Think positively. It works.

I don’t know anyone who wants to hear, “I have a cold.”

Sigh….. misery… poor me….sniffle, sneeze, cough, grousing.

I actually got tired of myself, complaining.

So, I said: “Hey, get out and do something that will make you forget that you are a mess.”

Once in the company of others, I forgot about my current condition, and actually had a great time.

I think it is called pain management.

Immerse one’s self in living and communicating with others, and the pain and suffering doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Today was one of those days, listening to the stories of those I happened to run into.

A few of the highlights: Motorcycling across the US, movies that were inspirational, Ashville, NC and its unique beauty, and a typical day in the life of a building contractor.

Met George and Dave, from Montana, bikers who stopped briefly, on their way to visiting family, sharing a few beers before they called it a night. What great stories they had to tell.

For me?

Yeah, I still have a cold.

But I almost forgot about it.

When I got home, a present from Marlowe’s garden: Fresh broccoli. So tender and delicious.

I can’t remember when a cold felt this good.

It’s all about attitude.

Good night!



Holistic living: The spiritual side

A visible and emotional difference in my friend.


What’s up?

A spiritual awakening.

From darkness and depression, to a higher place.

It happened out of the blue.

An ordinary night, looking up at the sky.

Feeling connected, somehow, with the universe.

It continued throughout the night and the next day.

Even his physical appearance seemed brighter.

His problems?

They don’t seem as overwhelming as they did yesterday.

It was a pleasure talking to a him, as I watched several small miracles happen to him: attitude changes, making amends with an estranged friend, trusting in a higher power, and a joyfulness that did not exist in the past.

He has found a purpose in living.

What a wonderful transformation.


Finding the cure

A scratchy throat.

Ear ache.

Oh oh.

The prelude to a full fledged fiasco.

Waiting for the coughing to begin.

Time to head to the pharmacy for the “cure”.

Cold eeze?

What the heck?

Why not?

After dissolving one of those ghastly looking tablets, I headed out for a hot toddy, or two.

Much better.

One more.

Better yet.


Give me one more toddy.

So, tonight, I say to myself: What sore throat?

I love home remedies.


Time to live

Time to get rid of “stuff”.

I have been putting off so much, in the past couple of years.

Feeling my oats and not having any direction is probably not the best thing for most people.

However, I have no guilt.

Put yourself in my shoes:

Working like a fool, starting at age 16, attending school, while pursuing a career in music, practicing 4-8 hours a day, and yet, finding time to move on to college.

In the second year, married.

In the third year, a manager at the phone company.

From that day forward, I gave up my first love, music, to pursue a career.

And for the next 30 or 40 years, in spite of personal setbacks, it was all about denying my feelings, to move on and upward.



A new love arrived.

He went West and I went East, both pursuing our careers.

Met a new guy, and for 30 years, we shared a tumultuous relationship that defied all logic.

The best of times and the worst of times.

And then, he got sick.

Finally, I think, he needed me.

What a bitter sweet experience.

He is gone now.

And I have finally retired, and have embraced freedom.

Ok, so I don’t have a daily regiment.

No, I don’t plan my days.

My goal?

To enjoy every day, every person, every moment, while I am still on this planet.

Yes, I have baggage and too much stuff.

Someday, I might take care of those issues.

However, don’t count on it.

I am free falling, and loving it.


A day in Hollywood


Got up late on Saturday, but dashed out the door, to meet the girls and the little Chicken Butt in time for breakfast.

Just before leaving, Susie said, “I am going to Hollywood.”




“No, Hollywood Casino, near Harrisburg, PA.”

For Susie, it was finally a day to relax after a very hectic week.

Guess who tagged along?

Yes, it was I.

And what a fun day it was.

The hours whizzed by as I immersed myself in the games.

Dinner was a giant buffet!

So many choices!

Oink oink!

We continued for another hour or so, in the casino, before venturing home.

It was one of those spur of the moment, unexpected mini vacations, and a day I will never forget.


Enjoying a Friday in September, 2019

Anticipation: Friday Breakfast.

Tried a new spot: Not so hot.

Home at noon.

So sorry, Kim, about your faithful and loving friend, Tagnan, who passed away this morning.

