Yesterday? Gone. Tomorrow? Not yet. Today? It’s all we have.

I felt like something was missing today.

My teeth, maybe?

Yeah, that, but something else was gnawing away at my soul.

An empty feeling.

Too many losses, in such a short time.

I felt the need to connect with special people, who have moved on to another phase of life.

Too late, I said.

They were here, with you, but they have lived their lives, and are at peace.

You, on the other hand, are still here, carrying on with daily life, meeting and making new friends, who, all too soon, will leave you as well.

Life is mostly about saying hello and goodbye.

The in between stuff comes and goes so quickly.

Today, I really tried to focus on every minute, every person, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I just could not concentrate.

My heart was heavy, with the loss of so many loved ones this past year.

I like the “hello” part of life a whole lot better than the “goodbyes.”

I am sure this melancholy feeling is fleeting.

It was that kind of day:  A lonely aching feeling, yearning for those loved ones who have passed on.

It’s ok.

Life is like that.

Reflection includes sorrow as well as joy.

One could not exist without the other.





Happening today:

Took meds for pain and slept half the day away.

Realized that fake teeth, aka temporary bridge, is not fun.

Finalized dinner plans with Bob, Lou, Carol and SissyBelle.

Had a wonderful time, laughing and sharing stories.

Glenn and Bill showed up and we had a going away party.

Carol off to Florida, Bob and Lou, Off to Canada, RVing, Glenn, off to Washington and Oregon.

I will miss all of them.

So much fun to hang out and just be silly.

Had a lovely senior citizen dinner of mashed potatoes, shredded chicken and corn.

I cannot believe that I will have to eat like this for the next month or so, with these goofy teeth.

Heading to bed early, before the Oh Wow cat starts crying to go out again.

Found out the secret to a happy life:  A spanx.





A temporary F’er.


Dentist today.

3 hours.

Double ouch.

I now have fake teeth in the front of my mouth.

Caution:  Do not eat with those fakers.

I prefer to call them something else:  F’rs.

Why not?

They are temporary and will fall out if you try to eat anything that you have to “rip”.

So, no ripping for this old chicken butt until at least the end of July.

Ain’t life grand?

Cottage cheese, yogurt, soup, apple sauce:  Hell, let’s throw baby food into the equation.

For now, I am on a liquid diet: Cold drinks with ice are acceptable.


I am now living the dream.

Another beer, please….. with ice.



The gentle giant is at peace tonight.


Can you hear us?

Did you have to leave us?

Can we spend just another day or an hour or a minute with you?
Last week, we were laughing and talking and acting like we always do.

And tonight, you are gone.

I wonder if you knew how much you were admired and loved?

Did we wait until it was too late to let you know how much we care?

Is life always like this?

One minute : we are here.

The next?

We never know.

Your legacy?

Always there, to support your friends and your coworkers.

Bee keeping?



You were the one we could count on.

I don’t think you will ever know how much we will miss you.

We already do.

A gentleman.

A friend.

A knowledgeable mentor.

A loving person who cared about everyone.

Such a great guy!

The gentle giant, with a wild sense of humor.

You left us too soon.

We feel the loss of your presence.

Good Bye Terry.

We love you.


A weekend of good intentions….. gone bad.

Under the radar.

Slinking around the neighborhood.

Did the laundry.

Went shopping.

Stopped for a drink.

Oh oh.

I have been found.

Here comes Sissybelle.

2 Manhattans later…..

And a few miles down the road:

A crazy Sunday afternoon.

Enjoying the regulars.

You know, don’t you?

Tomorrow is Monday.


Who cares?

Where did the weekend go?

I am going to turn over a new leaf.

Oh well, to hell with that notion.

I prefer to be a crazy asshole.

I can’t wait for Monday night.



My old hound dog chasing down a hoo doo there….


That is what the alarm does to a crazed woman who is nursing a hang over.

An hour later, 2 more alarms blaring, walking on me and crying “oh wow” and “err err errr errr err.”


What the hell.

Now it is 930.

Phone rings.

Oh oh.

I checked my dance card.


