down, while we waited for Russia and Castro to blast us to oblivion?

2.  We had 3 TV channels, ABC,CBS and NBC.  But no TV.  We had to go to Gran’s to watch Ed Sullivan on Sunday night.

3.  Every Sunday, we gathered together for mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken.  And the kids had ice water, and the adults, a glass of Mogan David wine.

4.  Paper dolls were hot, until we evolved into parading our stuff around the neighborhood, in Mom’s high heels and prom dresses.  Geez!  We rocked.

5. Attending church was always a priority, and if we misbehaved, we got a whooping.

6.  If our parents were fighting, for whatever reason, it disrupted the lives of me and my siblings, and we would hide, together, under the bed.

7.  Money?  No. We had none. But somehow, food was always on our table.

8.  Our Auntie Nellie, who ran the switchboard at the US  Steel Company, treated us to a luncheon, every year, just before school started.  My 2 brothers and I were mesmerized as Nellie ran her control center, singing, “Pickans Mather”  or something like that.

9.  Mom had not worked in 40 years.  But she rose to the occasion when she was in her 70s, taking grocery orders over the phone, for her favorite grocery store.  I wasn’t happy about that, but she was, and she got a little feisty one day, after “working” at her job.  She told me that she had decided at age 75, that since Dad had died, she was through dating.

10.  Now I am getting to that age, approaching 70, when I have a decision to make. To grow up ?  Or to continue to be a goof?  The decision has been made, and recorded.

It is up to you to decide.





My alter ego is an idiot.



No more preaching to the choir, ok?

Shut up Minnie.

You have not engaged me in conversation for ever so long.

That’s because I hate it when my sub conscience conjures up my alter ego, and it happens to be a normal, happy, hard working individual, who loves the  Cracker Barrel and country music.

May I just say this about that?

Hey, Minnie, go ahead, you goofy idiot.

I think you should tone down your image.  I mean, who really wants to see an elderly person, taking on the role of the greeter in every bar in town? Don’t you realize you are driving the patrons away?

Yeah, so?

Perhaps, Wolf, you should limit your after hours entertainment, and grow up.

Ok, Minnie. Thanks for sharing that. ,However, your wish is not my command. I am quite happy marching to a drummer who is slightly off beat.  And I love to hang out with those who don’t quite fit a mold.  As a matter of fact, if I ever do grow up, would you please take me out back and shoot me?  I am happy being the way I am.  And if you insist on changing me, then I may have to exorcise your existence.  After all, you are only my conscience, and to be quite truthful, after a few double screw drivers, I rarely call upon you for advice and counsel.

Am I to believe that you have retrogressed to the point of debauchery?  That you prefer to hang out in your elderly years with party animals and bar flies?  That you no longer pursue the finer things in life, like playing bingo, watching TV and knitting?

Now, now, Minnie. It’s ok to be friends while pursuing a completely different life style.  It’s just that, well, we only have so many years left and I need to let it all hang out before I land in the cuckoo’s nest with the rest of you old lunatics.

I think you are an idiot, Wolf.

Thanks, Minnie.  I love you too.





Indifference has no place in a democracy

Seemed that everywhere I went today, the roads were either closed, under construction, or full of pot holes.

I put 2 and 2 together and knew that it could be a  Trump trick to keep me from voting.

I mean, who wants to drive on newly blacktopped roads, hearing the tar flinging itself against the paint on your vehicle, just to cast your vote?

Hey, wait a minute!

What if I didn’t vote?

What if you didn’t vote?

What if only the fanatics voted?

Are we willing to give away our power, our privilege and our right to democracy because of a few road blocks?

So, the weather was threatening.

We are in a severe thunder storm watch until 9pm.

I worked late.

I was tired.

I had to go home and make dinner for the family and feed the furry ones.

Ok so what?

I can skip voting this time.

Who cares?

I am just one vote in a sea of millions.

And then I think of the millions of refugees fleeing their countries, under siege, enduring inhumane conditions to get to a place of safety.

Would they have complained about the pot holes and the weather and the fact that they were tired?

How many of them have risked their lives and their families to escape to a place where  they would have the privilege to choose their leaders?

Oh my fellow Americans.

Are we taking our freedom for granted?

Are we getting so soft and privileged that we have forgotten what sacrifices were made to ensure our liberty?

Did you vote?

Did you exercise your right to voice your opinion?

Or did you give away one of the most valued universal privileges that we hold dear to this country and to democracy?

I hope you stood in line for hours, surrounded by proud Americans, who may or may not agree with you.

Let the majority rule.

It’s ok.

As long as everyone has participated.

It’s the American way.

Unless you let it slip away.







Want to “tie” one on?

A man’s tie.


Not sure.

Coat and tie required.


What’s the tie’s purpose?

Does it serve any function?

Is it a symbol?

Or just an ornamental piece of cloth.

Is it something we all take for granted?

Get dressed up, wear a suit, and don’t forget the tie.

Who started this tradition?

Is it the only article of men’s clothing that can be colorful?