So many memories, so many years, such a wonderful family member: A protector, a barker, a beautiful dog, who enjoyed a loving relationship.

Sadly, we all pass one day.

Moving along, in the afternoon, who showed up?

Cathy, Mary, Ron, Dana, Mark, Mike, and Patti.

We toasted to one another, enjoying the day with our friends.

Just one caveat: Live and let live.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses.

It’s ok.

This is reality.

Who has time to be judgmental?

Home now, and ready to hunker down.

Us old drunks need our beauty sleep.

Not that it does much good.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Live, love and laugh.

Life is short!



Do you believe in magic?

Can it be?

A magical day?

Yes, it was.

Up early, for a fabulous breakfast.


A grave side experience with the Puffer.

Thank you Marlowe!!


Hey Dana!

You look tired!

Let’s kick back and enjoy a little peace and quiet, after your hectic day.

When she left?

She bounced right back and looked phenomenal.

In walks the Irish mafia: Mary and Cathy, with a fabulous gift from Ireland: Claddagh earrings.

What a fabulous gift!

I feel so special: I think I will wear them everyday!!!


Birthday party for Mark!

Such a lovely celebration.

The day could not have been any better!

A perfect day with friends!

See you all tomorrow!

Let’s do it again….


Happiness comes to you, if you recognize it.

There are days that I just want to be with others.

I don’t care who or what they are, I just want to hang out and engage them in conversation.

Some want to impress.

Others want to vent.

And yes? Others are hungry for a listener.

All of them interest me.

We have a bond, all of us.

Born into this world, we do the best we can, with what we have.

Listening to the Talking Heads, I believe that we all strive for happiness.

However, based on our circumstances, many of us just give up.

“Letting the days go by….Let the water hold me down.”

My sincere wish for all of you, my friends, is to rise above it all.

Speaking of rising, “no doubt about it”

In summary: The world was moving and she was right there with it (and she was)
The world was moving she was floating above it (and she was) and she was.

I love my broom.

See you on the dark side of the moon.


Is that all there is?

How many of us say: “Ok, today, I am going to go for it! I am ready to take on the world.”

Then? We commute or drive to our workplace and die a slow death.

When the work day is done, we have a choice: Go home and join the rest of the world, or take the long way home?

Do you remember Peggy Lee?

“Let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all there is.”

So, we put on our masks and drive back to the world we have created, and wonder about the meaning of life, wondering is it?

Is it really all there is?

Yeah! I am feeling melancholy.

So what?

We all get that way, occasionally.

For me?


I thought I had given up that cynical aspect of life.

If you live every day, every moment, enjoying those you meet along the way, ask yourself the same question.

Is that really all there is?

For me?

I don’t have all the answers.

But I do know, that everyone I meet, is unique and special.

If you happened to find your soul mate?

Go for it.

If not, hey, friends, most of us do not, unfortunately, find it.

That is when we learn to cherish the friendships that we have.

Life is enough.

Live it.

Enjoy it.

Embrace it.

As the band America, once sang:

“Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup and ride that highway in the sky.”


A mixed bag of emotions

A busy weekend.

A fun weekend, in spite of the recent loss of Puff Daddy.

Scott and I went to the chili festival on Friday, in rural Pennsylvania.

It was a windy, chilly day, perfect for a tasting a few hot sauces before winding down at the Bower’s hotel for an orange beverage (or two).

In the afternoon, meeting up with friends for libations and laughter.

Saturday was a tough day, for the most part, crying over Puff, but by 3pm, I was on my way to see the gorgeous girls, Jen and Pam.

Not expecting to run into anyone I knew, I was surprised at the number of friends who stopped by to share a drink or two and to watch the exciting women’s open between Serena and Bianca.

Of course the “Boss” lady had to order a pizza for me, to make sure I was eating. My favorite: White pizza with sausage!!

On Sunday, I slept late and thought I had missed breakfast with Tim.


He slept late also, so we had breakfast and then made our way to visit Chris, to sample a few of his specialty orange and or grapefruit crushes, topped off with a pina colada.

Got home in time to witness the Eagles coming off a first half slump, winning over the Redskins.

Glad I didn’t watch New England pound the hell out of the Steelers. Yikes!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain.”