Appointment at 930am, with Carol and Patti.


Well, I blew that off.

I rolled over in pain.

What now?

Oh yeah.

It was raining when I left last night and I slipped on the damn cement stairs.

Geez, my hind end is sore.

Finally, 1030am, the Chx Butt rises from the ashes.

And plays games on the internet.

What a ridiculous waste of time.


I love it.

Several hours later, after a few bottles of fortification, I am back on my game.

I know I am back, when Chris and Christine wave to me, from across the bar, singing “Born on the Bayou.”

An alarm rings in my head.

The festival.

What the hell?

I better get going.

As I was driving back home, to check on Oh Wow and P Daddy, what did I see but 3 musketeers walking over to the bar.

Oh no you don’t.

I need my beauty rest.

Besides, I just met Nikkie and John, and they are gonna adopt me.


I love weekends.



Make new friends, but keep the old.. One is silver and the other is drunk.

Pleased to meet you…. won’t you guess my name?

Oh yeah.

It’s Carol…. from Florida.

And she is looking spectacular.

What a treat to see her this evening, enjoying a few beers with the locals and Carol’s family.

We exchanged hats.

We toasted to one another.

We hugged one another , to celebrate the past , the future. while enjoying the moment..

We shared our feelings:  Joy, sadness and mostly, just craziness.

I wish she was still here, in Pennsy.

However, looking at her, tan and lovely, I think she is thriving in Florida.

Cheers Carol!

I miss you.

And guess what?

I will see you again tomorrow, at 9am, for mimosas and bloody Marys.

Such a great reunion, of old friends, who will always be in our hearts and our lives.





I am so hosed up, it ain’t funny.

I thought today was Friday.

Doggone it.

It wasn’t.

However, tomorrow is Friday.

Ain’t that spectacular?

Pat has another week left before she retires.


Scottie goes on vacation next week.


Chewy is leaving tomorrow.


I am still an idiot.


I will be toothless on Tuesday.


Looks like I better live it up this weekend!


Can you imagine?

A liquid diet for 6 weeks?

Oh yeah!

My insurance company called today.

They cut my home insurance from $1400 to $600!


I am ready to buy a  few cases of RedBreast.

Just kidding.

I can’t handle RedBreast, unless of course, I am in Times Square, free falling.

So, let’s agree to this:

No birthday this year.

I am old enough.

I don’t want a cake.

I don’t want a party.

I prefer to let this birthday slip slide away.

I ain’t up for it.

Come on.

Would you be?

Let’s just pretend that I am 200 years old, living life in Pennsy, as a woman Buddha.

My mantra for you:

Go for whatever it is that makes you happy.

And don’t forget to invite me.




A chance meeting results in a wonderful friendship

Here’s to Bob and Lou!

We first met 5 or 6 weeks ago.

Sissy Belle and I, the 2 lost souls living in a fish bowl, 

have reserved one night a week, to have a few drinks and dinner with BobaLou.

It seems that we have known these two for years.

Sometimes, friendships click like that.

But not very often.

Full time RVers.

What a great life, with their doggies, Polo and Rocky, touring this great country of ours.

Another week or so, and they will be off to California.

Before that happens, we plan to meet again, to say our temporary goodbyes,

And to wait for their return at Christmas time.

Cheers to our new found friends!

What a lovely, loving couple!

So happy our paths have crossed.




An angel named Chewy


We hardly got to know you.

You are so charming.

And entertaining, of course.

We loved you from the start.

The first day you started working with us, we fell in love.

With you.

10 reasons why:

  1.  Your smile.
  2. Your sense of humor.
  3. The way you made us feel.
  4. The enthusiasm.
  5. Those twinkling eyes.
  6. Your ability to win over even the most skeptical.
  7. Your Mama’s cooking.
  8. The support and caring you have shown us.
  9. Positivity!  It’s fun to be around you.
  10. Your potential.

We can’t say goodbye.

We will never say goodbye.

Now that you are in our lives, you will remain there forever.

We love you Chewy.

Our best wishes for you, in your new endeavor.


Wolf and friends.