Yes, I continue to be a PIA and a PIN

5 am:  Up.

Why?  Puff.

Fed her.

6 am:  Back to bed.



10am:  Up.



11am:  back to bed.


Neck issues.  Lots of pain, most likely because of old age and the fact that I am and always have been a pain in the neck… Or other places.

3pm:  Up.



Off I go to visit Kim, to have a salad and garlic knots.

7pm:  Still there, yakking with Scott and Bry, over a few beers.

Raining now.

A slight break in the weather and I am on my way home.

It was good to see Correy and Colleen and Bobbie; however all good things must come to an end.

My ritual continues:  Puff is hungry.

February 21, 2018:  75 degrees. WTH?

Reminder:  Get ice and heat packs tomorrow.


So I will not continue to be a PIN

Until then,




Has it really been that long?

A few years ago, my employer split its organization into three separate entities.

Hosie went to one, while I went to another.

We have not seen one another since then.

Last night, we had dinner together and we picked up where we  had left off, like it was just yesterday.

We reminisced a little, and talked about how our lives had changed in those few years.

And, of course, we discussed the new challenges that life brings, as the years and time marches on.

In spite of our different paths today, nothing will ever erase the memories of the past.

Life is like that.

Many hellos, many goodbyes, and if we are lucky, we get to say hello again, to those who  have made a major impact on our lives.





Hooting it up



Not so here.

Met Lucy’s mom at the casino and we had a fun filled day, topped off with a great salmon dinner and wine.

There is nothing like hanging out with a crazy friend, laughing and relaxing.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Oh wait!

Tonight:  I am meeting Hosie for dinner.

She is in town for business and will be meeting me at one of our favorite restaurants.

Another fabulous day on tap!

Retirement is a hoot!



43 beers and a cognac chaser

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.


You don’t know what it’s like to be me.


If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady….

Forget it.

I have never been a lady.

Just chilling after the 7 inch nails entered my life.

Ok, I lied.

It was a 7 inch snow.

As quickly as the snow was accumulating, it disappeared.

When it did, the Chicken Butt pecked her way to the local establishments.

What a fabulous time was had.

Hey Gail!

Hey Riley!

Hey Bree!

Hey world!

I am loose again.

Is retirement really this much fun?

Home now.

42 beers and counting.

Guess what?

I lied.

It was 43 beers.

By the way, did you catch the hockey game between Finland and Sweden?


I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

I have a feeling that it will be another phenomenal day.

Until then….



Controlling the uncontrollable

Waiting for the snowfall.

As I recall, President’s day weekend typically was a snowy one.

Not sure why the forecast raises my anxiety level.

It’s not as if I have someplace I need to be.

Conditioning, that’s it.

Years and years of conditioning.

Living in the Midwest, where the winters are brutal and the summers are not much better.

Constant worrying over something no one can control.

Yes, I have phobias.

Lightning, tornadoes, blizzards and excessive humidity:  All weather related.

And not a damn thing I can do about it.

Tonight, I am turning over a new leaf.

I might even smoke it.

In a few minutes, ask me if it is snowing.

Like I care?

Hello? Pizza Hut?

Do you deliver?





Don’t want clever conversation….



Sometimes I get Led Zep mixed up with Nordstrom’s sweaters.

Or Aerosmith with dudes who look like a lady.

Then again, there are the Stones and Dylan and Petty.

All of them crazy about Mary J.

It was a rainy day today.

Rainy day people don’t hide love inside.

They just pass it on.

Have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day?

I have.

Yes, I did.


After 42 beers.

I just want to know: Who’ll stop the rain?

By tomorrow night, I will modify that question:  Who’ll stop the snow?

If you are wondering why I am acting like an idiot, it is all because I devoured the drunk cherries from Sissy Belle’s manhattans.

Another carefree day, on this Saturday,  (yes, I know it is Friday).

For all my friends out there: Don’t go changing to try to please me.

I love you just the way you are.




A solemn day

Solemn day for our nation.

Tried to wrap my arms around the problem.


Emotional/mental illness?


Media sensationalism?



Or is it all of the above?

When someone feels that he/she does not fit in, does not belong, does not have support nor friends, and has little respect for life, and has access to weapons, how can we predict behavior?

What is different about our country from others that do not have these continuous episodes?

Why does this continue to play out in the US, especially in our schools?

Is this a consequence of a democracy?  A free world?

Can we predict and prevent another slaughter of our children?

We can and we must, no matter what the cost.

Our survival depends on it.




My new job

Wouldn’t you know it?

Valentine’s day and I was scheduled to work at my new job.

Just one thing about this job:  I paid them, they didn’t pay me.

$20 donation.

My job?

Hanging out at the casino…. gambling.

Stopped for a valentine dinner on the way home: A BLT.

Made me feel happy after a long day at work.

Did I mention?

I love this job.




Let’s see now. Just what the heck did I do today?

Ever have a day that flies by?

Looking back at the day, what the heck did I do?

Woke up late for a change, and had to sneak out with the trash in my robe and polar bear hat.

It’s a good thing I live in the boonies.

The pharmacy kept calling.  Another prescription is ready.

After indulging in a few fascnaughts for fat Tuesday, away I went.

I felt a little guilty when I left.

Puff was giving me the evil eye.

After browsing around the shops, I had an irresistible urge for tacos.

Not just any tacos, but Don Juan tacos.

Great new place!

On my way home, I stopped to see Kim, who returned from vacation today.

Homeward bound before dark.

Puff looked like she was having a bad day.

She has been through so much in her young life, with a hole in her heart, in and out of heat, problems with digestion, and now, she is stuck with the Chicken Butt.

“Hmmmm… I thought.  She needs a new bed.”

Grabbed a box and filled it with soft blankets.

She is checking it out.

Looking forward to watching the Olympics tonight.

Amazing performances.

Until tomorrow, V day….





Allow yourself to be an asshole. It is under rated.

Think about your most unproductive day ever.

That’s what I had.

What a great day.

Did everything and nothing.

The driveway was clear.

The cat was fed.

And the Chicken Butt was loose….. again.

Down the stretch she comes.

To the grocery store, to the pharmacy, to the bar….

Why did Colleen have to be bar tending?

She is such a bad influence.

Not to mention Todd, Chris and Christine.

Wait: And Gail.

It was an afternoon of sheer self indulgence.

If anyone has ever had a retirement like this, well, let me say this:

Is life really this much fun?

I have heard that the purpose of life is to be enjoyed.

Guess what?

It’s true.

My wish for everyone?

Do what makes  you  happy.

At some point in everyone’s life,  get this:  It “behooves” you to do it.

I love those ancient words.

So what if it makes no sense.

There is nothing like being crazy, happy and wild.


Life is short.

Live, laugh and love.

And be an asshole.