Does it “tie” everything together?

And why do politicians wear red ties?

And business men prefer yellow ties?

Women don’t have these requirements, when we are ushered into a restaurant or a court room.

I, for one, would like to do away with the tradition.

Ties are stuffy, constricting and non essential.

Unless, of course, you would like to grab a man by the necktie and choke the hell out of him.

Oh well, I guess ties have been around for awhile, and men will continue to wear them, without question.

Thank goodness women would never go for that nonsense.


I think it started with apron strings, and mothers.

And evolved into being tied down, with wives.

They say it’s a man’s world, and the tie is a phallic symbol.

Hey, girls!

Don’t let a tie fool you.

Especially if the guy has small feet.



Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow?

The weekend:

Ran into an old buddy at the grocery store.

Haven’t seen him in over 2 years.

It felt like he was never away.

Decided this is the last time I pick up a prescription on a Sunday.

Every old person in town is in line, and there is only one person handling all of us old goats.

Addicted to garlic bread with melted cheese, dipped in red sauce.

My second order in 2 days.

The yard is full of old dandelions.

Instead of a yellow sea, the white fluffy balls on a stem are taking over.

I bought Puffy a new bed.

She decided she likes the box better.

While shopping, picked up a purple top, in honor of Prince.

A dove has a nest in the air conditioner just outside my bedroom window.

I no longer use the alarm clock.

If they don’t cool it, they may find out what it sounds like, when doves cry.

Said goodbye to 4 old trees in the yard.

Sad to see them cut down, but they had to go.

Stopped on the way home from shopping.

You know where.

It made me wonder…..

And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune,
Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.

Well, laughter did echo, and now I am home.

And the weekend is on its last call.

Ok. One more.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.







WTH? A commode?

Saturday morning.

Oh what a hoot.

Turned on the coffee.


It’s done.


Sure looks weak.

Actually, looks like hot water.

And that is exactly what it was.

I guess I really should be sober when I get the coffee ready for the next morning.

Cats had no sympathy.

Oh Wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you.

Food in their dishes.

Not their favs.

Not so wow.

Felt slightly woozy.

Not sure why.

Oh yeah, that’s right.

I stopped for a few doubles last night.

Got a little tipsy, so had to order a nice tall glass of water before I headed home.

And then, like an idiot, opened a bottle of wine.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Going on 11am, and I am finally dressed.

Drove to Rite Aid for a prescription.

Hey!  Is that you, Carl?

What in the heck is that?

A commode?

Are you buying a commode?

Oh God, I think we are all getting far too old.

Ok, Carl, you going to stop for a cold one?

See you there, after I go shopping.

Well, shopping took 2 hours, so when I finally got to the bar, Carl had departed, with his commode.

By now, I am hungry as a bear and mean as a snake.

Garlic bread, please with cheese!

Oh yeah!

There is something about garlic that lights up my life.

Kelly and Todd at the bar.

Kelly soon to be married.

One month left of her life as she knows it.

I had to ask Todd some philosophical questions, as I sized him up for the 6 seconds he says it takes when you meet someone.

I decided he was ok.

Come on,  I have known him for longer than 6 seconds.  I think it has been at least 2 years.

Oh well, I decided, in that instance that I am really not crazy, just a silly ass.

Oh no.  I just remembered.

I have to go home, walk up a flight of stairs with at least 20 bags of groceries, and one bag of me.

By then I was loaded with garlic, orange juice and vodka.

It’s a rough job, but someone has to do it.


Eating a can of mixed nuts after a twisted doughnut, with sugar.

Oh yeah, and the rest of the wine that was just hanging out in the kitchen.

Geez, what a tiring day.


Until tomorrow,





A chance meeting and a lasting friendship

There are people we meet on our way through life.

We connect with some.

But not with all.

Many are just acquaintances.

And that is ok.

And then, once in a crazy moment, we meet someone we really like.

And every time we meet, a special feeling emerges.

Hey! So happy to see you.

How was your day?

What do you think about Donald Trump, Prince and that crazy Texan who shows up at the bar, looking for Mr or Mrs Goodbar?

And then, we laugh.

He has the silliest laugh in the world.

It tickles my fancy.

His children have grown up, and have become remarkable people.

He is so proud of them.

We toast to their future, to our memories of David Bowie, Glenn Frey and of course, his pristine kitchen.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Todd and Shirley.

Such great neighbors.

He cares about everyone.

He is charismatic.

And he is a hoot.

And after a few blasts, we leave the watering hole, to retreat into our private worlds.

I think I could talk to him for hours, and enjoy his company.

There are some people who make the world a happier, friendlier, more comfortable place.

Thanks, Brian, for being you.

What a difference you make in so many of our lives.

Hope to see you soon!


RIP Prince

A simple tribute tonight, to an artist.

A fellow Minnesotan.

Who was he?

I really don’t know.

He was an enigma.

Perhaps a genius.

But always a mystery.

We will continue to enjoy your music and your magic,

And to remember this day:  When doves cried.