So much to be thankful for…

Did you have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

You know, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey?

I didn’t.

I had a gourmet feast.

The appetizers were beautiful, with cucumber/basil/cheese delights, to raspberry and cheddar spread, just to name a few.

The dinner?


I don’t know how Patti managed to create such a variety of unusual side dishes, along with bourbon laced dressing and a delicious turkey.

Oh, did I mention?  Cole slaw:  Not your mother’s cole slaw.  Wow!

And for dessert?  Irish coffee with peeps melting in the cup.

Such a comfortable, easy day….one that I will always remember.

Thanksgiving….thank you Patti and Ray for giving me this memory on my favorite holiday.




Pain management? Mind over pain. You choose.

Up before dawn, adventuring.

Isn’t that what vacations are for?

Was not prepared for the massive traffic.


At 7am?

Had some health issues that almost slowed me down, but…

I look at it this way:

I could stay home, or I could venture out, feeling the same.

I chose to go for it.

Had a delightfully crazy day, meeting new people and seeing new sights.

And then tonight?

Getting together with the gang to wish everyone a very happy holiday, over a glass (or two) of wine.

Today, I learned 3 things:

1.  If you dream it, you will do it.

2.  Home is where your friends are.

3,  Rise above your pain and your health issues.  Enjoy life, as long as you are alive.


Breaking out

Day 2:  vacation.

No alarm clock.

Leisurely coffee before tackling a few chores.

Went for a ride to try out a new grocery store.

Guess what?  yup! Accident on 78.

It is really unbelievable: the amount of trucks on that highway.

Turned off to try a different place for lunch, and a bloody mary, to calm my nerves.

Actually, today, I felt absolutely no stress.

It was a welcome respite from the last few months.

Met up later with the regulars for a few blasts, and to celebrate Chris’s birthday, a week or so late.

Thinking about taking a day trip tomorrow.

There is a lot to be said for being a free bird.

Chirp chirp.




Slept in.

Took care of the cat, who looks frightful.

Speaking of frightful, it was a cold windy day.

Hung around in my pjs, with no sense of direction, until I got the energy to make a list, check it twice and go shopping for cat food and coffee.

Almost ready when I noticed blood on my sweater, on my jeans and shoes.

The phone was ringing.

My neighbor was at the front door.

And I had a rip roaring nose bleed.

30 minutes later, it seemed to subside.

As I fired up the computer, to see what the heck causes a nose bleed, it seems that

dry air is the culprit.

Started up again.

Should I go to the urgent care?

Stopped…. started….. stopped….

Reluctantly, I went to pick up the cat food and a humidifier, carrying a box of tissues, just in


Stopped for a bite to eat and a beer, and came home to the frightful cat.

So far so good.

I am waiting for the humidifier to kick in.

What a bloody Monday.

A Tuesday adventure awaits…




Have you ever seen an asshole on a Saturday adventure?

Are you ready for a  ridiculous blog?

At 830 am:  Met with Denise, Sue, Susie, Andra and my little buddy Chicken Butt for a lovely breakfast among old friends.

Thankfully, the working world will soon rid itself of the crazy Cx Butt, who will retire on Jan 5.

Ok , so moving right along:

Andra and Lenny ?  Going to Florida for Christmas.

Sue?  Our darling Robin will be home from the Navy, on Thanksgiving.

Susie: She and Tom are hopeful that the new radiation procedure will be successful.

Denise?  She is kicking butt … at her work place.

Way to go Denise.

And the Cx B?


Ready to move into the retirement phase, from being a part time idiot, to the self fulfilling phase of being :

A free bird.

A full time axx hole.

An advocate of those who would consider having a screw ball as their spoke person.

And, of course,

A loose canon, wandering around NE Pennsylvania, wearing a ridiculous hat.

Oh, by the way, at the mall today:  So many people stopped to tell me they loved my hat.

Of course they did.

Might as well face it,, we’re addicted to the craziness of the Chx. B.

I love being alive.

It is a hoot.

What a wonderful Saturday.

Patti and I shopped, ate, and had a few cocktails….

What a fabulous time.

Thanks, Sissy Belle!

Until tomorrow…..


Is the bird the word?

Questions thrown out there tonight:

“What the heck are you gonna do when you retire?”
How about this one:

“Do you have a hobby?”

Or ….

“Do you really think you will be happy, not working?”

Another one:

“Are you gonna travel?’ or are you gonna work part time?”

All of this because the Chicken Butt has decided to hunker down.

Hey guys!

How many years does one have to work before it is perfectly ok to retire?

How about 53 years?

Is that enough?

