Strange vibes in the workplace over the holidays.

Americans are kicking back and enjoying their families.

It is a softer, gentler, quieter environment these last 2 weeks of the year.

I, for one, enjoy the hectic pace, the multi tasking and the overwhelming pressures that accompany my job and just about any other job in this year, 2016.

So, this week was a little slow for me.

Give me the fireworks, the demands and the highs of doing the impossible.

Down times drive me crazy.

I believe I am addicted to the sensationalism of the instant messages that pass through our emails all day long.

Even sugar doesn’t compare nor compete with the highs I get throughout an average working day.


It gets a bad rap.

It can be good, especially when it inspires excellence.


Enough said.

One more working day in 2016.

I should say:  1/2 of one day.  I have a half day off tomorrow.

2016:  A year of ups and downs, highs and lows, but mostly of fond memories, thanks to friends and family who guided me through it.

It was the end of a 30 year marriage:  a partnership that, like this past year, had its peaks and valleys, but endured until the end.

Like it or not, time goes on.

Am I ready for the new year?

I think I am.

I hope you are.

Happy New Year, friends!

Let’s give it hell!





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