Or should I go for another 10 or 20 years?


I said:  “Set em up, Colleen.  Let’s have one more for the road, the gipper and for these assholes who think I should die at my desk.”

You know what is really funny?

I have never really shared my work life with my buddies at the  bar.

For all they know, I probably am the woman who cleans the offices….. or who drives a fork lift….. or who is the greeter.

Actually, I would make a fabulous greeter…Getting back on track, is it really important that I justify  to my friends the reason I am retiring?

Being the ultimate lady that I am, I prefer to give these goofs a smile, along with the bird.

Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet.

And as I open the door to a new life, I can’t help but sing, “If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?”

Nighty night





No answer required….

Just a question or two tonight.

For reflection only.

No need to respond.

Only to reflect.

Have you always been honest with your spouse/partner?

And if not, what the heck was that all about?

Have you always been honest with yourself?

Like I said, no response, please.

Honesty is the best policy.

Or is it?

It can be brutal, fatal and demoralizing.

Or even if, phrased in a gentle, kind way,  can  be devastating.

To lie or not to lie?

How about avoiding controversial subjects?



Or just playing dumb?

Stating your beliefs, in opposition to the norm?

You might be considered a radical or a moron.

For me?

Every comment, from the left or the right, is welcome.

This country was built on diversity and freedom of speech.

Can we all agree on one thing?

It’s ok to disagree?

And that doesn’t divide us.

It allows each of us to express how we feel.

And in the end, unites us.

USA:  We can say what we believe, agree or not, and still remain united.

I love this country.

It is nothing short of fabulous.

Politics ?  Getting really ridiculous.

Let’s move on, addressing our problems and working toward bipartisan solutions.

Getting back to the question: Have you always been honest with your partner/spouse?

If it meant you avoided hurting him/her,  good for you.





California Dreaming…..

The middle of November.

Shouldn’t we be seeing the rich deep shades of red, yellow and gold?

Not where I live.

It reminds me of the song, “All the leaves are gone….”

Did Mama Cass really choke on a ham sandwich?

Why did Davey Jones eat that banana?

Is Elvis alive and living in Kalamazoo, Michigan?

Why is Jim Morrison buried in France?

Prince…. did living in Minnesota do to you what it did to me?

Michael? Did you ever find out who Billie Jean’s lover was?

Tom Petty:  I cannot listen to your music anymore.  It is too painful.

Janis?  Bobby McGee has not been the same, poor thing.

John Bonham.  Why?

So many gone… before their time.


Do any of us know when our “time” is up?

It could be tomorrow.

If not, let’s enjoy being on this planet.

Celebrate another day!

Better yet, join the Chicken Butt for a cocktail after work.

Everyone is welcome.

Our time is not up yet…. so let’s make the most of it.



The greatest gift of all….

Plunk yourself down.

Is that a word?  Plunk?

Plunk down at your computer and let it out:

What’s bugging you?

How do you feel after working all day?

If you had a bad day, what is it that made it bad?

Are you feeling sorry for yourself?

Or are you looking past all that and reaching out to those who are desperately needing confirmation?

Is the world going to hell in a hand basket?

And what, if anything, can be done about it?

Are you living a life of loneliness and heartache?

Or are you willing to let go of the past, make new friends, volunteer your services, and send out a beacon of light and hope to those who have no hope?

Do you continue to work, in a job that will provide the resources to live, but not the fulfillment that you crave?

Can you move on, to a life of service, to honor and support those who have preserved our way of life and our democracy?

In the end, do you really think your worldly goods will mean anything?

Sometimes, it takes a life time, or at least many years of trying to survive, before we realize that our destiny is not what we have accumulated, but what we have given.

What we have/own?

Only temporary.

Our legacy exists not in the material accumulation of wealth, but in the way we share what we have with those in need.

The man/woman who  has the least to give, is often the person who gives the most.



To everything there is a season.

How do you know when winter has arrived?
For me, it was this morning. The car was full of icy pellets.
Time to get out the goofy hats, the leggings and the sweaters.
I really have become a warm weather freak, asking this question every day:  “Is it spring yet?”
Although I think about moving south, it probably won’t happen.
The 4 seasons somehow create a comforting cycle for me, as the years pass by.
The first snow fall is captivating.
Seeing a robin in the spring makes me happy.
Hanging out on the deck in the hot summer evenings, relaxes me.
The autumn colors are spectacular.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
It asks nothing, other than sharing a meal with family, friends or strangers.
And for those going to grandma’s house, in a horse drawn sleigh, I hope there is a soft blanket of snow for you.

Have a good night.
Keep warm!